In highschool, I did senior Modern History, we were all given the same text book. On one of the pages I wrote “I’m off my head” on top of a picture of a man being beheaded. Very crass I know.
I did this to every single 11/12 Modern History book in the school.

One day I was talking to my bestfriend who is a couple years my junior, and she went to the same school as me. I said something about being “off my head” and she said something about the text book with the picture, and I’m like “oh lawdy, I did that”

It was one of the best bonding moments we’ve ever had. We now live together.

My friend just remembered that once when she was young, her friend showed her a picture from inside her parents room, “this is my great great grandmother… and sh-”,
she gets cut off by her father, who comes in the room and says “that’s not your great great grandmother”.He goes on to explain that it’s one of those stock photos that comes in the frame and that they had been lying to her and waiting til her 21st birthday to finally tell her - but couldn’t have more people thinking that it was actually their relative. So he had to interject. He then walked out of the room and called out to my friends friends Mum and says “SHE KNOWS!”. “Fuck.” is the reply.

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—  @anon in the comments section from Chabtelle