chachi fc

Chloe Torrez || 16 || FC: Chachi Gonzales || Dancer || TAKEN

Chloe is bubbly and cute. Her dance troop “_______”, is one of the most successful hip hop companies in the country, but that doesn’t affect this little ball of energy. She is always jumping, dancing, or singing (badly). It is impossible to sit still! Chloe is nice to everyone, unless they aren’t nice to her. She is sweet, but is still confident enough to not let people walk all over her. Sometimes she gets angry when people don’t take her seriously, but Chloe doesn’t like being serious too often. She just wants to have fun!

Rowan Cook || 15 || Dancing || Relationship status: small crush on Travis Clarke || FC: Chachi Gonzales || Open

Rowan can be described in one word: happy. Cheerful, optimistic, innocent, friendly, and caring, hurting Rowan is like kicking a puppy. She loves people, and is almost completely oblivious to just how cruel they can be, thanks to her being homeschooled since she was ten. Her mom had given her the option of staying in public schooling or having her teach her, with just as much emphasis on dancing as core classes. She didn’t want to leave her friends, but picked home for the practice. She’d been taking ballet and modern for five years already, but was being drawn more into hip hop and breakdancing. By 13, she was giving lessons to younger kids and, soon enough, it became a paying gig. Now she’s just excited to be back in school, and though the fact that it’s a boarding school several states away from home does scare her, as long as she has friends, she’s happy.

Roommates: Liv Finch and Panda Matata