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Where’d all the spells go?

Seems like I used to see lots of spells on the witchy side of Tumblr but not so much anymore. Well, time to fix that. I’ll be posting some random spells for the next week or so. Most will be short and sweet (or not so sweet but definitely brief, lol!) 

Three little words

A/N : So this is a short captain swan drabble because I really should be studying right now. 

Emma was enjoying a quiet dinner with her family when her cell phone rang and she was called to the station. 

“Sorry, guys, I gotta go. Dopey got in trouble, again,” she said, the annoyance at being disturbed clear in her voice. 

"You need help ?” her father asked, always willing to share shifts with her. 

“Thanks, but you can stay here, Dad, I probably won’t be long,” she replied with a smile. 

As she was getting ready to leave, Killian, who had had dinner at the Charmings’, seemed uncomfortable and started to get up as well. 

“Well, I suppose that’s my cue to leave, love,” he said with a dashing smile. 

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll be back within the hour !” she reassured him. 

“Of course you can stay, Killian !” Snow added with enthusiasm. 

Smiling at her family and their welcoming attitude towards her boyfriend, Emma started rounding the table, apologizing for having to leave so soon. As she kissed each of them on the forehead, she also whispered I love you. When she got to Killian, she pecked him on the lips and told him she loved him before getting out the front door. 

She stopped on the steps leading to the loft, shocked. What had she just done ?! She’d never told him that she loved him before, and she certainly didn’t want to blurt it out in front of her family for the first time she ever said it. 

She was still standing in the hallway when the door opened behind her. 

“Swan ?” Killian asked as if in confirmation. “I…”

She didn’t let him finish. She threw herself at him, kissing him vehemently and leaving him breathless. She’d already said it anyway. And she meant it with all her heart. 

“I love you,” she told him after finally breaking the kiss, looking him in the eyes. 

“I love you too, Swan,” Killian answered, his smile the widest she’d ever seen it.