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“I don’t want to hurt Chanel. Isn’t that weird? I just want her to be happy. I want her to have a great wedding day. I don’t want my worries about my future studliness to get in the way of her special day. Whatever happens down the road, I want this day to be for her. Maybe I almost love her, you know?”

“…Is your friend going to be all right over there?”

“Huh? Oh, Chad? He has a nervous breakdown just about every day, he’s fine.”

I know it’s not just me who thinks it’s a little odd for Tommy Jarvis to show up to save everyone… with a single-shot shotgun and no other plans. We love you Tommy but couldn’t you have found a few more things to help? And bring your own pocket knives, don’t raid them from everyone else!

I was going to put a few more characters in, but I ran out of room and energy. It works as it is, anyway, though I would have liked to have enough room for one of the guys maybe.

Transcription under the cut for everyone who can’t read my tiny writing. XD

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Being a VK and dating Chad Charming?

  • you came over with the second round of VK’s 

  • obvi when you first see him you recognize that he’s attractive but cmon he’s an AK

    • on the way over you made a deal with a couple other VKs to not form any sort of relationship with the AKs

      • but like

        • look at him

  • you quickly do everything in your power to avoid him so nothing happens

    • that plan fails when it somehow works out that you have every single class with him

  • you ask him for help on homework with a class and turns out he’s way smarter than he lets people know

    • “why do you hide it? your intelligence?”

    • “my parents are the poster couple of attractive people, just felt like i should focus more on looking my best than being the smartest.”

  • he doesn’t ever technically ask you out but one day he’s showing you around the tourney field and he intertwines your fingers and doesn’t let go until dinner time.

    • three days later he introduces you to his cousin as his girlfriend and you can barely keep the smile off of your face

  • then one day it’s three a.m. and you can’t sleep because holy crap you’re in auradon and you’re dating cinderella’s son and if your mother/father knew about this you would be dead

    • you scramble and grab your cell phone and call chad because you’re freaking out and you just need to see him

    • he’s at your door in seconds and instantly you feel horrible because it’s a school night and his eyes are red with sleep but his hair’s all curly and he looks worried and you can’t remember the last time someone was worried about you and the only thing you can do is throw your arms around him and burry your head in his neck

      • “i’m sorry i know it’s late but i couldn’t sleep and i was freaking out and i needed to see you I’m sorry.”

      • “don’t apologize, you did nothing wrong. c’mon, let’s sit down.”

        • and if you blurt out the fact that you love him it’s nothing to worry about because he loves you too

  • constantly being asked how it works because to most people you’re just a VK and he’s Chad Charming but you don’t care because it does work and you’re eternally grateful that evie decided you belonged in auradon

    • chad feels the exact same

She’s Cheer Captain & I’m on the Bleachers

Sunshine.  The smell of grass and the feel of it under her shoes.  Cheers and screams from the bleachers.  She certainly didn’t have this on The Isle.  The whistle blew, and Mal came to a stop, tugging her helmet off and letting the waves of purple come spilling out.  The screams only seemed to get louder when she did so, and half of them sounded like they were coming from the cheerleaders on the sidelines.  Jay jogged over to her, losing his helmet as well and letting his equally luscious locks flow free too.  More screaming.

“You wanna be the one to tell them practice is over?” he teased, elbowing Mal and pointing at the cheerleaders.

“Not only no, but heck no,” Mal walked with him to the center of the Tourney field.

Number 59 and Number 8 strolled idly across the ground to the tune of Auradon Prep’s shouts.  Jay was right, it was only practice, not an actual game, but the bleachers had seen more and more company on practice days ever since Mal became team captain.

“…What is she doing here?” Mal questioned, coming to a stop and tugging Jay to one by his sleeve.

“Head cheerleader?  Kind of her job to be here,” Jay flashed a grin as he waved at said cheerleaders.

“Not Audrey, genius.  But by all means, feel free to always remind me when my ex is hanging around.  I meant her,” Mal pointed into the bleachers with her Tourney stick.

Jay peered into the crowd, spotting the familiar face of Dopey’s kid and his chemistry partner sitting beside him.

“Evie?  Huh.  Good question.”

