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Days 4/20/15

Oh, what are Chad and Stefano toasting to? Abigail making a fool of herself? Classy. Ugh. Oh, I’m scared about what Stefano thinks Will’s next assignment should be. Damn it! Tell us! I don’t care about the Abby/Ben angle you’re working right now! I want to know about Will’s newest assignment!

At Ben’s apartment, Aiden explains to Ben & Abby why the Florida investigators are looking for Ben. He left town the same days they made a “major gambling bust.” Yeah, that’s suspicious. Or it’s a coincidence, at least according to Abigail. Lol. Should they really be having this conversation in front of her? Ben might be innocent, but if he’s not he can’t really speak freely with his attorney in front of his girlfriend. Aiden thinks it’s a coincidence too. Yeah, okay. Aiden instructs Ben to go down to FL and clear up their mistake. Ben’s face tells me that it isn’t a mistake and he won’t be going back to FL. Lol. Aiden asks Abigail to give him and Ben a few minutes alone. Your should’ve done that before, Mr. Jennings. Abby, get out…do you want to be forced to testify in the future against Ben? No, so go. What’s the connection between you and the FL guy, Ben? So, Ben would steer gamblers in the right direction? Point them towards the bagman? Gotcha. Not good news for Ben. Aiden advises Ben to talk to the investigators, but do not go to them and their jurisdiction. Smart. Aiden leaves. Oh, Ben…that is not a good look they Abby’s giving you right now. Uh oh. Ben wants to talk, but Abigail says they’ll talk later. She leaves.

In the HTS, Marlena and Hope enjoy some wine. Woohoo, girls’ night! Haha. M: “You look radiant.” Aww. Hope is so happy and in such a good place right now. I’m nervous and excited for what will happen when Bo makes his triumphant return to Salem. OMG, Marlena doesn’t know that John’s left town! Not cool, John. I know you’re very upset with Marlena, but a quick “hey I’m going to San Fran to try to talk to my son” text would’ve been nice. Hope tries to get Marlena to talk about what’s going on with her and John, but Marlena clams up. H: “Does this have anything to do with Will and Paul Narita?” Yes, but not in the way you might think, Fancy Face. Off-topic, but there’s a guy behind them with a plaid shirt on and I keep thinking it’s Sonny. Haha. M: “When John gets back, we’ll fix things.” H: “And what about for Will and Sonny? Maybe with a little room to breathe?” M: “That and a big dose of honesty. That part is crucial.” Good luck with that, Doc. Neither of them is being completely honest with the other or with himself.

Sonny arrives home and Will’s there waiting. W: “Ari isn’t here.” She’s spending the night with Kayla. W: “…so you can yell at me all you want. So take your shots. Get it off your chest.” Will Sonny shouting at you really make a difference, Will? He seems to think that Sonny will yell and then everything will be fine with them. It’s like that scene with Adrienne after she found out about Will and Paul. Will thinks he’ll be scolded for his mistake and then all will be immediately forgiven. I really, really, really don’t see that happening…especially looking at Sonny’s face.

Sonny: “Stop acting like all I need to do is throw a tantrum, get it out of my system, and then what? Everything’s going to be fine?” (Oh, how I love when Sonny says what I’m thinking/what I wrote. Haha.) W: “…I’m trying not o give you what you need.” Please stop trying to cajole Sonny with touches, Will. It’s manipulative and annoying. I don’t think Sonny knows what he needs, so there’s very little chance that Will does. S: “Does that mean you’re gonna stop blaming Paul for what you did?” W: “He’s after you.” S: “That doesn’t justify what you did!” Will starts shouting about wanting to save their marriage and that he doesn’t want to lose Sonny. S: “Well, if you keep this up…you need to be honest with me. Can you be honest with me?…I know what you told John about Paul…Yeah, no more lies…Stop it, stop it, Will. No more lies. Not this time.” OMG…“if you keep this up?!?!?” On the one hand, go, Sonny. On the other? It’s not really cool to threaten to walk away like that; give Will an ultimatum. Then again, Will’s still trying to lie, so…there you go. You can tell that Will keeps waiting for Sonny to say that he doesn’t want Paul back and it hurts him that Sonny hasn’t/won’t. And to be objective & leave Team Sonny for a moment, it isn’t fair to Will (or Paul) for Sonny to keep going to see Paul, saying things to Paul that give him hope, while saying things to Will that confuse and hurt him. Sonny needs to be honest with himself and figure out what he truly wants. Yelling at Will and reminiscing with Paul isn’t going to help Sonny figure what (and/or who) he wants.

