Been wanting to draw Bankai!Rukia with her long hair, so here it is.

Happy New Year (in advance) everyone! Have a great time with your family and friends :D

Rukia - Bleach.

Also, I’m still taking commissions because I’d like to fund myself more over the winter break and work with people n_n. The post can be found here.

Thank you for your interest~

今日はいちごの日 🍓

Keeping the streak alive this year for 01/05! Bleach has amazing art, so I still collect all the original volumes even though I stopped reading a long time ago (a series can’t end if I don’t read it, right???) Kubo’s style has made a big impact on me since day 1, and it’s always nice going back and reading Zombie Powder to see his growth as an artist as well.

idc that IchiRuki isn’t canon Orihime can go somewhere else and scream Kurosaki-kun!!1! into the abyss