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OopsDads!AU Headcanons

@bi-robbie-rotten​ inspired some of this with their comments on this post.

  • Robbie hid Áfram’s existence from Sportacus initially
    • It wasn’t for long though
    • About 3 or so days
  • Robbie isn’t in the best condition when Sportacus discovers him and  Áfram (who isn’t named yet)
    • Robbie is ill and in rough shape
    • Áfram is perfectly healthy though! (Robbie is doing a good job - at the cost of his own damn self)
  • To say that Sportacus is shocked would be an understatement
  • When he discovers who the other parent is, he nearly faints
    • Because it’s him
    • HE’S the other parent
  • He pretty much immediately bursts into tears
    • He never thought he’d ever have a biological child
    • He already feels like a father to Stephanie, and that is 100% the best thing ever
    • But never thought he’d be a biological father to anybody
    • It never crossed his mind
  • Sportacus assumes Robbie would be hesitant to have him be a part of  Áfram’s life
  • But the opposite is true
  • Robbie only hid Áfram’s existence because he was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and was panicking and had gone into over-protective mama-bear mode.
  • So Robbie is more than happy to have Sportacus be the other parent
  • And thus they eventually picked his name(s) 
    • Áfram and Alfred
  • And then began parenting!
  • And then they sort of fell proper in-love with each other
  • And all is well
  • Happy family ftw
  • (Áfram gets like.. a ton of family out of this too)
    • Stephanie as an ‘official’ sister
    • Stingy, Trixie, Pixel and Ziggy are also honorary siblings
    • Bessie and Milford as an Aunt and Uncle
    • Glanni as a fabulous self-proclaimed “Glampa”
    • Ithro as a Grand-Pabbi
    • And Great-Grand-Pabbi Áfram (who would totally be a creep and climb through a tv to visit)
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Eien to iu Na no Hana (永遠という名の花) / MA CHERIE web movie (HanaCherie)

C’è un tizio in biblioteca che non riesco a capire davvero per quale ragione perché non è certo un bellone e si veste pure in modo improponibile ma mi dà l’idea di uno che limona bene e ogni volta che i nostri sguardi si incrociano penso che è davvero ingiusto che non sia socialmente accettabile andare da lui e dirgli senti, per favore, baciami e basta.