I’m so excited for today’s piece!!! I’ve been searching for an alternate way to represent Thor for a long time. So often he’s depicted as a muscle bound red bearded warrior, and that’s totally valid, but Thor is a GOD, a spirit of nature, of the wild storm. I wanted to capture that, and with this drawing I think I’ve started to scratch the surface of what’s possible!

-In Germany an Oak Tree is called Donar’s Oak (Donar is Thor)
-In part’s of Europe a common house leek was grown into thatched roofs to protect against lighting. In the North this plant was called Thor’s Beard.
-Thor’s goats propel him through the sky
-At the base of Thor’s hammer is an oath ring. In many germanic cultures Thor was the keeper of oaths.

I know it’s a departure from the norm, but I hope you all dig it!

Thank You

Summary: You discuss your baby’s name with Thor.
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Word counting: 160 words

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“Did you miss me?” Thor whispered against your temple.

“You know I did.” You rolled your eyes.

His hand caressed your naked belly, hoping your child would give him some attention.

“Any name in mind yet?” You looked up at him.

Your prince thought in silence for a moment.

“If it is a boy, we can call him Dustin.”

You looked up at him with curiosity.

“What does that mean?”

Thor’s stone.” He chuckled.

You shook your head, lying back on his chest again.

“What about a girl?”

“Astrid. Divine beauty.” He said with a sweet smile and moved his large hand to caress your face. “She will be as beautiful as her mother.”

You blushed, and Thor kissed your temple once again.

“My beautiful, beautiful princess.” He whispered. “I love you so much.”

You smiled softly.

“I love you.” You muttered back at him.

“Thank you.” He looked down at your belly. “Thank you for giving me everything I need.”

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Mighty Thor #22 by Russell Dauterman


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New video! DO I HAVE ASMR? 

I try and get some tingles from whispering, mugs and slime. 👂🏻✨

I Will Never See

- I will never see Boo Boo get out of jail
- I will never see Shao getting out of Annie’s evils claws
- I will never see Dizzee come back safe and sound to Thor’s arms
- I will never see Dizzee paint and dance and being carefree again
- I will never see Zeke getting in Yale and outsmart everyone
- I will never see Zeke come back to Shao
- I will never see Mylene and the soul madonnas’ career at his pic
- I will never see Regina with Yolanda
- I will never see Lydia and Papa fuerte being in love
- I will never see Napoleon
- I will never see Ra ra seen the new Star Wars
- I will never see the Zulu Queens promoting peace and unity again
- and maybe the worst in all this, I will never see a new performance of The Get Down Brothers