chad liddell

This is a photo I took of an award I received recently at work.  I’m pretty stoked.  I received the Walt Disney Employee Recognition award for my work conceiving and prototyping the core part of a very large game I’m working on for Disney.  The award is only given to four Disney employees a quarter and I’m the first, (and as of now,) only core games employee to have ever received it. 

The game is the first game in a very long time that I’ve worked on that I think is going to be truly and fundamentally special.  The last game like this I worked on was Twisted Metal Black.  And I think this is going to put that to shame.  It’s the game Michael Pachter has been hinting about.  After attending this last lackluster E3 I’m pretty sure our new game will put Disney at the forefront of games. It’s innovative, HUGE, and has Disney Magic written all over it.  When was the last time you played a Disney game that made you feel the same way Disney and Pixar’s greatest movies made you feel?  Brace yourself.

For those of you interested in the photograph it is a light painting.  I shot it in a totally dark room and used a small LED flashlight to paint the award.  The photo is shot at F-11 for 30 seconds at ISO 100.  Good fun.