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I’m Yours, Sir

Pairing: Dom!Dean x Sub!Reader

Prompt: it’s smut, you guys, just read it.

Tags: smut, rough smut, dom/sub, spanking, dirty talk, derogatory language, breath play, edging, fluffy aftercare (requested).

Words: 3979

Note: for @takeitoffwinchester and @ddean

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I’m Yours, Sir (Male Reader)

Female Reader Version

Pairing: Dom!Dean x Sub!Male!Reader

Prompt: it’s smut, you guys, just read it.

Tags: male!reader, smut, rough smut, dom/sub, spanking, dirty talk, rimming, felching, derogatory language, breath play, edging, fluffy aftercare (requested).

Words: 4187

Note: for anon + yay for male reader fics :)

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Sleeping Beauty- Dean x Reader

“Dean.” You whispered, extracting a small groan from the man sleeping beside you.

“Dean.” You repeated, sitting up in bed.

“Deeannn.” You collapsed onto his chest, flinging your arms out as you did so.

He merely brushed a hand to his nose, scratching an itch. Rolling your eyes, you rested your head by his neck, while you lay half on top of him.

Managing to lie there comfortably for only a few minutes before you got bored you put one leg on either side of Dean’s chest.

You bit your lip before leaning down to press your lips against his. 

You felt his mouth twitch into a smile but he didn’t open his eyes.

Knowing he was awake, you sat back on his stomach.

“I guess it’s not true love.” You teased, slowly getting off the bed.

Dean’s eyes flashed open, “Don’t tell me you believe in that crap.” 

Laughing, you leaned on his shoulders, putting your face close to his, “I believe in angels, demons and all that crap so why wouldn’t I believe in true love’s kiss too?”

“Because you’ve experienced that crap first hand, but true love’s kiss? That’s fairy tale shit.” Dean raised an eyebrow at you.

“I thought I’d experienced true love’s kiss.” You said softly, not meeting his eyes.

“Hey, hey. You know I didn’t mean that. I love you. But just let me sleep for god’s sake.”Dean put a finger under your chin, raising your gaze to his.

You nodded and Dean closed his eyes.

“Sleepy beauty.” You snorted, rolling your eyes.

Suddenly Dean grabbed you, rolling over and pinning you underneath him. 

“That’s you sweetheart.” He said, “Not me. I’m your patient boyfriend.”

“Patient?” You laughed in disbelief.

“Fine. Loving boyfriend.”

“You didn’t even believe we’d had a true love’s kiss.” You teased.

“For god’s sake, (Y/n). Can you at least let me try to be romantic for once?” 

“You can try but-” 

Dean cut you off by pressing his lips to yours, his thumbs rubbing your wrists gently.

When he pulled he away, he raised an eyebrow at you.

“I’m awake now. Awake and in love with you. Happy, Sleeping Beauty?”

“For now.”

The Child Psychologist Dean Winchester.

With as Sam-centric this episode was, let us not forget the three responses to Reese’s anger.


Who blamed himself, and was willing to die to if it would make Reese feel better.


Who felt he was to blame for Sully screwing up and wanting to protect his friend.

And then Dean Winchester:

Dean stands up and tells her: “Revenge isn’t going to make you feel better.” Dean who became a hunter because HIS father was consumed by Revenge. Dean, who understands hate and anger, who had to deal with the Mark of Cain and the things that came with it. Said the thing that Reese, Sully and Sam all needed to hear.

“Listen, I have seen more then my fair share of monsters. And I mean real monsters. Bad.

These guys? These are Sesame Street Mother Teresa’s.

But when I wasn’t there for my little brother…Sully was.

“Now, look. I’m not saying he didn’t make a mistake, but you know that there is not a monstrous bone in his body.”

Dean Winchester managed to get through to all of them. To help Reese finally let go of her anger.

To help Sully forgive himself.

And to let Sam know that he loved him, and that he was grateful to the person who had helped him as a kid.



Part 1 out of god knows how many. (Reads LEFT TO RIGHT! I made sure this time lol.) PART 2 NOW AVAILABLE

This is another story idea I wanted to turn into an animated movie but LMAO that’s not going to happen any time soon and since I can’t write fanfic worth shit, please enjoy this in comic form! :D (Don’t worry, this one will be a bit more lighthearted than my last one.)

So flowers, his FBI suit, and a random teen couple–why do these thing catch Dean’s attention exactly?? :0 Well, I’m pretty sure everybody knows but since Cas is a doof, it’ll take him slightly longer to figure it out.

Wrong - Dean x Reader


Turning, you see Dean. Blood smeared across his cheek and forehead. His arm bearing a deep slash.


You run to him and he holds you close. Holding your head against his chest with one hand, the other hand on your lower back.

“I thought you were dead.” You say softly and Dean rests his chin on your head.

“I know.“

“I always think you’re dead.”

“I always prove you wrong.” He says, a hint of a smirk in his voice.

“Maybe one day I’ll be right.”

“Nah. I always prove you wrong. That’s just how I am. Come on.” Dean takes your hand, leading you back to the Impala.

He turns you to face him, pushing you back against the impala. He presses his lips to yours, pulling your hips towards him.

“You can never be right again.” Dean says, smirking.

You hit him on the arm, “Shut up, asshole.”

He laughs and simply kisses you again.