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[900630] C H A  H A K Y E O N  [part 1]

VIXX Next Comeback Concept - Ninjas!

Leo © vixxfacts

Ken © gokpop

Ravi © Ravi

Hongbin © beanfor

Hyuk © hyukshint

And then there’s the Chabooty N© vixxensation


Jay Park Bottom’s Up Cover

I saw this video a long time ago and I just remembered it. I was made back when Jay was still in 2pm. But him and cha cha are singing a cover of Trey Songz bottom’s up…and Jay asks Nicki to marry him. It’s a cute video…and Jay looks super good.

KM & BW: 6 years later, he still loves Nicki


((Matching icons 4 u and ur gang of really creepy dudes))