If other shinigami had to live in Ichigo’s closet...

As requested by anon. :)

Rukia, as we know, happily and willingly lived in Ichigo’s closet. Because of her enormous closet fetish, one assumes. But what if other shinigami were sent to the human world and told to stay in Ichigo’s closet? How would that go?

1. Hisagi: Makes the mistake (?) of bringing his guitar


Ichigo: [opens closet]

Hisagi: …

Ichigo: Oh. Hey, dude.

2. Matsumoto: Turns the closet into a room and Ichigo’s room into a closet

Ichigo: W-what the hell?

Ichigo: Why is my room covered in racks of clothes?

Ichigo: And why are they all women’s clothes??

Matsumoto (opening the closet door suddenly): Don’t be silly, Ichigo! I got you some new outfits too!

Matsumoto: God knows you needed them!

Ichigo: GAH!!

3. Byakuya: Is a bit….confused

Byakuya: Kurosaki Ichigo, why do you insist on calling this tiny box a closet? Where is your real closet?

Ichigo: That is my real closet, Byakuya.

Byakuya: Ridiculous. You insult me and all closets by insisting that this tiny thing is a closet.

Ichigo: Can closets be insulted?


4. Isane: Is self-conscious about her height

Isane: I-I can fit in here! It’s no problem!

Ichigo: Well okay but you could also stay in the guest room.

Isane: Nonsense I LIKE being awkwardly folded!

Ichigo: …

5. Renji: Is just grateful to have a truly free room

Renji: I don’t have to do chores, right?

Ichigo: ‘Course not, man.

Ichigo: So long as you don’t mind my tiny, thirteen year old sister doing all of the work. By herself.

Renji: …

Renji: I knew I should have just slept in a tree.

6. Yoruichi: Just shares Ichigo’s bed

Yoruichi: Ichigo, forget the closet! I’ll just sleep with you!

Ichigo: Y-you can’t just -

Yoruichi: In cat form, of course!

Ichigo: Oh.

Yoruichi: Disappointed?

Ichigo: NO

7. Iba: Turns the closet into a man cave

Ichigo: Um….why is my closet full of posters of shirtless men flexing?

Iba: Because I can’t sleep in places that aren’t manly, Ichigo!


8. Nanao: Is incredibly efficient about space

Ichigo: Wow. How did you fit so many bookshelves into my closet while still having room for a bed?

Nanao: I am good with space.

Nanao: And also good with kido.

Ichigo: Cool is my closet bigger on the inside now?

Nanao: Basically yes.

9. Sasakibe: Blows up the closet


Sasakibe: Tea, Kurosaki! Tea!!

10. Yachiru: Expands the closet


Yachiru: Why not?

11. Omaeda: Adds an automatic door, a heated floor, and air conditioning to the closet

Ichigo: …this closet is now nicer than my room.

Omaeda: You’re welcome.

12. Soi Fon: Never actually lets Ichigo know she is there

Ichigo: Huh. I don’t remember my socks being on that chair.

Soi Fon (whispering): Ninja!


13. Kenpachi: Does not fit super well

Ichigo: Dude, you look so sad and scrunched in my closet.


Ichigo: There really isn’t.

14. Unohana: Makes Ichigo sleep in the closet

Unohana: Trade places with me, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo: Yeah, okay.

Hyorinmaru gives characters nicknames

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, Senbonzakura gave all of his fellow zanpakuto nicknames. Now Hyorinmaru, Hitsugaya’s laconic zanpakuto, will hand out nicknames to some of the other characters!

1. Hitsugaya: “Master”

Hyorinmaru: This is a nickname that I came up with.

Hitsugaya: Isn’t that more of a title?

Hyorinmaru: I did not say that I am creative.

2. Matsumoto: “Secret Other Master”

Hyorinmaru: I feel that I should do as she says, so…

Matsumoto: You’re so cute!

Hitsugaya: These nicknames should work for more people than just you, Hyorinmaru!

3. Hinamori: “Fireball”

Hyorinmaru: Some say that she is gentle and sweet.

Hyorinmaru: But when I see her, she is generally lobbing fireballs at my master.

Hyorinmaru: So

Hinamori: T-that happened ONE time!

4. Ichigo: “Orange Strawberry”

Hyorinmaru: This one makes you think.

Hyorinmaru: About how strawberries are not orange.

Hyorinmaru: So really his hair should be red.

Ichigo: I’d look like Renji then.

Hyorinmaru: The sideburns tell me that you already want to look like Abarai.

Ichigo: …maybe a little.

5. Gin: “Ol’ Snake Eyes”

Hyorinmaru: This one works because he looks like a snake.

Hyorinmaru: It also hints that he is not to be trusted.

Hyorinmaru: So it is both applicable and useful.

Hyorinmaru: I am definitely getting better at this nickname stuff.

Gin: …do snakes keep their eyes closed? I don’t think they do.

Hyorinmaru: So much better!

6. Orihime: “Sweet Cream”

Hyorinmaru: According to Matsumoto, Inoue provides this sweet ice cream to guests.

Hyorinmaru: Also, she herself is sweet.

Hyorinmaru: This works on multiple levels.

Hyorinmaru: I am a nicknaming genius.

Orihime: T-thank you!

HItsugaya: Wait, you and Matsumoto chat??

7. Chad: “Baby Dragon”

Hyorinmaru: For he is strong and silent, like me.

Hyorinmaru: Who am a dragon.

Hyorinmaru: But he also younger than me.

Hyorinmaru: Thus: a baby dragon.

Chad: This is the greatest name.

