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Omg I remember that whole controversy with chad! That made me so mad dude. How tf are you gonna record someone having a serious conversation like that and then post it. People are defending chad and saying he didn't know that they were serious but fr it's not his business anyway. And I think they were scared after that whole thing because jakes vlog the day after they were really pushing the girl thing. Idk. And that game where they had to kiss who they spun, Ivan didn't hesitate to chose Jake

Yo Chad is fishy. I feel like Nick is still super mad at him but the twins probably knew that it would be better to just forgive him and move on. Chad is being overly sweet with them recently, like in his vlog where he let Emilio drive, he arrives at the Team 10 house and he gives them both clothes that he bought for them. I think Chad couldn’t care less about the people in Team 10, he’s only around them for the views (and it’s not working, no wonder Jake won’t sign him).

And yeah, right after the drama, Jake was pushing the dating girls thing. It was just awkward, but necessary if the twins aren’t ready to come out. Also I think Ivan kissed Jake because he knew it would be the thumbnail (or maybe he really wanted to kiss him lol).


Peggy Carter and Jack Thompson: Parallels 

Q & A with Ichigo

As requested by anon. :)

It’s time for another Q & A list! This week it’s time for Bleach’s hero, Ichigo, to answer some questions from you the readers!

1. completelyhypnotic said: Would you team up with Aizen to defeat the Wandenreich?

Ichigo: Sure. I mean, I don’t hate Aizen. I sort of felt sorry for him by the end.

Ichigo: And anyway, I’m used to old enemies becoming allies.

Ichigo: I’m pretty sure it’s my charisma.

Aizen: …it’s not your charisma.

2. acasualparadox said: Ichigo, long time fan here, how exactly do you keep your hair so “spiky” all the time? Special gel? Or is it au naturel?

Ichigo: I’m not sure I even own a comb.

3. drake-wolfzahn said: Out of all the women of the Seireitei, who looks the best in a swimsuit?

Ichigo: Um how would I know?

Ichigo: Oh wait I did go to the beach with them that one time.


Ichigo: Yeah I guess I’m not great at paying attention to things that aren’t battle.

4. princessbenihime said: How can you stay so kind to everyone and help people when so much you see or experience is violence? Isn’t war traumatic? I believe much people would become cold inside or become mad…

Ichigo: Look I have an evil version of myself living in my soul, so I can’t claim to be totally sane.

Ichigo: But having gone through all that stuff myself - it’s what makes me want to protect people.

Ichigo: Nobody else should have to go through it.

5. junopsis
 said: F,M,K? Ishida, Grimmjow, Aizen. (Sorry Soul King, you don’t get in.)

Ichigo: Marry Ishida, I guess. He’s the one who has homemaking skills.

Ichigo: Kill Aizen, if I could. I don’t think Grimmjow exactly deserves to be killed. 

Ichigo: ….which means I’m fucking Grimmjow? Awkward.

Grimmjow: …you’re telling me.

6. amonstersbabygirl said: What’s up with you and Rukia, so do you love her or not? / thornstone8773 said: Will you marry Ishida? Please say YES! / adaylikeadreamtome said: ichigo do you love ishida uryuu? not as a friend, umh you know what i mean. seriously you and usryuu is my OTP. thank you / menosblanca said: Why wont you make a move on Rukia? / thenightmarefox said: Rukia or Orihime? / allmyrandom-anime-ness69 said: Who do you like better Rukia or Orimie (like meaning romanically)??



Ichigo: I’m kinda married to “saving the world” right now. 

7. our-flame-never-goes-out
 said: Have you EVER apologized to Ishida for stabbing him? If not, why, and if yes, how?

Ichigo: We had that moment in Hueco Mundo. I was all “Ishida…” and he was all “Talk to me later, Kurosaki.”

Ichigo: We said all we needed to say, right then.

Ishida: And here I thought you just forgot.

8. karyu-endan said: Hey Ichigo, if you happen to run into Uryu during the war, what will you do?

Ichigo: That depends on what he does.

9. pokefmagirl92 said:
 so there’s spaces for taichos in the gotei 13 now, so if Shunsui ask you will you take up the offerask-ichigo-and-rukia said: If you could be the captain of any squad as they are now which one would it be?

Ichigo: I dunno if I’m ready to live in Soul Society just yet. I am still alive. I kinda want to finish high school. I have a family.

Ichigo: But I guess if I could be a captain of any squad I’d choose Squad 10, like my dad, or Squad 11 since I think I’m probably the strongest.

Kenpachi: Fight you for it!

Ichigo: I-I meant after you guys retired!

10. geooceanstorm said: Do you sometimes forget to which powers you have?

Ichigo: Nope!

Ichigo: Chad made me a laminated list for my wallet!

11. snitewing said: How would your life be different if it was your dad who died that time, and not your mom?

Ichigo: Well I’m pretty sure Mom wouldn’t sneak attack me all the time.

Ichigo: Or wake me up by shouting at me while jumping through the window to attack me.

Ichigo: She probably wouldn’t make weird comments about my sisters.

Ichigo: Yeah I think I might smile more.

12. nerdactusaur said: why dont you wear your ‘nice vibe’ tshirt anymore ?

Ichigo: It got really worn out.

Ichigo: So now I mostly wear it to bed.

Ichigo: It makes my dreams nice and vibey!

Ishida: …do you know what either of those words mean?

13. missbingu said: Do you want chocolate or a puppy?

Ichigo: Chocolate.

Ichigo: I’m gone too much to own a puppy.

Ichigo: ‘Sides, Kon would probably try to make it his 'noble steed’ or something. No puppy deserves that.

14. aricifer said: How do you feel about your new sword? And how do you feel about finding out who Zangetsu really was?

Ichigo: Having dual zanpakuto seems pretty cool! 

Ichigo: But I am a little bummed about Zangetsu, to be honest.

Ichigo: You don’t want to find out that your own soul is lying to you.

Ichigo: I’m pretty sure that means I have problems.

Renji: I hear you, man.

15. kurintowoka said: Where the hell are you at man? DId you actually stop for lunch?

Ichigo: Oooh! Lunch! What a great idea!


Byakuya: Way to go, kurintowoka.