Now that the original story for the Boruto manga is coming soon, I’m gonna make a list of things I want to happen

  • more of the other kids
  • missions and adventures with team konohamaru
  • like, fun stuff, but also serious moments
  • more cho cho, she’s golden
  • let sasuke stay home 2kforever
  • moments with the canon ships
  • yes, sasusaku as well, since everyone tries to exclude them
  • stuff we loved about the original story of naruto
  • remember all those awesome naruto part 1 moments? i want 50 like them
  • interesting missions, combats, original characters
  • but focus on the main kids
  • do not make sarada a damsel in distress
  • seriously
  • did i mention clever battles?
  • i want shikamaru as well
  • just.. give me everything i love about naruto

/end rant