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EXO Reaction Masterlist

This is the masterlist to my (kawaii-kittenexo) EXO reactions.

EXO react to:

Wanting Your Attention

You Singing “Cause Now I have to find someone else when all I wanted was you”

Introducing You To Other Members

You Eat A Chilly Pepper 

You Having A Bad Day Where You Think You’re Fat

They’re Your First Kiss and Boyfriend

Seeing You Dancing In Their Shirt

You Go Back Home To A Different Country

News Anchor AU: You’re The Camera Person

Their Crush Dancing Like Chachi Gonzales

You’re on You’re Period

Son Flirting With Xiumin’s Daughter 

Finding Out You Can Dance 

You’re Cold And Start Cuddling Them

You Having A Nose Piercing

You Coming Back After A Fight Soaking And With A Fever

You Being Shipped With Other Members

You Reading Smut About You And Another Member

You Self-Harm

Another Member Flirting With You

Waking Up And Having Their Superpowers

You Walking Down Your Wedding Isle

You Being Scared About Finals

Xiuhan Being Official

 You Are Depressed

You Have One Dimple

After Your First Sexy Time

Their Sick And You Take Care Of Them

GF Being Pregnant With Twins

Seeing You For The First Time

You Talking Spanish

Walking In On You Doing Gwiyomi

Meeting Your Family And Friends

Your Past Memory Of Being Raped

Reaction To You Being Taller

Teaching You To Drive But You Are Terrible


Eating Your Cooking For The First Time

Walking In On You After A Shower

Getting Scared In A Haunted House/During A Scary Movie

Drawing On You And You Get Playfully Mad

You Finding Out They Are An Undercover Cop At Your School

Meeting A Hot Fan

First Time They Say I Love You

You Get Very Sick And Die

You Singing And Dancing To Fire Hive Fuck On Me

Ejaculating Inside Of You Without A Condom

You Being A Direction/Belieber And Making Them Jealous By Fangirling

Finding Out You Have A Tattoo They Didn’t Know About

You Giving Labor

You’re Another Member’s Sibling

You Bake A Lot Because You Are Upset

Finding Out The Girl They Are Hitting On Is Gay

You Having An Eating Disorder

You Being A Slow Eater

Being Internet Best Friends For Years And Then Meeting

You Confess To Them With A Song

Their Crush Leaving Because She Is Pregnant

You Trying To Feed Them

You Have A Panic Attack and Anxiety 

You Being In An Abusive Relationship

Thinking You Are Cheating On Them When Seeing You Kiss Your Brother’s Cheek

You Dancing With Another Member Sexually

Losing Their Five Year Old While Shopping

Watching You Sleep

Preparing For Your Wedding

Finding Out You’re a Cannibalistic Serial Killer

You Dancing to Fxxk Boys Get Money By Femm.

You Not Being Able To Use Chopsticks

You Telling Them You Have Cancer

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antoinetroupe@jamiehauptmann@chachigonzales Part 2

I’m such a fan of these two. Their movement quality and interpretation of music is crazy. Can’t thank you two enough for coming to class last night ❤️ #Chrisbrown #usher #zayn -#backtosleep
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vivalivin: A lil #entertainment for your #turntTuesday!! 😝@chachigonzales always tryna teach me the ways…🙈💕😂 #elhfili #elhjazmine #notjumpingjacks #eastloshigh #eastlostres #lmao #findit #superstar #ballet #chachigonzales #vivianlamolli #love #dancelife 😭 @vivalivin