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Beyond ... vulcan.

This movie is my favorite of the new Star Trek movies because of the pure Spirk whispering through every scentence and look Jim and Spock gives each other. And one of the intense is when Jim is again on the edge of dying, when Spock and Bones are saving him. Bones flying while Spock pulls Jim into the swarmship.

Nothing new so far. But then Jim tells Spock again - I believe it’s the third time in this movie! - that he doesn’t know what he would do without Spock. (Bones said the same to Spock hours before, while Spock clearly didn’t believed him.) But this time Jim is breathless, clearly in pain but not in state of lying nor telling Spock things to encourage him for holding on while Spock is deathly wounded.

‘What would I do without you, Spock?’

Just one question. And please just look at the gif. Watch how Spock looks at Jim. This is the same Spock, who had broken up with Uhura over the years over and over again. Via verse. The same Spock who hadn’t had a problem with breaking his relationship with his girlfriend for making Vulcan-Babys (Bones words) and leaving Starfleet behind. And I’m sure - because we’re talking about Spock - that he did it thoughtful. Because they were in a relationship.

What he clearly left out of it was Jim. And I - for myself - ask myself, why seemed it for him so easy to cut every string attached to Starfleed, but cannot even tell Jim about his plans.

Why is it so hard for him to tell Jim - who is according to the movies alone - just Spocks Captain and friend?

Because he’s clearly in love with Jim.

(And that’s not the Slasher in me talking!)

When we’re looking back to the movies: We had

Star Trek - 2009.

Jim and Spock making a rough, but good Team. We doesn’t get so much bonding. But enough to tell that they will be good in working together and not against each other. They’re something like a Team. Nothing more right at the end of the movie.

Then comes Star Trek Into Darkness and we see them argumenting, all the time and yet clear short scenes in which they show their worry about each other. Over and over again. Even when Spocks worry is a lot harder to detect while Jims is … overwhelming. Jim saving Spock and clearly choosing the vulcan over his crew and command. And, while clearly annoyed with Spocks behavior, never making any attempt to get rid of him. Not once. Because ‘he’ll miss him!’.

Then there is Spock clearly overwhelmed by Jims open emotions to which he doesn’t know to react. He has Jim who tells him, that he’ll miss Spock. Next he’s loosing Pike their friend and cries while holding onto Spock. Then Jim looses his controll and is clearly in rage about Khan. So emotional that Spock knows he’ll die in the attempt to save them and their ship and Spock needs to be by his side, to save him. So for the first time, the very first time, Spock reaches for Jim.

‘I cannot allow you to do that!’

And if Jim is cleary again annoyed by him, in the end he’s telling Spock again what he’s feeling. That he thinks that Spock is the better Captain. And maybe this is the moment in which Spock could calculate, that Jim likes him. Because Jim loves the Enterprise and his Crew and never he would left them to someone he wouldn’t trust without his whole being. To nobody.

And yet he gives everything he loves to Spock!

By the end of the movie, Jim sacrificed himself and telling Spock something with only one gesture while dying what couldn’t be clearer by words. Shocking Spock with it’s meaning. Because now Spock could understand …

Laying his hand onto the glass and clearly wishing to touch Spock is a sign of love. Not just a simple goodbye. We know from enough Vulcan interaction from TOS that Vulcans DO NOT touch hands when there isn’t at least a bond between them. (T’Pring and Spock-Prime met after decades and they layed their hands in a Ta’al together. Touching and caressing each other for a moment. Because of their bond.)
And we know Jim isn’t someone who does things without consider it at least. He does what he believes is the right thing to do. He trusts his feelings. So … reaching for Spock isn’t just a goodbye and if you look into Spocks eyes, you see he’s realising it, too.

That’s why he returned the gesture. For the second time in STID - Only for Jim - Spock does something which isn’t based on logic. If, he would just hold up his hand and would not pressing his fingers against the glass.
The movie is really long, but the most intense development we get is showed in those two minutes. And by the lost of Spocks logic as he hunts Khan down like the ancient vulcan he’s and which is in control.

