Hold up Ichiruki fam! Look what we got here.

All those crossovers weren’t lyin’ though. 🌞🌝

1. Pissed over “Traitor Claim”

First off Orihimes disappearance chapter, showed Ichigo thinking of her…ZERO TIMES~!! Thats right Ichigo didn’t think about Orihime after she was taken ONCE. The after chapter was all about NAKAMA, and “regaining his wings” – his wings being URYU AND CHAD –

(Notice how Ichigo is depleated and asking permission to intrude into HM? Didn’t do that for SS with Rukia :^] )

No Orihime, no thougths on Orihime, no emotion from Ichgio, no sadness – nothing. Switch the script to Chapter. 57 Unfinished July Rain &  Chapter.58 Blank – we not only see Ichigo CONTINUOUSLY explain and voice his emotions over losing Rukia, but we see him THINK OF HER –

Ichigo CONTINUOUSLY VOICED HIS PAIN, his feelings over Rukia, thought of her saw her, ALL OF IT. and yet theres NOTHING for Orihime in Winged Eagles and Eagle without Wings.

Ichigo’s demeanor for Rukia is stronger, he feels more for her, you didn’t catch him asking for permission when he was going to save Rukia, Urakara had to HOLD HIM BACK. Example;


2. Grimmjow Fight Nonsense.

The Grimmjow fight is probably on you all misinterpret the worst, I mean honestly Grimmjow said it himself and its been stated in databooks – he came there because Grimmjow hurt Rukia – and he defeated him for such.



Bleach Data Book 02: “Who Ichigo fights is, Grimmjow,who tore through Rukia in one blow.”

3. Went to “Greater Lengths for Orihime” claim



4. Chemistry of Ichiruki

Finally the chemistry between Ichigo and Rukia is real, all the characters saw it – Uryu, Sado, Hanatarou and most of all Orihime herself.


Been wanting to draw Bankai!Rukia with her long hair, so here it is.

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Rukia - Bleach.

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