Since so many of you have asked for Rachel Duncan, prints are now available HERE. Thanks so much for all your support!

Orders are for individual character prints. However, you can choose to buy as many characters as you want in one order. Please read the listing description on how to purchase multiple character prints. Feel free to message me with any questions!

LC Morgan, 2015. (Making-of video here!)

I just feel the need to remind people on a daily basis that an actual cinnamon bun, too good, to pure for this world plays 13-15 women, a man, and a talking scorpion.


Introducing OB Crack: Art Attacks! (1/?)

What happens when you put an artist, a hilarious crack video editor and a writer together? This. This is a collab project between myself, obcrack & cheeky-geek-m0nkey that will feature ridiculous mini comics, animations / videos, and Clone Club shenanigans for your enjoyment. We might also be collaborating with the obspec team & more fabulous minds in the future to make the most ridiculously scripted shit you’ve ever seen.

This is a test comic to see if Clone Club would like more of this silliness. So if ya dig it, reblog it! Also, send us prompts or ideas for future comics, we’ll keep track of them and make it happen! Xx

I find it fascinating how the meanings of each clone’s name in Orphan Black completely contrasts with their character.

Sarah means “princess”, but if you were to call her that she’d probably knock you out.

Alison- which translates to “noble”- is the name of a drug dealing murderer who assists in hiding the body of a manslaughter victim in her garage. 

Cosima means “order”, but the character herself is laid-back, open minded, and a little bit rebellious at times, not caring too much for the status quo. 

Helena means “light”, a title given to a character hounded by the darkness in her past and the trauma she’s suffered.

And finally, the origins of Rachel is “lamb”. At least initially, Rachel is more of a lion.