So back to Beyond. The first thing we learn is, that Jim has some personal problems where he asks himself what his meaning is in this world. But while he speaks and talkes about the relationships forming on board. Then he’s switching to his own opinion and feelings. Spock is showed from behind, like he’s being watched. Jim says in exactly this moment:
I’m asking myself, the further we get, what do we really want to reach? If the cosmos really is infinit, then doesn’t we reach for something we’ve nerver get? (That’s the german scentense)

And while they coud show everyone in this scene. They clearly choosed for Spock. For me this isn’t just subtext. It’s clearly spoken for what it is. Jim got finally to the point of knowing, where he’s aware to love Spock. But at the same time aware that he’s not avaible for Jim. And yet he never gives up in telling Spock how he feels.

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“Yeah, that’s why I need you to be save!”
Subtext, because Jim cannot think straight if Spock is injured.

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And Spock realised that Leonard was right. The ‘I told you so’ is written all over Leonards face, when Spock looks at the doc. And yet he’s still fighting it. So why? Why cannot Spock accept that Jim needs him?

Is it too hard to believe that Jim really cares? No. Because he did realised years ago how deep Jim felt for him. So believing isn’t the problem.

Is it maybe that Jim is too human or emotional? We could say maybe, but I doubt it to be the reason because Spock himself is for a partly Vulcan-Being emotional and doesn’t seemed to be in trouble with it. I even have the feeling that he tries to interact a little bit more human because of his friends.

I tell you why.

While Spock knows Uhura as a strong person he cares about, he also knows that she doesn’t need him. They clearly care about each other deeply. But at the same time doesn’t have any trouble to be separated or break up their relationship. So leaving her is easy.

Leaving Jim is not, when he knows that his growing love toward his friend and Captain is returned and welcomed.

So he’s fighting it until the very end. Until …

he cannot fight it anymore. Not, when Spock was again about to lose Jim. Not when Jim tells Spock by himself how much he needs him.

So what we see here is Spock really accepting that Jim needs him. That Jim needs him more than his own culture and species needs him. So … choosing now the Vulcan-Species or Jim. He doesn’t even needs a second to know that he’s choosing Jim. Because the one man Spock loves with his whole being needs him.

And is from now on his new responsibility.

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And I’m sure, if there will be a next movie. We’ll see the get together. Because we have all three things what comes right before forming a relationship.
Get to know each other
Trust each other
Fall in love and accept the feeling.

Thanks for reading and for letting me borrow all the beautiful gifs.
If someone wants some more analysis from me, send me an ask. I’m happy to make more.

The Short Treatment (1)

Part: (1/?)

Pairing: Bones (Leonard McCoy) x Fem! Reader

Warnings: Knowing personal endangerment, Southern slang, STRONG FEMALE LEAD!!!!

Word Count: 2.7k

Description: You’re a genius Engineer and partial Doctor on the newly minted Star Ship Enterprise. While putting duty before personal safety, you save the entire Enterprise, making a few of the crew members, especially a certain grumpy doctor, realize that they want to know who this workaholic woman is.

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to make this new fic, and to delve into another fandom! Star Trek has been a huge part of my life, so I’m ready to give back to the community. Bones had to be my first write because I feel like I know him so well (if that makes sense). We’re both from Southern states and hate change!

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 As the alarms blared in a deafening screech, you ran past Montgomery Scott, rushing past him to make repairs. The Enterprise had hit an unexpected asteroid belt, and the results were not pretty. You assessed that there was damage to Med Bay and the upper levels, so you grabbed your tool bag and rushed to the nearest lift calling to Scotty where you were going. 

He shouted back “Aye Lass” and proceeded to fix some of the networking problems that also came from the storm. The lift jetted you upward taking you 13 level north to the Medbay. 

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what she says: im fine

what she really means: I wish i looked as good as spock did in the motion picture when he showed up on the enterprise wearing those sick black robes, eyebrows and cheekbones sharp as fuck, killing his purple eyeshadow like always. The drama he brought onto the bridge with that look was astounding. His bangs alone instantly murdered every crew member. I can never be that cool. I will never achieve that level of perfection. What’s the point of anything if I can’t be him. Why even try