cha cha and hazel

“My problem is that I fall in love with words rather than actions. I fall in love with ideas and thoughts instead of reality and it will be the death of me.”

I had a great time at Thought Bubble 2017 even though we spent of it in a queue to meet Gerard Way. Totally worth it when he sent a photo of us to Gabriel Ba though!

If you were the friendly girl in the queue that filmed us meeting him (and playing/dancing in the queue), please get in touch as I’d love to see the videos!

@callmeblake, I remember your name in conversation, any chance you can help a time-travelling assassin out?


some P2/Dancetale as suggested by @elvhenani​ and @patchworkregalia​! sorry it took so long u guys i bet u thought i’d forgotten lmao (please click the individual images to embiggen!)

Hazel performs Lyrical dance when going solo. true to her nature, her dancing is gentle and quiet with sudden bursts of energy. she takes an interest in Latin after meeting Papyrus, who is more than happy to instruct her. i was thinking a lot about how these two, specifically, would perform the various types of Latin dances, and while i imagine their Cha Cha is just about the most enthusiastic thing you’ll ever see, it occurred to me that their Paso Doble would be amazing to watch. the Paso is representative of a bullfight, with the lead dancer as the matador and their partner as their cape. so it’s a dance about power, precision, and rocking a red cape - all things Papyrus has already mastered! :P at first Hazel would be intimidated by the dance, considering that some of the moves would look rather violent to her. but she trusts her partner thoroughly, and in the end the contrast between those moves and her petite stature, combined with Papyrus’ incredible control of his own strength, would result in a breathtaking performance! 

(Dancetale was created by @teandstars!)



Hazel you belong at Rainy Days with Cha Cha and your weird mud rooms… /sigh/ Whatever happened wasn’t your fault and life is a bitch and it isn’t your fault…

i could think and move..they couldnt they didn’t know insanity it broke them….they carried them away…one by one into the fire.

but not me. not me

and i heard them.

i got out too late. too late they were gone