Matsumoto Castle (National Treasure) by Hideo
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iPhone+Pro HDR Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref.


松本城 Matsumoto Castle by banzainetsurfer


Matsumoto, Nagano by Denise E.

enigmaticmedicineseller  asked:

This may be a strange question but it's so difficult to find out these things when you don't read Japanese. Do you know of any castles or forts that have myths or folklore attached to them?

Sure, quite a few of them do, but it’s just hard to read about. The most famous and probably easiest to read about is Himeji Castle and Bancho Sarayashiki, which was set in Himeji in one version of the story.

But one which has a story very definitively tied to a castle is Matsumoto Castle which has a shrine to the goddess Nijuurokuya-shin. The legend is that a young soldier saw a ghostly female appearance in the castle grounds, who promised to him that she would keep the castle safe so long that the lord of the castle provided an offering on 500kg of rice every 26th night of each month. If you want to try find more about it search 二十六夜神.

It’s notable for being one of the very, very few castles that never needed to be reconstructed so the legend behind it is strong. It was never burned down, destroyed by war, etc. I actually just went there last week, so it’s on my mind.


Hey there! I just remembered I’ve read some of the novel from Bleach(I forgot the title) and I found out that Matsumoto is one of the persons that helped Hinamori from her depression so I made this sketches for it.

As you guys can see I added Hitsugaya in it although I don’t really know if he also contributed to that but hopefully he is (I hope you can see him).

I twist it a bit that before Matsumoto decided to cheer up Hinamori, Hitsugaya asked Matsumoto to take care of her (the scene after the Aizen stabbing thing where Hitsugaya was practicing in the cave T_T).

1st sketch:

While looking at Hinamori……. 

“Matsumoto take care of Hinamori for a while …..”

and then he turns and leaves

“Taichou, I already know that” whispered Matsumoto.


After Hinamori woke up Matsumoto tried to cheer her up and they ended in the Living world were Matsumoto drags Hinamori .

Poor Hitsugaya, only staring at Hinamori at the far side (he looks like a stalker though hahaha)


I think these two are like sisters!

*there’s still HitsuHina in here *wink 


松本城 Matsumoto Castle by banzainetsurfer


Matsumoto, Nagano by Denise E.