chandeelier  asked:

what do you think about nejis death and how the hyuga problem was handled? i was personally terribly disappointed

It was handled terribly. I’d have to actually go back and reread the chapters to refresh my memory (which is never gonna happen) but basically no justice was served at all. IMO it would have been way better if Hiashi died saving Neji as some kind of symbolic gesture to indicate that the “branch family” bullshit they had pedaled for years was done and over with and also pay some sort of penance for what happened to Hizashi. But frankly it just would have been nice to see old grandpa Headass go.  

Neji didn’t even really get to have an arc. They set up such a cool backstory and had all that meaningful talk about choosing your own destiny and then they completely screw him. He dies protecting the main family which leaves such a bad taste in my mouth - what kind of message is that. He died doing exactly what they told him he was born to do. Exactly what his father died doing. Never mind the fact that the real reason he died was because Kishimoto had to axe someone for the obligatory “rallying of the troops” scene and Neji was the only one who had enough pre established history to make you care but not enough screen time to be considered an essential character. They didn’t give him any respect at all and its gross honestly. He was just a plot device. 

au where neji lives and neji and hinata team up to abolish the caste system in their clan and hinata like… actually involves herself in political affairs and refuses any and all attempts of the clan to give her an advantage because of her family status. au where hinata gets to uh… actually do something other than worship naruto and have his babies.

Studio Pierrot celebrated TWO weddings today.

Remember this team?

Their names are Sen, Shira and Yome. All of them are Studio Pierrot’s original characters and participated in Shippuden’s Chuunin Exams filler.

At first they were Team Gai’s rivals (Gai’s team actually fought a lot of people in that filler lol), but after they were protected by them and Shira fought Rock Lee in a pretty neat 1 vs.1 match… well, you can imagine, things changed.

The team had a good dynamic for a filler one and kinda resembled Gai’s team: Shira being a former bullying victim unable to use neither ninjutsu or genjutsu (*cof*Lee*cof*), Yome being a straight-minded brunette with a cute hairdo who cares about Shira (*cofTenTen*cof*) and Sen being the supper attractive and smart member of the team who patiently deals with the other two.

Pierrot even dared to end their story arc turning Shira into a Youthful follower and separating Sen from the other two (who decided to patrol in a different area).

But why am I talking about this filler team again? Well, someone sent me a capture of today’s ending credits and this showed up.

Congratulations on your wedding, Shira and Yome; even if you are not canon.

BTW: I love the green + red theme. Kinda reminds me of something kukukuku