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chad the aro fratboy is cis but he’s the true Trans Ally™ he understands his cis privilege and is always there for his many trans/nb/gq friends, he goes to the qsa at his university and he has one of those “i’ll go with you” pins

his qpp of 5 years is alexis she’s a trans girl and a sociology major and she and chad have a lot of good talks late into the night about social dynamics and how to combat prejudice

chad seems like a confident dude on the outside but he’s been dealing with chronic depression since he was 12 and it gets really hard sometimes. he has a ton of insecurities about being a emotionless, manipulative person bc he’s aro allo and he’s forced himself into toxic romantic relationships before because of that. poor chad!

alexis and their other mutual qpp dani always comfort him and bring over pizza and ice cream and reassure him that he’s a good person who deserves relationships that are good and healthy for him and that he isn’t being a terrible person or perpetuating misogyny by being himself

me: *takes a deep breath*
also me: h-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: hey what’s up you guys its scarce here, ok i get it haha, so funny, scarce here holy shit pure comedy 100% so funny, might do a double upload today, we get it, okay hella fun, WHATS UP GUYS SCARCE HERE AND I MIGHT DO A DOUBLE UPLOAD FOR TODAY OK WE GET IT STop


The rest of the guys having drunk all of the drinks, Chad makes up a fresh batch.

Loch realises a fatal flaw in his plan to hide in the Library forever; there is no source of food up there!

Loch: Did someone say pizza?!

Why, yes, Loch, yes they did.

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"Come here" or "make me" or both with Chad from ScrewAttack? I'm feeling lots of love for that boy right now 💕

me too, nonny. here’s my contribution to that mess.

more smooches for chad please. poor guy deserves them after a rough night like that


He’s in pain. He’s tired. He’s sure half of his words aren’t being strung together correctly, but he doesn’t care because it’s for the kids. He’s moving around sporadically on set, conducting more of the games when the bells and whistles go off again.

Part of him sinks again because that could mean he could be seeing that damn pummel horse again (why did he think that was a good idea? Why?). He groans and bends over.

“And Chad is now regretting parts of his existence,” he hears Ryan say a few feet away from him. “Truly, this is a man who’s reconsidering getting into the internet business.”

“Come on, Chad,” Caiti says from the chair. “It’s for the kids.”

“For the kids!” he says and straightens himself to head back over to the wheel.

He lets it spin, watches as his fate is set. He groans loudly when the wheel lands the host kiss slot again, and the people laugh and cheer on the floor.

“Again?!” he says. “What are the fucking odds?”

“Sounds to me like you haven’t been shown a good time yet, Chad,” Ryan says cheekily. He’s grinning. Of course he is. He’s been having far too much fun this entire time.

“And you know what a good time is?” he asks. “Why don’t you come here and show me then?”

Ryan shrugs. It’s no sweat off his back. “All right.”

And then Ryan is striding over to him like a man on a mission, and Chad giggles despite himself because it’s such a fucking image. Ryan Haywood looking like a Harlequin romance lead, there in Chad’s face, prepared to take a third, chaste kiss.

“Make it special,” Caiti says. “Third time’s the charm, right?”

So they make it a little special, add a quick little dip to it that has Chad laughing and breaking away as soon as it’s over.

“What?” Ryan asks as Chad wanders around the set.

“Ryan, I’m not a blushing bride.”

“Yeah, well, if the wheel keeps making us kiss, I beg to differ.”

Uma and Audrey Headcanons Pt. 2

You can find Part 1 here..

