Some small part of @mothmckrakken ’s fanfiction “13” –> Here’s the link for the fic at AO3!

First of all, I’m so sorry this took so long!! Since I read that fanfiction I wanted to do an illustration for it, but the main problem I had was that I simply couldn’t decide on which scene I wanted to draw. I started with several version of different scenes but I never had the feeling that I could catch the atmosphere in one single drawing. That’s whyyyyy I decided to draw a little doujinshi instead ^^;;; I really hope it’s okay, mothmckrakken, I made some slight modifications so it would fit better in the panels and I hope you like it although it’s a bit messy and quickly done ;; But I didn’t want to make you wait longer. (please tell me that the barkeeper was hot? because i imagined him being hot lmao)

Anyways, dear others, the main reason for this douji is- please take your time and go and read that fanfiction, because if you’re looking for a good RenRuki fic, this is one you should read. I really liked the characterization of both Rukia and Renji and it has very good scenes. Besides, it’s nicely and fluently written and fun to read!

The douji is 8 pages in total and the rest is under the cut. My drawing skills stop at backgrounds and hands, i’m sorry 8D I have some anons with prompts in my askbox as well, I’m working on them now, thank you so much!

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Let’s celebrate BLEACH’s 15th Anniversary and the end of a great series!


Just make a fanart, write a fanfic, make a graphic that represents your love for BLEACH. It can be one character, a pairing, 100 characters, a scene, an arc, a movie, your choice. Just something that when you look at it, you know that’s what you love about BLEACH.


Starting August 1st! There’s not really an end date.

Tag with “#celebratingBLEACH” and please, help me spread the word.