cha: glenn

okay so glenn tweets about ‘dennis becomes the bar’ right, then as we feared, comes to tumblr to find out wtf that means, he leaves. no doubt, without answers, but has found that no one is reacting to the trailer as they hoped, nobody thinks dennis will actually leave, pissed at the coffeetown 2 jokes he decides to take it upon himself to instil fear in us all, thus releasing fake articles about fake shows on the day of the finale

Richonne is one of the most disgusting things i swear. I mean… fine, ship it, do whatever you want but for me season 4 Michonne was the best Michonne. Now she is so fucking soft but people call her “ queen “ and for what again? Yes, she makes Rick happy but he was okay without her too. He has his family, this relationship is nothing but disgusting for me. 
They put Rick and Michonne together in like 4 seasons but they couldn’t put Carol and Daryl together??? What the hell is wrong with these writers? AND THEY KILLED GLENN INSTEAD OF MICHONNE. 

WHAT ??? THE ??? HELL ??? PEOPLE ???