@gcnebysunrise // ellie&.

Ellie knew she had fucked up, she knew that her stupid beer offering wasn’t going to make things okay between the two of them, but she had to at least try it. If the door was slammed on her face, well then it was slammed on her face and she had a dozen beers to slam down on her own back at her place. But she hoped that the offering was going to be good enough for her. She knocked on the door and waited for her to open open. “So uh hey,” she started, “I know that this doesn’t even come close to saying sorry, but I brought this beer and thought maybe we could talk? You know about us.”

Friends in low places | Izzy &Ellis


After meeting up with Alec for dinner and talking with the male for a bit the male learned that this whole thing was orchestrated by Alec’s younger sister Isabelle. Dipping into the institute Ellis offered the younger a small smile. 

“So I hear you’re the mastermind I’ve been talking to over the last few months. Poor Alec had no idea did he?”

open to everyone // ellie&.

Getting coffee always seemed like a bad idea for a date. There was only so many times you could fill your mouth with coffee before you ran out. And tinder dates felt so random, especially with the pull of people that Ellie. So now here she was in a cafe with some random person to screen them when she really only wanted to be doing one thing. “So uh… How long have you been living out here?” she asked a bad question, but maybe it was because her date hadn’t been showing any promise so far.