“I’ll just stay quiet..” Ron and Hermione Imagine

Requested:  Hello! Can I please have an imagine where you discover that you like Ron and you wish to tell Hermoine. When you meet to tell her she has something to tell you also, and it turns out that she like Ron. So you don’t tell her about your feeling towards him. You can finish it any way that you like :-) thank you!!

Word Count: 451

Warnings: None

Y/N = your name

A/N: I had no idea how to classify this so I guess I’ll just classify this as Ron and Hermione??????? I hope you enjoy it! Keep requesting, everything is open!

Days spent writing in my diary have finally come to an end and I am going to tell my best friend that I like Ron. I’ve hid this for so long and I finally feel like I need to say it, I need to tell my best friend.

I walked to where she was sitting in the library.

“Hi Hermione.” I whisper with a cheerful smile as I put my books on the table and sit down.

“Hi Y/N! I have something to tell you.” Hermione whispered.

“I do too. But you first.”

“Okay….Come a little closer.’

I brought my head closer to hear what she was saying.

“I…….like Ron.”

I drew back into my chair and my heart fell into a multitude of pieces within my chest.

“What did you want to tell me?”

“Oh…I uhm…wanted to tell you that….I got a perfect score on the DADA exam I was studying hard for..”

“Oh that’s fantastic Y/N! Congratulations!”

“Thanks Hermione.. I have to go now, see you at dinner..”

“Oh, okay. Bye!”

I got up and headed to the restroom and cried. 

I have to just stay quiet about it. She can never know..never. She or Ron cannot find out I like him. Just be happy for them.” I thought over and over again.

I cleaned myself up and got ready for dinner; I made sure there was no sign of me crying. and I headed to the dining hall to sit with my friends.

“Y/N, why aren’t you eating?” Harry asked.

“I’m not too hungry.” I replied.

“Are you feeling okay?” Hermione put her hand to my forehead “You’re feeling a little hot.”

“I’ll go to my room and rest, I’m probably just really tired and over-worked from studying last night.”

I got up and headed to my room. I shut the door behind me and started crying. Once I gathered up the strength to stand up, I headed to my bed and pulled out my diary.

“   Dear Diary,

I am sorry to inform you but Hermione also likes Ron. I didn’t tell her because I know she would give him up so I could be happy. It’s obvious now that Ron likes her back so I just can’t say anything and I will keep this secret until I die. I will find love again….right?            “

This hurt more than a heartbreak. I feel like my heart was made of glass and when it shattered all the pieces stuck into me like a fishing hook stuck into a fish. I didn’t want Hermione to give him up to me because it’s now apparent that they really like each other and who am I to get in between that?


Who and What I can write

The Detention Harry and Draco got in the Forest could've been such a great opportunity to make up
  • *silence between them as they walk with Fang, Draco holding the lantern*
  • Harry:... I was wondering Malfoy, why do you hate my best friend so much?
  • Draco startled by the question:why would you ask that? You already know because he's a no good Weasl—
  • Harry:what am I then to you? A no good Potter? You offered me friendship if I recall so you didn't exactly hate me then
  • Draco:and you turned it down, that's why I hate you idiot.
  • Harry:w-because I refused to be friends with a jerk like you? You downgraded my only friend and acted as if you were better just because you were pure. Guess what? I'm not pure blooded, my mum was a muggle born. But still you wanted to be my friend
  • Draco:if the weasel didn't laugh at me i would've tolerated him for you. My dad doesn't like his family...
  • Harry:doesn't mean you have to hate them.
  • Draco:it does you, don't understand Harry. *gets frustrated*
  • Harry:...
  • Harry:... You called me Harry
  • Draco:.... Mistake. Get over it potter.
  • Harry:look I'm willing to put everything behind us and be your friend if you're willing to be friends with Ron as well. He's great you'll find out. *sticks out his hand in offer*
  • Draco is shocked. Harry wants to be friends:*stiffly nods*
  • Harry:yeah?
  • Draco:yes I guess. Uh we should probably go back and find Hagrid and Weas– Ron.
  • Harry beams:yes of course,— come on fang.
  • Draco:hey H-Harry? This summer would you like to come over so we could fly out together, Ron can come too if he likes. We've got this large yard and there's peacocks there too... Mum will allow us, she likes watching me fly...
  • *and so they chat friendly all the way back. Ron is reluctant but as soon as they talk about Quidditch teams and he and Draco begin to get along*