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Chaaaance, my dude, my buddy, my pal. Do you think Lena still has the bear? Or do you think that Lillian took it from her when she was little, but when she tells Kara, Kara finds an exact replica for her?

Funny, you say that. In my one headcanon Lillian totally throws the bear in the fireplace in front Lena and she watches it turn to ash.

I do believe that when Lena is telling Kara about her childhood she mentions her former stuffed bear that her mom gave her. Kara then goes on the hunt to find a replica even if it meant flying around the world. The next day, Lena comes into her office to a similar bear sitting on the desk next to fresh plumerias.


                   ❝ Sorry I’m late. I …. d-didn’t find the station. Your station I mean. It was a little hidden and I hope my internship can start anyway? Unless of course you already changed your mind because I’m 15 minutes too late and you news anchors can’t lose time because time is precious… yeah I know that… time is always precious. ❞

Mark just shut up.

“You don’t stand a chaaaance~~!”

This is my first official Inktober art work! And of course it has to be the Bog King =)

I don’t think I’ll be doing it daily though. Besides I’m already late to the daily game. Anyway, I recently bought the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and was scared to death cos I’ve not used it before and have no clue how it works. So the result is pretty much experimental. (Shading? What? What are thick and thin lines? What am I doing??? Ahhh!)