S: “You implied that Paul wouldn’t give you the interview unless you slept with him. Like he coerced you.” W: “You don’t know that, Sonny. You weren’t there.” S: “I know Paul. And he would never do that.” W: “Really? There’s no way? Why because he’s so perfect and honorable and honest? Come on, Sonny! Now maybe you don’t know Paul as well as–” S: “The only person I don’t know is you!” Well…Will is losing Sonny a little bit more with each and every word, isn’t he? You can almost feel it.

Oh great, now Will’s going to play the victim because Sonny hurt his feelings. *rolls eyes* W: “You do know me. I am the same man that you married. Now if you want to know me, come to me. We do not need to tangle the rest of the world up in our business.” S: “I didn’t go to John. He came to me. He wanted to know about his son.” (Will you answer your phone, please? It’s distracting.) W: “And you told him Paul is a saint.” S: “No, I told him the same thing I told Paul. That they needed to figure things out themselves. John’s gone looking for Paul.” ANSWER THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!! W: “…what like he got on a plane and is bringing him back here?” OMG, SERIOUSLY WITH THE PAUL CAN’T BE IN SALEM CRAP, WIL?!?!?!? That is beyond played out!!!!!!! UGH. W: “He (Paul) left not because he wanted to. Now he has a reason to be here and it’s not because of dear old Daddy. He’s gonna be all over you!…I know that Paul came onto you in the office! John told me!” S: “Paul misunderstood what I said. He was embarrassed. That’s it. It was nothing.” Oh, Sonny…now who’s lying? W: “And I have no reason not to be paranoid. It’s not because you’re sending mixed signals.” Sonny’s phone starts ringing again. ANSWER THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MOTHER NEEDS YOU!!!! Sonny finally answers the phone! Adrienne asks to see him right now; Sonny tells her he’ll be right there. W: “You can’t leave right now.” S: “We are going around in circles. This is not about Paul…Paul is a distraction. Until you see that we have nothing to talk about.” Sonny leaves.

At the Edge, Clyde finally meets Kate. He apologizes for keeping her waiting, but she tells him that she kept herself busy. Yep, by burning one of the two allies you have in Salem, Kate. Clyde tells Kate that Ben’s having problems and how it seems like they’re all Chad’s doing.

At the Kiriakis mansion, we have the same scene as Friday. Victor taking to Adrienne through her bedroom door and firing Lucas. A: “I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” V: “Lucas. The guy lying next to you. Or on top of you. Well, I’m sure you’ll explain it. Get dressed and I’ll see you both downstairs.” LOL. OMG THEY THINK VICTOR HAS CAMERAS IN HER BEDROOM!!!!!!!!! Victor isn’t Stefano. Haha. Why would he want to see any of that? Oh, he wouldn’t. Yuck. No, Lucas, I don’t think you can talk Victor down. He was already angry with you because Will cheated on Sonny. Now you’ve given him a real reason to fire you. A: “Kate. She must have told him!” Lucas doesn’t think his mother would do that. Oh, honey. She would and she did. You said yourself that she wanted your job! Getting it and outing your affair with Adrienne to Victor…it’s like Christmas for Kate. Haha.

