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Just a couple of Don’t Starve doodles DON’T MIND ME AND MY OBSCURE SHIPS

I think a lot about what could Wes possibly do to make Maxwell so angry he had to trap him in his own set piece heavily guarded by his best robots…. 

I have a few headcanons but,, yeah, he’s GOT to be pretty badass to piss him off like that…

I also like to think since he’s normally a sweet and patient guy, he must have a lot of bottled up anger, and become pretty violent when his sanity is low.

Or maybe I’m just looking for excuses to draw him covered in blood. That’s very plausible too 

anonymous asked:

Mmm yes yes Wes but also Wilson I can't choose. Wilson, Wes, Wilson, or Wes... I can't choose between them because of you. Also cough cough( that's some nice Wilson x wes stuff) cough cough.


Thank you so much Im glad ur into my stuff hgnjngk your message actually inspired me to design this abomination 

Dangerously smart and resourceful force of nature ready to unleash years of repressed anger and kick Maxwell’s ass!

Now with DOUBLE the burning hate for the puppet master!

Character fusions are really fun THOUGH we’re getting in some extreme fanfiction territory here whoops sorry for this self indulgent garbage

I Died in the swamps, and then Maxwell came in to rescue me an my stuff, and then he died. We floated about camp while Willow was frantically trying to get glands, only managing to collect piles and piles of silk.

Arguments ensued. 

I think what actually happened was Willow died too a few feet away because she froze. 

@digitalintrovert was Willow, despite her not contributing in this argument