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Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth: we got a body
  • Brennan: I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan: fracture to the ulna
  • Intern: can't believe I missed that
  • Booth: I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela: I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins: bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam: *gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband: no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth: *stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point: I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth: no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern: I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan: this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth: *long stare*
  • Brennan and booth: *have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point: you're a good man booth
I can feel you in the forest, I can feel you in the trees
I can feel you in the breeze, I can feel you in my dreams
I am sinking, oh-so-deep
I cannot think, I cannot sleep
All I think about is you, and how you are not here with me
The rain is coming down and caving in my house of leaves
I might tell you how I feel just when you are about to leave
The way I feel about you, I don’t think you could perceive
How I love you like a lover with no love inside of me
—  Bones & Dylan Ross, “TheIvy” (SongsThatRemindYouOfHome)

It would be much appreciated if people stopped removing the credit when they reblog my photos. I’ve seen photos of mine used on other sites, and I have to tell people they’re originally mine because people are taking credit. Anyways, this mornings crafts. Bottle charms with Tibetan quartz and quartz tops. These will be on my etsy soon for $27.00💕

Bone and skeleton distorted by osteomalacia

Literally translated, osteomalacia means “soft bones”, and in modern times very rarely leads to such extreme deformities as these.

There are many diseases and situations that lead to osteomalacia, but ultimately only one cause - defective bone mineralization leading to decreased or ceased deposition of new calcium or phosphorus in the bones. The condition itself is usually treated by administering high doses of vitamin D, while attempting to treat the underlying cause.

In children, osteomalacia is often called rickets. The adult form of the condition is often much milder than in children, but can still lead to bone weakness and bowing. In all ages, the most common cause is vitamin D deficiency, due to malabsorption by the intestines (as in Coeliac disease) , lack of sunlight, or very poor diet.

Deformities, Including Diseases of the Joints and Bones. A. H. Tubby, 1912.

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