In the Kiriakis study, Adrienne and Lucas face the firing squad aka Victor. Haha. L: “This was all my doing.” What does that even mean? V: “Yes, I’m sure you have no trouble with Adrienne cheating on her husband. You certainly taught Will.” LMAO. Sorry, not sorry…that was hilarious. Uncle Vic…maybe you don’t defend Justin? You don’t know the whole story. Not that 2 wrongs make a right, I suppose. Lucas starts yelling about Justin admitting to having an affair. Very brave, Lucas…getting all up in Victor’s face. Brave and stupid. Lol. Though I’m still upset about Justin’s admission of his “affair.” He implied that he felt pressured to do it because of the deal he and Elsa are working on. That’s not a consensual sexual affair. V: “Shut up and sit down. Both of you.” Oooooh. Adrienne explains Justin’s affair and how she found out to Victor. Of course, Victor assumes that Lucas took advantage of her. *rolls eyes* It’s not always black and white/victim and villain, Uncle Vic. V: “This cannot continue.” So…you’re going to move out to keep having sex with Lucas? Victor threatens to tell Justin unless Adrienne tells him first. V: “You have 24 hours. Then all bets are off…Get out!” Yikes. Adrienne leaves and Lucas tries to follow, but Victor stops him. V: “I’m just getting started with you.” Yaaaaaas!!!! Haha. Well, of course, Victor suspected Justin was having an affair. Is gonna tell Lucas that Kate outed them? V: “Oh, and you think that there’s mileage in that with Adrienne? She and Justin are gonna work things out. They’ve been through a lot worse. You’re not even a footnote to them. That’s it get the hell out. You’re gonna have to call a cab. I had car towed.” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L: “I didn’t park anywhere near the house. You had to be looking for my car. How did you know I was here?” DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!! Thank you, Uncle Vic, for being real with Lucas. He isn’t even a footnote with Justin and Adrienne. I said it before the great love of Lucas Horton’s life isn’t Adrienne Kiriakis. Now will Victor continue to be real about how he found out about Lucas and Adrienne?

Back at the Edge, Clyde and Kate continue talking about Ben, Chad, and Abigail. Kate, do you really think that Chad isn’t after Abigail? Seriously? Kate gets a call from Victor, summoning her to the Kiriakis house. Kate and Clyde say their goodbyes and she’s off.

Aiden meets Hope in the Square. She kisses him. Aww. H: “I’m happy. And I’m so grateful for what we have together.” A: “So am I.” HAIDEN FEELS FOR DAYS!!!!!!!!! Days is laying it on REAL thick, huh? Where are you going for dinner? Hmm? They leave the Square.

Sonny meets Adrienne in the park. A: “I wanted you to here this from me first.” S: “Is Dad having an affair?” Well…yes, but no. Lol. Jeez, this is going to be a lot for Sonny to deal with. S: “I know exactly how you feel.” Oh, Sonny. Poor little love. Before Adrienne tells Sonny about her and Lucas, she makes him promise to keep it between the two of them. A: “…Lucas and I have become friends.” S: “Yeah…wait, are you sleeping with Will’s dad?” Oh, Sonny! His plate is almost as full as Victor’s now. Lol. Poor Adrienne; she’s a mess right now. This isn’t a conversation she ever wanted to have with her youngest son. S: “Who else knows?” A: “Your Uncle Victor…Kate knows too.” Adrienne tells Sonny that Victor kicked her out of the house and fired Lucas. Sonny wants to go talk to Uncle Vic, but Adrienne stops him. A: “We’re gonna be okay.” S: “We will be. We will be.”

