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Midterms to Full Bellies - Part 3!

“I have to say, this much weight gain in so short a time is, frankly, very alarming. I’m going to recommend some blood tests for now just to ensure there’s not something very wrong here,” the doctor said with a frown. Chad had expected it; even he couldn’t quite believe how large he’d gotten. He just didn’t think it was as bad as all that.

He was only at the doctor’s office since his boyfriend noticed he was snoring especially loudly of late. “Boyfriend”, he thought, and still couldn’t believe it. The boy from a few weeks ago had come back, again and again, and in such a short period of time they decided to move in together. The frat he was living in before didn’t seem right anymore anyway. Aiden - that was his name - had suggested they move to a basement apartment not a few blocks away. They did so, and since then Chad’s nights had been nothing short of orgasmic.

Aiden had also turned out to be the accomplished chef, and Chad had never eaten better in his life. And it showed. According to the doctor’s scale upon his arrival, he’d crested the 500 pound mark with room to spare. A short month ago he would have been scared shitless, but with Aiden he was oddly proud. Chad was sure he would be too.

“Well, your blood pressure seems fine,” the doctor continued, bringing Chad back from his reverie. “But given your boyfriend’s description, I suspect you’ve developed sleep apnea. It’s common to see in men of your size. I’ll refer you to a sleep specialist who will run a test to confirm, and then you’ll likely have to get a CPAP machine.”

“Ok,” Chad replied, not really sure what else there was to say.

“And let me remind you again that your initial bloodwork came back with some very high sugar levels. If you don’t lose some weight soon, I suspect you’ll develop diabetes before the year is out,” the doc warned. It was a little scary to Chad, but only a little. He’d ask Aiden to make less cakes.

“Ok,” Chad replied again, monotone, and then heaved himself up from the bench to leave. It was a laborious process, and the shifting of the flesh surrounding his groin was always enough to get him hard and leaking. Again. It certainly wasn’t noticeable visually, buried as his cock was even fully hard, but it happened so often that his drippings would accumulate and produce a certain odour. It was one of the many reasons he preferred not to leave the house.

The doctor sniffed. “What’s that smell?”

“Oh, nothing,” Chad quipped, taking the sleep specialist referral and waddling out of the office as fast as his shifting bulk allowed. This much walking would surely soak him in sweat and pre by the time he got home, but Aiden liked that.

Chad finished the last drumstick from the bucket of fried chicken he’d had as a midnight snack. Well, more like mid evening snack. He’d be up for a few more hours at least if Aiden had anything to say about it, and there wasn’t a night gone by that he hadn’t. Chad didn’t mind - why would he? He’d never gotten more sex in his life.

Just then the door opened and shut, indicating his lover had come home. Chad remained in the bedroom, sprawled out on the mattress. It was his preferred spot these days as it was getting difficult to get around. They hadn’t weighed him in some time, but the last time their industrial scale had read just over 650. He was certainly larger now.

Anyway, it’s where Aiden would want him to be when he got home. They had a system.

“I’m home! And I brought you something!” Aiden called out from the kitchen. He always brought something home, a surprise every night. This time Chad could already smell it from here - pizza, extra sauce, deluxe. Just the way he liked it.

When Aiden’s toned body showed up at the door already naked and holding a pizza box it was like a vision to Chad. “How you doing, big boy?” he asked.

“Better now,” Chad replied with a smile.

Aiden came over to him, straddled his mountainous chest, and opened the box to give him a look. It was like porn - food porn, but porn just the same. Chad could tell he was already hard in anticipation.

The first slice was brought to Chad’s lips by his lover in a slow, sensual way. Their evenings always began like this, as much foreplay for the sex to come as it was for the flavours about to awash Chad’s mouth. He’d nibble, and then ‘mmm’, and then take a larger bite, and then another, until the whole slice was gone. Then he’d be fed another, and another, and at some point Chad would notice only a box on his slowly rising and falling chest and his own hand reaching in for another slice once the one he’d been holding was gone.

The box was about as far as he could reach.

Then, at some point, he’d feel the weight of his belly shift, then lift, and then the flesh surrounding his groin be pushed back. Then a pressure, and then a tightness, and then he’d feel himself slide into a warm, wet hole before his middle would rest comfortably on Aiden’s back.

He didn’t know how Aiden did it - he couldn’t really see beyond the horizon of his own middle anymore - but through some witchcraft he’d manage to stuff Chad’s cock in his hole as Chad was stuffing his own face. Then he would rock, slowly at first, in and out, building up momentum in Chad’s enormity until the frequency of his wobbling would match the timing of his backward thrusts. Then Chad would hear a moan from beyond his stomach, somewhere, indicating that he was hitting the spot Aiden liked. Then Chad would just hold on for the ride.

