chad christen

Got to thinking about this and people talking about Wes and Danny’s secret, but what about this dude (who’s been christened as Chad for now):

I mean, this guy may not be bright enough to figure out Danny Phantom’s identity, but he’s seen Tucker…just plain Tucker Foley sitting beside him in his flying car. Sure he thinks he’s hallucinating then, but what happens when he sees Tucker and Danny walking down the street? Will he freak out because “Yo flying car dude!” or will he just get vaguely suspicious (because let’s be honest, chad was high out of his mind). Plus, if this guy’s just a upperclassman or something at Casper, he was probably there for the whole “King Tuck” thing. Paulina and Star apparently had some lingering memories even after everyone was mind-wiped,  so Chad (and probably Wes too, poor kid) might have trace memories of Tucker pulling some ghostly mind-fuckery again and he just becomes hella paranoid around them because “There’s something really off about that Foley kid and his friends…”