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show date JULY 13, 2015


casting BRENT CHUA

with from top left KEVIN SAMPAIO & JONATHAN SAMPAIO, both @ wilhelmina, MITCHELL SLAGGERT & DMITRY BRYLEV, both @ dna, TAYLOR ASHMORE @ ford, FRANCESCO BRUNETTI @ one.1, DANIEL O’BRIEN @ wilhelmina, BRETT L @ request/click, ISHA BLAAKER @ soul, ADRYAN HANSON @ major, WILLIAM M @ wilhelmina, HENRY WATKINS @ soul, SCOTT WALHOVD @ wilhelmina, VEIT COUTURIER & CHAD WHITE, both @ soul

cat-bat-batman  asked:

Writing prompt! A fight over girl scout cookies.

set in Jack’s senior year, sometime in the spring?, before he and Bitty are together; warning for homophobic jerks in the form of Lax Chads

Jack is trying to write his senior thesis – he has his bedroom door shut and locked and everything – when Shitty barges in.

That, in itself, isn’t all that suspicious because Shitty had taught himself how to pick locks at Andover and had always been pretty blatant about barging in. If Jack really needs his space, he’ll stay away but Shitty has pretty strong opinions on what constitutes as “really needing his space” and Jack’s “I am writing my thesis, Shits, don’t bother me” at breakfast had clearly been inefficient. Hell, it probably just spurred him on.

However, what is suspicious about this current situation is that Shitty is fully clothed. 

“Jaa-aack,” Shitty sing-songs. “You fucking majestic specimen of human perfection, you beautiful songbird on a crisp spring morn–”

“Shitty,” Jack says, refusing to look up from his laptop. “Whatever it is, the answer is no.”

“I don’t want anything!”

“You just called me a songbird.”

“You are a songbird. On a crisp, spring morning atop a rosebush full of the–”

“You are high.”

“As a kite, Jack, that’s why I need you.”

“I am not letting you stare at my ass again. Go bother Ransom. He’s been working out with Bitty.”

Honestly, sometimes Jack doesn’t even know what to do with the sentences he is forced to say on a semi-regular basis. 

“No, Jack, no- I need sustenance. I need… Lardo took her car and there is no way for me to get to Murder Stop and Shop without her but without food, I will die and you are the captain. You have to save me.”

“No,” Jack says. And turns back to his paper.

Ten minutes later, he’s in the car. 

Jack should have taken Samwell up on their offer to give him a single his freshmen year.


“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god– YES!” Shitty shouts as they pull into the parking lot. “THEY’RE HERE!”

“What? Who?” Jack says, though he’s not sure he wants to know. Shitty is coming down off the worst of his high but even a sober Shitty is prone to get excited over just about anything.

“THE GIRL SCOUTS!” The car hasn’t fully stopped when Shitty opens his door. “IT’S COOKIE SEASON!”

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I'm playing a fuckboy in our DnD game

You guys. My friends and I are doing a ‘genderbent’ game, so I’m playing a guy. I’m the only girl in my group, which means I’ll be the only boy in the DnD adventure posse.

So, naturally, I decided to play as a fuckboi.

His name is Chadwick Von Schmoot (but I tell everyone to call me Chad). I’m white, blond, and have blue eyes. I hit on every female that breathes, and I think I’m hot shit. But my charisma is so low, so nothing I say ever gets by anyone.

I always ask what loot looks like before I take it - I only want stuff that looks awesome on me, I don’t care about stats. I come from a rich as shit family, but my dad (who’s an even bigger douche than me, and I worship the ground he walks on) cut me off from the family money. So I’m working to get back into his good graces. My dick is average at best, but from how I talk you’d think I’m hanging MAJOR dong. I insert myself into conversations that have nothing to do with me and give my douchey opinions on anything I can.

This game is gonna’ be a blast.

Side note: Anyone have any bad DnD pickup lines you wanna throw me? I’m looking for the worst of the worst. 👌🏻

anonymous asked:

Dear Aunt Tanya, I'm in my first serious relationship and need some advice; how do you know when you've met the one? How did you know that Uncle Mark was the one? Love, Chad (jk, I'm the neighbor four houses down whose mom can't bake like you can)

I knew Mark was the one from the very beginning, really. He was always so nervous around me (he still is) and plus he was rich and sexy (he still is) so he was kind of the man I’d been dreaming about my whole life. He’s my John Stamos. But I could really tell he was the one be I got nervous too. He made me stumble over my words and everything.

Xoxo Aunt Tanya