Back at the Kiriakis house, Kate arrives and Victor tells her that he needs her to take over Mad World “effective immediately.” Kate, are you really playing dumb? Please don’t tell
me Victor is buying this crap? V: “He’s out, you’re in.” Victor begins to chuckle. V: “This is vintage you! The shocked outrage slowly turning into reluctant acceptance. Just say yes!” K: “I would have to think.” V: “You don’t want the job? After you went to all that trouble to stab your own son in the back?” I KNEW he wasn’t buying her and her lame surprise face! LOL. V: “You orchestrated this beautifully.” Kate continues to play dumb. K: “I would never sabotage my own son!” V: “Would you like me to rescind the offer?…and you can stand by your son.” K: “I think you should do what you think is best for the company.” V: “I think any CEO who would be so ruthless to get the job is going to make sure my company makes a lot of money.” Yep. Kate says she was trying to minimize he fallout. Yeah, sure, Kate. You wanted Lucas’ job and you stole it. Deal with it. Victor tells her she starts tomorrow and starts to leave the room. V: “I think you’re gonna want some privacy.” K: “For what?” V: “Bonding with your son.” Hi, Lucas. Well, we all knew that’s what Victor was doing. Good luck, Kate! Kate tries to play innocent for a nanosecond, but realizes that Lucas isn’t going to buy her bull. K: “I’m doing you a favor…If that affair had gone on any longer, Victor would’ve found out on his own and it would’ve been much worse.” L: “Is that what you keep telling yourself?! You wanted my job! Clearly that meant more to you than I do!” Poor Lucas. Kate has a long term plan? To kill Victor and take over all of Titan? Ah, she thinks that she can bring Lucas back in because she’s in charge of Mad World now. Yeah, okay, Kate. Too bad your son is devastated and unemployed in the mean time. L: “I should’ve learned my lesson a long time ago. I should’ve learned my lesson when you burnt the mansion down, you left me to die in the blaze…That’s not even the worst of it. You trying to kill me doesn’t even make the top 10, does it? You treated me like I was a chump when I was a teenager!You manipulated me into doing and being whatever you needed me to be at that moment! And you ruined my relationship with Sami!” K: “Sami! Sami was not-” L: “Sami was the mother of my children! And I loved her! We could’ve made it if it wasn’t for you!” K: “Really?! Is this what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna pull out ancient history now because you got caught with your pants down, is that it?!? Grow up!” L: “‘Grow up?’ I have grown up! I have! Believe me! I have!” Lucas starts to leave. She starts yelling that he needs a job. L: “I’m not gonna let you ruin my relationship with Adrienne.” K: “You don’t have a future with Adrienne!” My thoughts exactly, Kate. L: “Every time you step into my life and you butt in and you scramble my life, it’s a ‘blip!’ Because of all the great drama in your life, that’s all I’ll ever be! That’s all I’ll ever be, isn’t it, Mom?!?…Funny thing is I’m not upset. I’m really not. You know why? Because this means I’m free. Finally I’m free from you! I’m free!” He leaves. K: “LUCAS!!!” You’ve really fucked up bad, huh, Kate?

Aww, Hope and Aiden arrives in their room at the Salem Inn. Chase and Ciara both have sleepovers tonight. Woohoo. Haha.

At TBD, Abigail gets a coffee and Chad enters the Club. She tries to hurry out the door, but Chad stops her. Why are you asking him about his “date” with Zoe? Lol. Abby tells Chad to be careful around Zoe because “she’s a shark.” Birds of a feather and all that. I’m sure Chad will be fine. He asks her about Ben and the FL situation. She explains the meeting with Aiden. Why are you telling Chad things, Abby!!?!?

