Orihime's Independent

It’s funny how people think Orihime isn’t independent. She’s lived by herself since middle school. She has her own job, paying bills and still manage to be in the top ten of her class. Sure, her distant aunt helped out. But, that obviously isn’t enough if she has to work. While most of her other friends still live their parents. We all know she’s too proud to ask for help. Orihime doesn’t want to burden anyone. Even though her nakama wouldn’t mind helping.

One thing that I came across while looking at The Last of Us was the really good character dynamic the two main characters had. Joel and Ellie were great characters and I do think it was the fact that Joel had this protectiveness over the younger Ellie and how audiences relate and react to that protective instinct really well.

I think for our two chacacters that it could possibly be a Dad and a daughter or maybe even an older brother protecting his little sister. There of course is the sympathy factor that makes audiences relate to the characters. For example Man on Fire tells the story of a man protecting a young girl. The movie does extremely well in letting the audience see how their relationship grows and they begin to care about the little girl and begin to sympathise. Especially when she is taken and the audience is fully behind him trying to find her.

This is definitely something that needs to be researched and looked into more but I definitely think this type of dynamic for the characters will instantly be relatable with the audience.