Although summer is over, and fall has arrived, Team Guy still figured a day at the beach would be awesome. And because they’re such great guys, look who they😳…look who they brought🤔…uh…well, uh…😟

Okay, no way around it! WTF is HE doing there?! 😂😂

(Lets face it. Team Guy looks adorable in their swimsuits).

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  • Kakashi:why the fuck aren't glue sticks square so we can get the corners
  • Gai:you are a genius
  • Naruto:how are you supposed to screw them down if they're square then?
  • Neji:you could push them up
  • Naruto:how do you push them back down?
  • Neji:a lever on the side like one of those multiple color click pens, so you could push/pull it up and down
  • Sasuke:only in konoha do we seriously discuss glue sticks