Marlena arrives at WilSon’s apartment. She’s there to see Sonny; she wants to asks him about his last conversation with John. W: “John left to find Paul. He’s going to find Paul, bring him back here, and then all hell will break loose.” Could you at least try and act your age, William??? You act like a selfish, self-centered 9 year old pretty much all the time now. It’s obnoxious. Not everything is about you or about Sonny. Paul’s and John’s lives have changed drastically and all Will can think about is Paul trying to “steal” his husband. If Paul wanted to stay in Salem and make a play for Sonny, John being his father was the perfect excuse. But it seems like Paul left town, so…? W: “Paul is coming back here…to steal my husband.” M: “Nobody is going to steal Sonny.” People can’t be stolen! Sonny isn’t a car; he’s a man with free will. He gets to decide who he loves, who he’s will, how he lives his life. This is all so fucking exhausting. W: “…two words: Kristen DiMera.” M: “You can’t compare that young man to Kristen.” W: “No, actually Paul is worse. Because he’s perfect and everyone loves and trusts him.” M: “You’re turning into your mother.” W: “Will you stop comparing me to my mom! I am being realistic! My competition is a millionaire ball player that oozes charisma from every pore. And I have to come at him with all the ammo that I have.” M: “And what is that? Lies? Manipulation? That’s only going to push Sonny farther away from you.” THANK YOU, DOC. Will won’t listen, but thank you. Will have completely lost his mind. Comparing Paul to Kristen? There isn’t enough time to explain why that is completely ludicrous. Kristen is an evil psychopath who steals babies and dead family members bodies. Paul is a kind and generous man who loves his mother, grandfather, and Sonny. If anyone is approaching Kristen-ish heights, it’s Will.

W: “Paul is coming back…he doesn’t care about his new found daddy.” M: “I don’t see it the same way.” W: “Then you need to open your eyes. I know why Paul is really coming back. And I’m gonna be ready for him.”

Back at the Edge, Clyde corners Ben and asks him how it went with Aiden. Is Ben still holding something back? Because I think he might be. Ben denies holding anything back.

Back at TBD, Chad calls Zoe to pitch his idea for Will’s newest article: “An in depth article about Clyde Weston.” OH JFC, CHAD. YOU ARE GONNA GET WILL KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would hope if Chad knew that Clyde was the person who attacked Sonny, he wouldn’t suggest this article, but who the fuck knows.

Well, that was a lot.

Will…has completely lost touch with reality. And I reassert that he’s suffering from mental illness. I don’t understand how he’s so sure that Paul’s coming back. I mean, we know that he is, but Will has no idea what’s going on in Paul’s head. I don’t see Paul using John to coming back to Salem, so he can get Sonny back. Paul seems to have accepted that he and Sonny are over and have no future. Paul literally said that. Moreover, as I said before, Paul can’t steal Sonny. A person can’t be “stolen.” Sonny’s not a possession or a prize to be won. In the WilSon scene, we could feel Sonny moving away from Will; detaching himself. If Will’s just going to yell about Paul being evil and wanting Sonny back, Days really just needs to end WilSon now. Watching the same scene over and over is annoying. Sonny isn’t helping things either, but Will refuses to see reason, so talking to him is utterly pointless.

I love Victor. Even when he’s an ass.

If Kate could betray Lucas this way, what the heck could she do to her other children? How intense was their scene?? I won’t lie…I definitely teared up when Lucas brought up Sami.

The Ben stuff isn’t all that interesting to me. Sorry. Lol.

I LOVE HAIDEN!! But good lord, Days is setting us and them up for heartache.

I love Marlena for trying with Will, but she should just stop. There’s no point talking to him. Will is the only person who can’t see Paul for who he really is. Maybe he’ll get Grandma Kate to join his cause.

John’s a dick for not talking to Marlena before he left town though. That’s just not cool.

Will’s newest assignment is an article about Clyde. That won’t end badly, right?

Thanks for reading!

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One of my all time favorite Chad Dimera scenes (@CaseyDeidrick)

C: Now listen Sonny if you don’t wanna screw up your zen, like you said, I’d be happy to deck this bitch for you.

T: Chad, I’m your friend, I’m just trying to warn you that…

C: Well you and I both know that’s a bunch of bull. You’re trying to hustle my friend Sonny here. Now let me repeat, after the last week of Dimera family fun, I’m not in a place of zen. So I would be more than happy to pound the political incorrectness out of you. Now get the hell out of here.