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how did you manage to get into so many ap classes freshman year?

idk, it was only two ap classes? i was required to take ap environmental science and i chose to take ap human geography as well.

perhaps your school runs ap class selection differently?

1/15/17 - hello, new year! click for hd.

my 5,000th post and my 3,500th follower on the same day. i’ve come a long way!

i went to the gym for the first time today and OH LORDY am i ever out of shape. so i decided to start really taking my health seriously, bc the only thing that was topping me before surgery was my bad knees, but now there’s nothing in my way so i’m gonna eat right and work out often! on another note, i also made the most delicious chocolate caramel pretzel bark for a rehearsal tomorrow and i didn’t even burn the chocolate OR the caramel!! i’m feeling so happy and satisfied with my life right now. everything will work out, no matter who you are. it will be okay. <3

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Hi Seo, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to study biology and chemistry? (since you're in an ap class.) Those two subjects are my weakest points and I really don't want to fail :(

i have no clue what chemistry is like since i haven’t taken the class yet.

as for bio, i rely mainly on my teacher’s class lectures + diagrams + crash course / bozeman / other videos. they seem to help the most. my textbook can over-complicate the subject a bit too much so i usually just skim through it and only use the stuff that i need.

Feeling like a teenie again...

A special emotional complex is growing in me. There is a whole new me growing inside. Everything is like it always was. But nothing is. I fell in love with a cute, intelligent woman. And now I did with another one. There is no competition. My feelings are strong with both - and they are different to the feelings for the other one. It feels beautiful and is an absolutely stunning experience.

I like to have both of them around me and both like to have me around. AL invited me to stay at her place fo the night because I’ve had a water demage in my flat. That’s very nice - and very spontaneous of her. I’m happy to meet her again tonight. And I can’t stop thinking about her. Her smell, her sparkling eyes and of course the tongue stud… 

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this may have been asked already but for harvest moon animal parade, what would the best gay M/M ships be? (im mostly the one asking about lesbian ships but in this case i feel a change of pace would be nice)

aw man well I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Luke x Gill – they’re both local kids, with their own complicated histories and a town they love. They’re at opposite ends of the energy spectrum (high vs low, extraverted vs introverted, etc) but they’d help each other balance, while also both having their own issues to deal with in the realm of mother-death and “how much responsibility am I supposed to claim again??” They’d do a good job of working through things together, I think, and also, c’mon, picture Luke carving Gill a flower out of wood and handing it to him with cuts all over his hands and saying “it’s an EXTREME flower, my love” and Gill like mmkay do I fuss at him for clearly chopping his hands into bits to make this or do I just accept it? teasing kiss it is

I also really like Toby and Jin – Jin gets so absorbed into everything, while Toby seems to get absorbed into nothing. That is, Toby is peaceful because he’s at peace in his soul, whereas Jin is focused like a laser on what he’s doing, to the point of losing track of what’s happening around him. Picture them, sitting together, cups of tea and Toby kissing Jin’s temple lightly, “don’t let your cup go cold.”

And Julius and Owen is the next one that popped into my head – ahhhhhhh they’d be SO GOOD at boosting each other up, compliments and gifts and they both know the quality of the jewels they work with. Owen, sitting at the bar and Julius walks in and Owen just bellows, “Look how pretty my husband is!!!!!”

Chase and Wizard also have a soft spot in my heart – Wizard is calm and patient and Chase would just eventually melt into his arms, and Wizard isn’t used to someone being so reserved, and he wants to understand why, and by the time he does he’s in loveeee

And I suppose to “pair the spares” that leaves Calvin and the Harvest Lord, which is TOTALLY NOT AN ACCIDENT omg a fic where Calvin stumbles upon the Harvest Lord’s spot and keeps coming back to learn more about him, and they fall in love and the Harvest Lord is like “oh look, a not-substandard human who actually knows Important Things” and Calvin being laidback enough to not take the HL seriously and ahhhhhh

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Ugh AP magazine called fuqboi one of the best songs of 2016 and it making me want to punch something. They actually called it an anthem

that song is so derogatory and i find it so offensive, especially on a personal level since it’s mean, and stupid and sends out bad messages
but the only reason no one disagrees with it is because a girl sings it and you can’t sexist to men… 😒

Astral Projection

The past few weeks I have unintentionally made it to the vibrational state of Astral Projection. When I become aware of what’s happening I’m like “okay, cool, let’s do this” but I CANNOT get out of my body and stay out. I think the disconnection is between me wanting to PHYSICALLY get out and having to get out mentally.

While I was napping today I was at that state and I was trying to roll over, because I was already laying on my side. I noticed I was using my physical body to do this and immediately stopped and fell asleep. I woke up once again to the vibrations and was like either let me sleep or let me get out my damn body. SO I tried once again and I felt myself get up *I think* I wouldn’t know because my eyes won’t open. That’s another problem I have with AP is that I cannot for the life of me open my eyes. So I was walking and I get this strange feeling that I’m naked, and this happened before and I’m afraid my parents will see me lol. So I go back to my body and lay there, feeling the vibrations once more. I start to feel myself levitate up and the only thing my mind could think of was space. Again this has happened before, when I levitate up the only thing I want to do is go to space lol. So I’m floating up and I’m able to open my eyes the tiniest bit and I see stars and scared geometry- this is new. So I floated through space a little before I guess falling back asleep and having this weird, incredibly vivid dream. I think I might have been lucid dreaming, but I can’t remember what I dreamt. I can see visuals and remember when I was conscious in my dream, but I don’t remember the context or what was happening. I keep getting little bits and pieces coming back to me, but for the most part I can’t remember my dream. I just know it was very vivid and very strange.

OH! OH! I just remembered something. I’m not sure if I was dreaming or if it was during the AP, but my room was blue… Or dark. It had an eerie, but not scary feel if you know what I mean. I remember leaving my bedroom! I thought it was strange but I kept going and walked into a an empty room in my house… then I blacked out again lol. I think I may have been AP doing that.

If you guy have any tips on how to either open my eyes during AP or control the vibration stage, that would be be GR8

This has been a frustrated witch post~