29th Aug Holby City Thoughts

Loved Zosia’s jeans and blazer

When Fletch was debating whether to go to the interview after speaking to Lofty I kept on shouting “do it!!!”

“Don’t worry there’s no right answer; either you don’t care or I’m a heartless bitch”

“Is that Jacular?”

Never seen Guy that angry before, something must be really wrong

My baby Zosia. MY POOR BABY ZOSH. SAVE HIM JAC. Why is Lofty so awkward when Sacha is asking where Dom is WHY WHY WHY you LOVE HIM PLEASE. Omg he’s entered. WHY IS THIS AWKWARD. These two have low-key liked each other for so long and we get THIS. Omg that “of course I’m sorry” OH LOFTY YOU DARLING. Why the HELL IS FREDDIE IN HOSPITAL FFS GET OUT. Like I hope he’s okay but like GO AWAY. Dom don’t get back with him just because he’s in hospital. ALL HAIL QUEEN JAC. I’m watching you Dom and you’d better keep watching Lofty. I live for Zosia and Jac deep chats WAIT NO THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OMG ZOSIA STAY. I KNOW YOU GOING BUT STAY. WAIT DOM WHAT THE ACTUAL OMG I HATE YOU DOM I HATE YOU HOW DARE YOU OMG ARE YOU ACTUALLY HOLBY IS THIS FOR REAL ARE YOU OMG I CAN’T EVEN HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. HOW. LOFTY’S FACE. I AM ENRAGED. IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO HIM. Zosia is literally one of the best characters on this show the fact she’s leaving is breaking my tiny tiny heart. BUT HEY IT SWELLS FOR HER. I’m dying watching Lofty die inside listening to Freddie claim he likes Dom just GET OUT MAN. Ollie putting his arm around Zosia UGH OMG too cute. Zosia is my baby. I love these two to the moon and the sun and like mars whatever JUST AH I’M ALL OVER THE SOLAR SYSTEM BABY. Dom LEGIT are you listening to yourself?? Lofty is “perfect” BOY YOU IN DEEP. You know what I’ll have Lofty for myself. FINE. Why is this random “friend” trying to convince Ollie he doesn’t love Zosia? Omg the GRAB THE GRAB DAMN I actually thought it’d be romantic. OH WAIT IT IS NOW. Omg LOFTY OMG. HE’S BEING SO HONEST I AM DONE. DOM I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU DOM WELL DONE MY SON. I RAISED YOU WELL. IS THIS THE END OF ZOLLIE. OH MY ACTUAL NO OMG. JAC YOU ICE QUEEN I LIVE FOR YOU. I want to see more Morven. Oh crap Freddie is back. I can’t wait for this love triangle to end. It’s legit so so just no. Don’t you dare touch my Lofty. WHOA THE BLOOD IT RED AND LOTS OF IT. ASDFGGHKDLWLWSKDE WOW. Did not see that coming. Fletch is such a good egg. Until Freddie leaves I can’t be comfortable DEEP down that they’ll be a thing PLEASE JUST GO. GUY DON’T DO IT. OH MY GOD MY BABY ZOSIA I CAN SEE HER LITERALLY CRUMBLING IN FRONT OF MY EYES SHE IS MAKING ME CRY. I feel so sad for Guy ngl. Omg I’m actually crying ZOSH. Damn Lofty is literally in love with this guy I actually thought he’d be less open but damn this side of him is so new and nice and I love it. What the hell was that conversation though him cleaning the blood WHAT THE HELL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY LOFTY WALKED OFF SADLY I TOTALLY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONVO. ANYONE. PLEASE. I don’t getchoo Dom. You make no sense to me. This post is so long I’ll come back for the last ten minutes in a bit.

Water is a beautifully atmospheric pop debut from a new Los Angeles project named Zosia. At the reins of this new venture is singer songwriter Anneke Lada, whose voice is quite the smoky pristine stunner. Her first song immediately captures our ears with its bold twilight pop and lush, tempestuous construction. ECHOS-like vocal bass and a dusky trip hop undertone add to the song’s cinematic magnificence. Water washes over us, dragging us into its powerful current and grandiose pull.

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Seek Balance and Fulfillment with Zosia’s First Single,“Water”

While “Water” may be Zosia’s first official single, the profundity of the track, its striking production, and Zosia’s emotive vocals do not portray the singer as a newcomer. We have your exclusive listen to the Los Angeles-based artist’s first single below, and we’re telling you now that Zosia is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Anneke Lada, aka Zosia, began writing bubblegum pop at nine years old. As her music developed through her teens and early twenties, she began to write music that reflected her growing pursuit for deeper meaning in her songs. The singer, songwriter, and producer draws inspiration from philosophers like Isaac Asimov and Pythagoras, writing lyrics that often focus on darker subjects.

“Water” is a bold entrance into the music scene, packaging Zosia’s search for meaning into a dark pop sound. With a diverse set of influences, Zosia fuses her electro-pop music with alternative R&B and even hints of trip hop. The glistening synths in the track build up and ripple like the ebb and flow of the ocean, and the waves finally break with the introduction of Zosia’s powerful vocals and the drums. The first phrases key us into the song’s overall attitude and juxtaposition of dark and light: “Magic fades/I am dressed in denial.” This tension can be heard in Zosia’s delivery and is reinforced by the combination of electronic production with more alternative percussion. Zosia sings in the chorus, “We’re never gonna be hurt again/Now we’ve seen the outside/While the water’s running thin/We drink it up every night.” The notion of an outside and a sense of disillusionment is followed by the uncomfortable thought of water being depleted, perhaps even by the ones who are drinking it. Zosia confirms that this contrast of water’s ability to give or take life influenced the song:

“‘Water’” was written over the course of about a year because it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say with it. I was feeling very directionless at the time, still adjusting to L.A. Life can feel so superficial, and the historic drought in California was sort of a reminder that none of that superficiality really matters. The element of water is life-giving and a symbol of purity, but it also has the power to create instant destruction when depleted or in excess. I love that contradiction. This song is about finding balance and not fucking up the planet while you’re at it.”  

Zosia also states that she is deeply inspired by her grandmother, a seamstress who fled Poland during World War II. She “admires her [grandmother’s] strength and unshakable faith. She had a calm certainty about the world which I envied.” Zosia’s desire to find these traits her grandmother possessed is truly present in her music, which not only makes us reflect on our own decisions and purpose, but also helps us find a way to answer the larger questions we have about meaning.

Stream “Water” below:

Slavic mythology: Zosia, the Goddess of Beauty

She is a bright maiden, beloved by dawn and a dedicated priestess of water; sublimity and honour incarnate. She is a creature of war, armed with courage and metal, marching into any battle like a beautiful fury of swirling hair and an imposing visage, her succulent lips parted in a battle cry, to protect her worshippers against death and desolation of blood-shed. She hears their prayers and guards their mortal flesh, heals their wounds, for she loves all of her warriors as much as the Sun loves her. And when the clamour of battle calms itself to a murmur and she is no longer needed, she retreats to sit in the placid quieteness under the World Tree, watching the four grand rivers of the Underworld flow by, and under her seat, the River of Healing whispers to her, awaiting her command when she shall need its restoring powers again in the next battle that will surely come, for humanity will always be at war and she will always be needed. She is Zosia, the Goddess of Beauty and the Patroness of Warriors.