Hyorinmaru: I know.

8. Ishida: “The Quincy One”

Hyorinmaru: I haven’t really interacted with him much, so


9. Aizen: “Mr. Untrustworthy”

Hyorinmaru: Aizen Sosuke does not deserve a cool nickname.

Hyorinmaru: He simply needs a name that will ensure that he is never trusted again. Not ever.

Aizen: I shall tell everyone that it is an ironic nickname, funny because I am actually so very trustworthy.

Hyorinmaru: Stop out thinking me!

10. Cang Du: “Cang Dead”

Hyorinmaru: I have not yet forgiven him for stealing me.

Cang Du: Sure. Beat up on the dead guy.

11. Rukia: “Ice Lady”

Hyorinmaru: I am sorry to show Kuchiki so much preference.

Hyorinmaru: But she is a fellow ice user, and so I have to give her the greatest nickname that has ever been.

Rukia: …the greatest because it contains the word “ice”?

Hyorinmaru: I hope the others aren’t too jealous of you.

12. Byakuya: “Cool Scarf Prince of Sexy”

Hyorinmaru: For that is what my master calls you in his heart.

Byakuya: …



IMG_1074 by Brian Jeffery Beggerly

The Gotei-13 and their Favorite Things about the World of the Living

As requested by anon. :)

At the request of the WSRA, Rukia is interviewing the Gotei-13 about their favorite aspects of the world of the living! 

1. Ikakku

Ikkaku: I’d have to say - convenience store cashiers!

Ikkaku: They are just…so amazing.

Ikkaku: Their ability to pack food with incredible speed and accuracy still blows my mind.

Ikkaku: Cashiers will definitely be soul reapers after they die.

2. Matsumoto

Matsumoto: The shopping for sure! Clothes! Food! Accessories!

Matsumoto: Not to mention the free storage!

Rukia: Yeah, Ichigo’s room is great for that.

Ichigo (in the distance): MY ROOM IS NOT FREE STORAGE

3. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: Ever since Yoruichi-sama told me about them, I have been a fan of the Olympics.

Soi Fon: Every four years the humans honor the fastest and strongest among them.

Soi Fon: So at least they have their priorities right - occasionally.

4. Sasakibe

Sasakibe: England.

Rukia: Just, the whole country?

Sasakibe: Yes.

Sasakibe: Hopefully it’s where soul reapers go when they die.

Rukia: …

Rukia: Is that how anything works?

Sasakibe: It’s a dream.

5. Shinji

Shinji: Jazz records - they’re the best thing from the world of the living!

Shinji: Not to mention giant headphones.

Shinji: Cool clothes.

Shinji: Of course, anything would look cool on me!

Rukia: …


6. Komamura

Komamura: In the world of the living, there are places where dogs can shop! That’s amazing!

Komamura: Shops filled with products for dogs to buy!

Rukia: Yeah, that’s pretty great!

7. Hisagi

Hisagi: Well, I guess I kinda like…

Hisagi: [looks around]

Hisagi (whispers): Motor-

Kensei (in the distance): NO MOTORCYCLES SHUHEI

Hisagi: H-how does he know??

8. Iba

Iba: I’d have to say - swimsuit calendars!

Rukia: …really?

Iba: Yes! Every month a new shirtless man to inspire me to manliness!

Rukia: …

Rukia: Oh, swimsuit calendars featuring men?

Iba: What did you think I meant?

9. Rose

Rose: I miss live concerts, to be honest.

Rose: Live concerts just aren’t something Soul Society really offers.

Rose: Unless Shuhei gets his garage band off the ground!

10. Isane

Isane: Maybe the sweets?

Isane: N-not that I have sweets very often!

Isane: But the world of the living sure does have some good ones!

11. Byakuya

Byakuya: The world of the living is filled with an enormous variety of hair care products.

Rukia: N-Nii-sama, you like human hair care products?

Byakuya: You misunderstand.

Byakuya: Here we do not have such variety, and yet my hair looks like this.

Byakuya: There they have many options and yet produce humans with hair like Kurosaki Ichigo.

Byakuya: It is a source of pride.

12. Ukitake

Ukitake: I’d have to say the humans, to be honest! They’re pretty amazing!

Ukitake: Kurosaki of course…Inoue Orihime…even, according to Kyoraku, Kurosaki’s human friends!

Ukitake: They just try so hard and accomplish so much!

Ukitake: And they helped you when nobody else would.

Rukia: Captain!

Ukitake: Humans are great.

13. Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: I’d have to say the humans, to be honest. Such a nice well of research subjects.

Kurotsuchi: Most humans will not do, of course, but there are so many that I can be assured that at least some of them will be…interesting.

Rukia: …

Kurotsuchi: Why aren’t you writing this down?

14. Yachiru

Yachiru: Halloween is great! A day when kids go door to door and are given enormous bowls of candy!

Rukia: I don’t think you’re supposed to take the whole bowl, President!

15. Renji

Renji: I like how cool I look in human world clothes!

Rukia: …

Renji: Especially the tie-dye and the bandanna.

Rukia: …

Renji: Not that I want to look like a human teenager, but I definitely fit in well!

Rukia: …

Renji: Are you giggling?!

16. Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: I was there on business. Not as a tourist. But I guess the soccer was kind of fun.

Rukia: So you liked playing soccer with Ichigo’s little sister, huh?


17. Aizen

Aizen: I like controlling the lives of humans as if I am a god and them tiny insects.

Rukia: …

Aizen: …

Rukia: …

Aizen: …

Rukia: Why did I even bother interviewing you?