Day 07: Your Favorite Line/s by a Male Lead Character

49 days - Yi Soo/Scheduler

“I waited five years to meet you. To tell you that I loved you, that I never for one moment had feelings for anyone else, to say ‘Let’s marry.’ But not now — the things I want to tell you have changed… I loved you until then. Starting from now, I won’t love you. Because I didn’t want to leave you with only hurt, I waited for five years, wanting you to forget me and be happy.” 

The greatest Love - Dokko Jin

“Ding Dong”

Me Too, Flower ! - Jae Hee

I… am someone who knows the power of Twitter. Go home and ask your daughter about the power of Twitter. All it takes is a single post. And also, drop the habit of making others kneel. The knee will get hurt. Don’t be like this…” 


[Teaser] Needle Work 2012 Manish Boy

Con Cha Seung Woo (Cha Cha) de The Moonshiners (더 문샤이너스)


[Live] Huckleberry Finn (허클베리핀) & Cha Seung Woo (aka. Cha Cha) of The Moonshiners (더 문샤이너스) - A

¡Wow! Cha Cha es impresionante.

[Stop-Cadru] Ce-au mai făcut vedetele în ultimul timp?

[Stop-Cadru] Ce-au mai făcut vedetele în ultimul timp?

[Stop-Cadru] cu: Girls Generation, Kim Soo Hyun, GOT7, Big Bang, Hani, Goo Hara, Yoo Ah In, Lee Min Hoo, BTOB, Infinite, Kim So Ra şi alte personalități din lumea showbizului corean. (more…)

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