cha finals

Jerome Doing The Police Lineup
  • *made by purityimagines*
  • Jerome: To the left.
  • *criminals turn to the left*
  • Jerome: Take it back now y'all.
  • *criminals step back, confused*
  • Jerome: One hop this time!
  • *criminals hop, still confused*
  • Jerome: Right foot, let's stomp! Left foot, let's stomp! Cha Cha now y'all!
  • *criminals dance to the Cha Cha Slide*

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”
                                                                                 ― Mary Anne Radmacher

Happy Birthday, @fakekeyblade​!


“Ajusshi, Who Are You?”

So I keep thinking about Aaron potentially going to prison….and I keep having these thoughts about how Robert would cope with Aaron inside (I touched on this a little bit here), and something @godamnarmsrace said got me thinking about a moment between Robert and Chas.

I imagine Aaron has been inside for a while, maybe a few weeks, maybe a month. And he’s struggling to cope. He feels sad and lonely and he’s scared and self-loathing, desperate to come home soon.

And I picture Robert visiting him, as he always does, as much as he’s allowed. And one time he visits on a particularly bad day for Aaron, and Aaron can’t pretend he’s doing “okay” anymore. I can imagine Aaron getting a little tearful, and finally being brutally honest about how much he hates it inside.

And Robert hates it too. It absolutely breaks his heart to see his husband in such a state, but Robert knows he has to be strong. That’s the role Robert has played from the moment Aaron got sent down; he knows he needs to be strong and positive. He’ll almost make out that Aaron being inside isn’t too much of a big deal, because he’ll be home soon. And he’ll always do his best to keep Aaron’s spirits up, to tell him about how things are going with the Mill, making sure he’s being really positive and giving Aaron a lot to look forward to when he eventually comes home.

But inside Robert is breaking. He feels absolutely broken and devastated that he can’t magic Aaron out of prison and make everything okay. But he keeps that brave face on, to the point where he even gets a little smile out of Aaron by the end of their visit, but as soon as Robert turns his back on Aaron to leave, his face falls, and he is once again crushed to have to leave Aaron alone like that.

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