cha: lucille


finally finished this animated gif of the protagonist of my next comic, Lucille. I’d been posting all the WIP stages on twitter so here they all are, together in a row.

Sorry if you’ve sent an ask that I haven’t responded to recently - I get kinda shy about posting them and my natural response is to lazily put them off. i’mma make a post answering a bunch of ‘em tomorrow. 

Also: happy april 8th, everybody.


One of the last lil promos before PreOrders for the Lucille Comic are done with.
Preorders are open another week or two- depends when the proofs and books come in. Stickers are only available through the preorders and won’t be sold outside of that.
TONS OF LOVE AND THANKS to my amazing friends @stablercake @kingguro & @sleepersharks​  for making some amazing guest stickers as well so I can spoil everyone T A T Ilu all and thank you sososososo much everyone who has preordered so far!