Here’s the new Cooking With Mazzy! Cha Siu Bao (BBQ Pork Buns). A Dim Sum favorite.

pettypens  asked:

Headcanon of whenever chowder watches food network and white people are making ~Asian~ cuisine, chowder just criticizes everything they do and the ingredients they use and how they're probably mishmashing multiple distinct cuisines into one etc etc

This reads to me as “the time Bitty got his ass handed to him and the time Farmer lowkey learned she was in love with Chris.” 

So picture Farmer coming over to do homework with Chris. They have Food Network on in the background and maybe he tuts when someone on Worst Cooks in America says “Asian Inspired”. And there’s a few episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen and Chowder’s really appreciating Jet Tila’s commentary. 

And Bitty at some point comes in and he says hi to them before starting dinner (there’s a schedule and every person who lives in the house has a turn each week to make dinner for everyone else). So then Chopped comes on while Bitty’s working on that. He’s raving about the ideas that the chefs come up with and Chris loves Bitty with all his heart. But it doesn’t stop the saltiness he feels when this one chef won’t stop talking about how much she loves “Burmese” food (first of all, excuse you it’s Myanmar. Second, Chris knows how to make Cha Siu Bao like the back of his hand and that is NOT how you do it.) Hence, Chris commences and “well, actually” speech for the ages that starts with him correcting the chef’s atrocious modifications and ends up in a rant about how Buzzfeed appropriates Asian culture with every fucking recipe they make. 

So Farmer is really fucking turned on about how intelligent and assertive Chris is, and Bitty’s learned a thing or two. Next time Bitty makes dinner, he asks for Chris’s input and advice in advanced. 


Chinese bunny buns!


Had some Baked Roast Pork Buns(Cha Siu Bao) the other day from Fay Da Bakery and May Li Wah Bakery. Fay Da’s Cha Siu Bao, while bigger in size, had less filling and the meat was more shredded compared to May Li Wah’s which had chunkier and juicier bits of roast pork, a good filling to bun ratio, and it was still hot/fresh when I bit into it. Also, notice the size comparison in the first picture; Fay Da’s bun looks like a titty and that was probably the only thing good about it.