Anonymous students sneak around campus at night for this

You won’t guess why this group of anonymous students known as Dangerdust has everyone talking about their clandestine activities.

An anonymous student duo, know as Dangerdust, have been sneaking into classrooms at night each week at Colombus College of Art & Design and leaving their work on chalkboards. All images are made entirely with chalk. Check out their amazing work below.

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I agree! but I’m not sure patience would be one of r!Chase’s virtues. He’s a hot-headed, sexually frustrated teenage boy :p. 

If Chack relationship were to develop in this AU, it would be:

Chase: fanboy love > puppy crush > obsessed creeper > sir let’s bang

Jack: sigh > ugh > wtf > what am I going to do with this boy.


you ever read a really long fic that you just get so into and is really close to the original story and you just get pissed later on because why can’t this be fic cannon instead

do you ever start a series and see two characters and just know that you are going to ship them so hard and you know if you do it will end in nothing but pain and sadness but you do it anyway