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I've shamelessly asked you for so many leverage prompts this time around, which you filled AMAZINGLY btw, and i'm gonna be awful and ask for yet another :) - The brewpub gets a 1 star review on Yelp. Shit goes down. (gen, ot3, whatever)

“What the fuck?” Eliot growls.

Hardison’s fingers are flying across the keyboard at a lightning pace. “Gonna find out what fuckin’ loser…” he murmurs.

Amy, not shockingly, in the voice of reason. “Guys. You can’t…hunt someone down, just because they gave us a bad review,” she says.

Everyone freezes for a moment, then Parker says, “no, we can totally do that. Go ahead, Hardison.”

Hardison’s fingers start moving again.

“Maybe they just had a bad day…or we had a bad day,” Amy tries. “Maybe they had the flu so everything tasted awful but they didn’t realize it.”

“My food always tastes good,” Eliot growls. “And it fixes bad days.”

Parker nods, agreeing with this sentiment.

Amy tries again. “Okay, but…”

“Shhhhhh,” Hardison says. “This is harder than I thought.”

Eliot raises an eyebrow. “It’s a damn Yelp review. How hard can it be?”

“Pretty damn hard, you got no idea what kinda system this guy has…I shoulda seen it comin’,” he says, voice going low and tight. “Goddamn bastard.”

“Who?” Parker asks.

“Three guesses.”

There’s silence for a moment, so Hardison fills in the blank. “Cha0s.”

Eliot’s teeth gnash together. Parker squeezes the back of Hardison’s chair so hard that breaking it is a legitimate concern.

“Who’s Cha0s?” Amy asks.

“Only the most pain in the ass hacker ever,” Parker says.

“Kinda hates us,” Hardison adds.

“Would give a place a one-star review just to get revenge,” Eliot concludes.

The three of them look at each other, than slowly smile. “Revenge?” Hardison asks.

Parker’s smile widens. “Definitely,” she says.

Alec Hardison and representation

I’ve been thinking about this issue ever since reading a post that talked about schema, how the brain creates templates for things, and how this applies to racism. Here’s the example the OP used (paraphrasing from memory): Every time you see a black man on tv, they’re wearing baggy trousers and an oversize white t-shirt. They mouth off to a cop, reach under the t-shirt, pull out a gun, blam! blam! So when you’re dealing with a real-life black man wearing baggy trousers and an oversize white t-shirt, when he reaches under that shirt, do you wait to see what will be in his hand? Do you even really see what is there–his wallet, a bag of Skittles, spare change? Or do you see a gun because that’s the shortcut your brain has been taught by thousands of hours of media?

Then there’s Alec Hardison. John Rogers says in one of the episode commentaries that the original conceptions for Hardison and Eliot were that their hacker should be a large man, not the standard skinny wimp (e.g., Cha0s), and their hitter should be smaller and precise, not physically intimidating at first glance. They could have cast a black Eliot and a white Hardison. Once they had their actors, the actors shaped their roles.

So you have Hardison, the black guy. Who is the least violent of anybody on the team. The only one who can’t handle a gun. The least effective in a hand-to-hand fight. The one whom both Eliot and Nate call “the smartest man I know”. Who has a romantic relationship with a pretty blonde white girl that is completely non-fetishized. Who forms a close friendship with an ex-military country boy. There are a few flashbacks where you see teenaged Hardison in the oversized t-shirt and hiphop bling–and braces on his teeth. He’s not knocking over a grocery store with a gun; he’s knocking over the Bank of Iceland by hacking*. 

Hardison is a triumph for representation. He subverts just about every expectation for a black male of his age on television. And he does it with style and humor and comedy, which sneaks into your brain and makes you feel good. Aldis Hodge and John Rogers deserve a lot of credit for Alec Hardison, and I look forward to Hodge having a long and brilliant career because I think he deserves it. 

*so he can pay his Nana’s medical bills.

Cha0s: “Wow, you are, like, super old. Maybe later you can tell us about that time you punched Hitler in the face! Parker, still yummy.”

Archie Leach: [shoves the end of his cane under Cha0s’ chin] “I own two canes. One has a taser capable of releasing ten thousand volts. The other extends a six inch stiletto blade.”

Cha0s: “Which one is [gulps] is this?”

Archie Leach: “I can’t seem to remember. I am super old.”


Cha0s: “What is with this ‘Sir’? Are you picking her up for the prom? Cause Parker in a prom dre—AAAAAAH!”

Archie: [who has just zapped Cha0s with his cane]: “Hmm, I guess it was the taser.”

–Leverage (The Last Dam Job, S4E18)

Set It Off Blog Masterpost

Here is a list of Set It Off blogs, or blog that occasionally post Set It Off content (original or reblogs). If you are a Set It Off blog/post Set It Off content and aren’t on the list, feel free to message me and I’ll add you to the list.
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I just wanted to say Leverage was one of my favorite shows ever and is there anything in your power you can do to get us a sequel series with Parker, Hardison, and Elliot?

I wish. I joked with the creators that the three of them and Cha0s should drive around in a van, solving mysterious crimes together using their unique skills. And Cha0s and Hardison are like the Odd Couple the whole time.

Cha0s: Wow, you are, like, super old. Maybe later you can tell us about that time you punched Hitler in the face! (turns to Parker) Parker, still yummy.

Archie Leach[shoves the end of his cane under Cha0s’ chin] I own two canes. One has a taser capable of releasing ten thousand volts. The other extends a six inch stiletto blade.

Cha0s: Which one is [gulps] is this?

Archie Leach: I can’t seem to remember. I am super old.

Cha0s: What is with this ‘Sir’? Are you picking her up for the prom? Cause Parker in a prom dre—AAAAAAH!

Archie Leach[who has just zapped Cha0s with his cane]: Hmm. I guess it was the taser.

Leverage, 4X17

In case you’re wondering if The Con Job is worth the read, it definitely is for this small part alone.

Eliot, while dressed as a stormtrooper, is shot and passes out due to blood loss. Meanwhile they need to rescue Hardison who is tied up in a van with a bomb. The bomb is attached to a cell phone and is set to go off when someone calls it. Parker remembers that Eliot snatched a signal jammer off of Cha0s earlier and they need to use that to block the phone that the bomb is attached to. Thing is, Eliot’s passed out and stormtrooper costumes don’t come with pockets. ;)

And yes, Eliot was beating up the bad guys while dressed as the stormtrooper.