It was messy, of course. With so much rocking it was like trying to eat pizza during an earthquake for Chad. But he’d eventually finish the box just as Aiden’s moans were starting to pick up speed. He’d cum once already - he always shot first - but he’d stay hard to actually enjoy his second orgasm while pinching and kneading the fat of his belly and tits. He’d wait for Aiden’s moans to reach a fevered pitch before twisting his enormous nipples as hard as he could, timing it just right so he’d cum again just as Aiden was peaking. He’d hear a splat (Aiden was a shooter) and then a deep moan, and then the rocking would come to an abrupt halt just as he’d be filling Aiden’s ass for the second time.

Sometimes Aiden would extract himself to blow another load down Chad’s throat, but not tonight it seems. He must have been tired, Chad thought, as after he’d finished he simply extracted himself by wriggling out from beneath Chad’s bulk and then just draped himself atop him in a lazy cuddle.

Chad was still hard and hungry, but he’d accepted that about himself. Aiden would fix both of these things when he woke up.

Excuses Ichigo and his friends could make for missing school

Ichigo excuses requested by anon. :) Friends included at request of diff. anon. ;)

Ichigo and his gang of heroes sure miss school a lot. Sometimes they just don’t show up for weeks, and sometimes they go running out of the classroom in the middle of class. Since that’s their life, they’d better have some really good excuses for why they keep missing class! So here are some they might use!

1. Ichigo: “I had mono.”

Ichigo: And that is why I was gone for a month.

Misato: …the kissing disease? Really?

Ichigo: I got it from sharing somebody’s straw.

Misato: Oh. Then that seems legit!

2. Ishida: “I had to help my dad at the hospital.”

Ishida: All of the nurses were sick.

Misato: The nurses…at a hospital…were sick?

Ishida: They are around sick people a lot, you know.

Misato: I suppose that makes sense!

3. Chad: “I was taking care of a sick baby squirrel.”

Chad: She was critical. I couldn’t leave her.

Misato: You might have brought her to school?

Chad: She would have eaten my pencils.

Misato: …of course.

4. Orihime: “I had food poisoning!”

Orihime: Do you need a doctor’s note?

Misato: Nah I’ve heard about your lunches!

5. Ishida: “Sewing emergency”

Misato: What kind of ‘sewing emergency’?

Ishida: I-I can’t even talk about it…

Ishida: The thread…

Ishida: Buttons everywhere…

Ishida: Stuffing…spilling…


6. Chad: “I thought I heard someone calling my name.”

Chad: And that is why I left in the middle of class.

Chad: Because I thought I heard someone calling me.

Chad: Didn’t want to be rude.

7. Orihime: “I was in the bathroom.”

Misato: ….for a month?

Orihime: Y-you shouldn’t ask me about it! It’s rude to ask a girl what she did in the bathroom!

8. Ichigo: “Restless leg syndrome.”

Ichigo: I’m sorry I ran out of class. Restless leg syndrome.

Misato: …

Misato: Um do you know what restless leg syndrome is?

9. Chad: “I became so muscled that none of my shirts fit and I was too poor to buy more.”

Chad: And I did not want to come to school shirtless.


Misato: That seems true.

10. Orihime: “Sudden family trip.”

Orihime: I would have told you but it was so sudden!

Misato: Isn’t your entire family dead?

Orihime: Um yes I was on the trip by myself.

Orihime: Thank you for making it so much sadder.

11. Ichigo: “I forgot.”

Misato: For a week?

Ichigo: My memory is bad sometimes.

12. Ishida: “I was busy applying to colleges.”

Ishida: Because I care about academics a lot.

Misato: You’re supposed to do that on your own time!

Ishida: I thought I was.

13. Orihime: “I got attacked by a sentient stuffed animal!”

Misato: …what?


Orihime: Oh my goodness I’ve forgotten what’s normal.

Ichigo: “I’m sorry. Sudden onset of delinquency.”

Ichigo: But I’m better now!

Misato: Happy to hear it!

15. Chad: “I was feeling really shy.”

Chad: Didn’t want to talk at all.

Misato: Unlike normally?

16. Orihime: “I just remembered that I left the stove on!!”

Orihime: I have to go turn it off!

Misato: Okay! Have fun not burning your house down!

17. Ichigo: “I just remembered that I left my shower running!”

Ichigo: I gotta get home before my house floods! 

Misato: Don’t forget to mop!

18. Ishida: “I just remembered that I left my iron on!”

Ishida: My poor shirt is probably all melted now!

Misato: Go!

19. Chad: “I just remembered that I was supposed to rotate my tires today!”

Misato: You have a car?

Chad: Yes.

Misato: Better take care of that, then!

20. Keigo: “Shit! I just remembered I have a doctor’s appointment!”

Misato: Nice try, Asano.