InoTema bromance headcanons

~ Temari goes by Ino’s flower shop Every Day. They talk for hours about flowers mostly. Temari is even helping Ino with the shop and whenever she comes back fron Suna, she brings with her desert rarities and Ino squeezes and kisses her cheeks and Temari blushes (idk if the red on her cheeks comes from all the squeezing or from all the emotions she gets)
~ The both make jokes about Shikamaru’s laziness ONLY when Shikamaru is there to hear them. In secret they both talk about how much they both admire him: his intelligence, his hard work, even his looks 😝
~ Their sons? They’re the top-list subject and they educate them exactly in the same way: much more strict than the other moms, especially when it comes to the school and training duties. They spend hours talking about Shikadai and Inojin and how good friends they are, even telling stories they heard from them and making comparisons to the previous InoShikaCho generation.
~ They are both good cooks and they go shopping together with Karui ( because she’s the best of them all at it) and InoTema listening carefully and taking notes from Karui.
~ Ino talks so pretty of Temari when alone with Shikamaru, it makes him blush uncomfortably.