  • The first couple days after the kiss are awkward, as neither of the girls aren’t sure if they should make the next move, wait for the other girl to make her move, or if they’re simply overanalyzing the entire situation.
  • “I mean, friends kiss each other all the time, right?” Audrey thought to herself.
  • Now, Uma finds herself waving at Audrey, only for the princess to cut her eyes elsewhere.
  • Almost as if she were nervous.
  • Lonnie’s just about had enough of this and sets a plan in motion once she hears from a few of the crew members what happened.
  • She tells Uma to meet her in her dorm for a private practice session or whatever, but Uma realizes the minute she walks in the dorm that only Audrey is there.
  • And Lonnie’s guarding the door outside.
  • “LET US OUT!”
  • “LONNNIE!”
  • “Talk about your feelings!” she yells back.
  • For the first ten minutes, the two are just twiddling their thumbs, trying not to look or even notice each other.
  • Then, Audrey catches Uma twirling her braids around her finger. Those beautiful, long, turquoise braids…
  • “I really like your braids!” Audrey said hesitantly.
  • Uma furrowed her brow before she broke out in a giggling fit.
  • “Not exactly what I was hoping you’d compliment me on, but I’ll take it.” Uma shrugged with a smirk.
  • Audrey giggled back nervously.
  • The two then have a long talk about feelings, and how neither of them are as straight as they thought they were, without even realizing that Lonnie abandoned her post.
  • Whatever the two are, they figure to take it slow. Relationships aren’t a thing on the Isle and Audrey’s never been with a girl before.
  • As they’re getting to know each other, Uma realizes that Audrey didn’t like the nickname, “Princess”, at first, and immediately vows to never call her that again because she deserves to be called by her name.
  • Poor Chad had called Audrey, “Princess”, all casually in front of Uma while they were walking down the halls together and it took every bit of willpower for Audrey to hold Uma back from slaughtering him (thank goodness the boy can run).
  • Most of Uma’s crew immediately takes Audrey in like one of their own. Audrey doesn’t realize this until one day, one of the Tourney players were trying to flirt with her and out of nowhere, three of her new pirate peers charge at him with a war cry, leaving the jock to run for his life.
  • Gil can’t help but to “awww” every time he sees the two being cute together. Even when they’re bickering like they were before, he just watches in awe with a huge smile on his face.
  • Meanwhile Harry’s watching Audrey closely, threatening her that if she hurts Uma, she’s done.
  • Out of all the crew members, he’s the first to pounce at any of their haters, whether physically or verbally (usually physically), because if Audrey makes Uma happy, then he’s happy and no one is going to mess with that.
  • Evie, Lonnie, and Jane brands the two as the cutest couple at Auradon Prep.
  • Meanwhile, Mal can’t help but to feel a little uncomfortable when she’s with the two girls alone. Even though she’s apologized for her mistakes, while they agreed to leaving the past in the past, Mal suspects that Audrey and Uma gossip and share their horror stories involving her.
  • And she’s not completely wrong.
  • Audrey had always noticed the slight shrimp scent in Uma’s hair and figured it was best not to ask, but after a teary eyed Uma opens up about what Mal, there’s only one thing left for Audrey to do.
  • Thanks to Audrey’s extensive supply of haircare products, the stench comes right out and now Uma’s hair smells like vanilla; a little too soft for Uma’s liking but hey, it’s not shrimp.
  • Castlecoming is approaching and Audrey asks Uma if she’d be her date in front of the entire school during lunch.
  • Now Uma’s blushing while the crew is cheering her on and she replies with a casual nod and a huge smile.
  • The night of Castlecoming arrives and Uma walks in Audrey’s dorm to find her applying a few last-minute touches on her makeup.
  • And she’s speechless. The pink, strapless dress really does compliment the girl’s complexion and the way her wavy hair seems to effortlessly cascade beautifully down to her chest was like nothing Uma had ever seen.
  • Audrey looks up from her mirror and finally notices Uma, slack jawed. The turquoise gown Evie made was even more beautiful than the one Uma spelled up at Cotillion while Uma’s braids were in a half up do. The red painted on her lips was a bold, but beautiful accent and the black to turquoise graident leather jacket was Uma’s personal stamp and she wore it all very well.
  • “You look great!” They both said.
  • “No, you look great!”
  • “No, you look great!”
  • Audrey laughed, linking her arm with Uma’s and proceeded to the dance.
  • All eyes were on them as they entered the scene. Uma’s crew cheered the two girls on.
  • Uma wished she hadn’t worn her heeled boots because damn does Audrey love to dance. How Audrey did in three inches for the entire night would still remain a mystery to her.
  • Before Uma can sit down to rest, “Once Upon A Dream” plays and Audrey’s eyes light up as she’s dragging the girl on the dance floor for a slow dance.
  • After the two figure out what to do with their hands, the two are staring into each other’s eyes.
  • “So, uh, who leads?” Uma asked.
  • “You?” Audrey offered.
  • “I barely know how to ballroom dance!”
  • “You knew how to with Ben…”
  • “That was different!”
  • “So you want me to lead?!”
  • “Unless you want to dance by yourself.”
  • Audrey huffed in defeat, rolling her eyes at Uma’s cocky smirk.
  • Uma’s a natural and Audrey can’t help but to smile back.
  • The songs ends too quickly for Audrey’s liking and the two share a laugh, still holding on to each other.
  • Their laugh dies down as they become distracted into each other’s beautiful brown eyes.
  • And right there on the dancefloor, Uma and Audrey share their first kiss for everyone to see.
  • Damn, she’s good.” Audrey thought to herself.

Red Hot Chili Peppers