cha: mary margaret

You know what? I love that in 3x06 Emma told Mary Margaret about the Neverland kiss. Like, at that point, the two of them had an odd sort of relationship, something akin to friends, but also slightly different since she knew she was her mother. I mean, she hadn’t quite accepted it fully at that point, but it’s always interesting to me to think about the kind of ear Emma was hoping for, a friend’s or her mom’s. She is literally gossiping about kissing a boy, like many girls younger than her get to do, but she probably never really got that chance in her childhood. Emma wanted a sounding board. She just wanted someone to know. And Mary Margaret was the person she chose to share with. Think about it; she totally could have kept that information to herself. In fact, MM was probably surprised that she shared in the first place, given how Emma has always tended to keep to herself. And it isn’t as if she wanted advice, clearly. She just outright told her “I kissed him!” like it was a big scandalous secret. And when MM asked her if it meant anything, pretty sure they both already knew it did. If it didn’t mean anything, Emma wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place. Even through MM was still Team Neal at the time (or, really, Team Emma, but she was under the impression that Neal was her “happy ending” and Emma was trying to self-sabotage in a roundabout way) I think that was a nice moment for the relationship between Emma and Snow.


Anon ask: Mary Margaret caring for you when you’re sick would include?

Warning: none

(A/N): It’s so weird for me to write for Snow , sory this is short

  • She will go full mom mode
  • she will prepare you something to drink
  • Will make sure you take your medicine
  • cuddles to make you happy
  • lots and lots of cheek kisses to make up for not being able to kiss your lips
  • She will wrap you up in a blanket like a burrito and hug you
  • she will panic if you don’t get better and will want to take you to the doctor ASAP
  • this woman is so sweet omfg
  • will stay by your side
  • she will caress your head or run her finger through your hair to calm down the headache