If Hitsugaya asked other characters for help with his paperwork...

As requested by anon. :)

Hitsugaya has decided he needs help with paperwork! Or perhaps he is playing a paperwork related game. Either way, he is going around asking other Bleach characters if they will help him with his paperwork. What will be the result?

1. Matsumoto

Hitsugaya: Matsumoto, I need your help with some paperwork.

Matsumoto: Ooh, captain, I’d love to, but I’ve already promised to go drinking with Kira and Hisagi!

Hitsuagaya: I’m your captain!


2. Ukitake

Hitsugaya: Ukitake, I have all of this paperwork I have to do and - 

Ukitake: Of course I’ll help you!

Ukitake: Now, which paperwork do you least mind being speckled with blood stains?

Hitsugaya: …

Hitsugaya: Maybe I’ll ask someone else.

Ukitake: Wait! At least take some candy!

3. Hiyori

Hiyori: What’s this? Some kind of weird flirting thing that short guys use?


Hitsugaya: I JUST SAID HI

4. Kenpachi

Kenpachi: Sure, I can help.

Hitsugaya: R-really?

Kenpachi: Yo! Yumichika!

Kenpachi: Help this guy with his paperwork.

Kenpachi: Yumichika loves doing paperwork.

Yumichika: Loves it?? I’m just the only one who will do it!!!

Hitsugaya: I know that feeling.

5. Hinamori

Hinamori: Why haven’t you asked me, Hitsugaya-kun?

Hitsugaya: H-Hinamori!

Hitsugaya: It’s just that you…

Hitsugaya: Well, you’ve had a rough couple of years.

Hitsugaya: And I won’t burden you any further than I already have!

Hinamori: …

Hinamori: It’s paperwork. Not a stabbing.

Hinamori: I swear, captains are so dramatic…


6. Luppi

Luppi: Look at you, tiny shinigami, trying to get other people to help you with your work!

Luppi: Pathetic!

Luppi: I could destroy eight piles of paperwork all by myself.

Hitusgaya: Do, not destroy.

Hitsugaya: I’m looking or someone to do them.

Luppi: Oh? Then why did you ask the espada of destruction?

Hitsugaya: I never even asked you!

Luppi: And you’ll come to regret that choice!

Hitsugaya: What is even going on???

7.  Cang Du

Cang Du: Give me the paperwork, Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Cang Du: I have already possessed your zanpakuto, your soul.

Cang Du: It is only right that I take from you the rest of your identity as well.

Hitsugaya: Uh, it’s paperwork, not my “identity.”

Cang Du: Well, from what I’ve heard…


8. Gin

Gin: I’m hurt, Hitsugaya.

Gin: That you never asked me for help.

Gin: You know that I love to do what I can to help out my fellow captains.

Hitsugaya: No thanks. I have enough work without getting caught up in a murder web.

Gin: A murder web? Through paperwork? How on earth would I manage that?

Hitsugaya: I don’t know.

Gin: But you want to find out?

Hitsugaya: NO

9. Aizen

Aizen: H-

Hitsugaya: NOPE

10. Karin

Karin: Well, I guess I can help.

Karin: Since you helped me with soccer or whatever.

Hitsugaya: Uh, I never asked you to -

Karin: Of course, since I don’t know anything about Soul Society really, you’ll have to teach me everything before I do the paperwork.

Karin: But that’s cool.

Hitsugaya: …is this just an excuse to learn about Soul Society?

Karin: Well it’s not like my brother is chatty!

11. Ichigo

Ichigo: Toshiro, look -


Ichigo: You know I’m always down for rescuing anybody from any situation…

Ichigo: But I’m trying to cultivate my reputation, you know?

Ichigo: It’s hard enough trying to keep my good grades and love of Shakespeare on the down low!

Hitsugaya: You like Shakespeare?

Ichigo: I don’t want people to think I’m a -

Ichigo (whispers): Nerd.

Hitsugaya: ..

Hitsugaya: Don’t think you need to worry about that.

Ichigo: R-really?

12. Byakuya

Byakuya: Help? With paperwork?

Byakuya: We are captains of the Gotei-13.

Byakuya: We do not request help.

Byakuya: - at least not with matters that are as mundane as paperwork.

Byakuya: Is this another one of your “jokes”?

Hitsugaya: …uh, yes?


Byakuya (muttering): I wish I was good at jokes.


松本城 Matsumoto Castle by banzainetsurfer

Name: Jun Matsumoto (Kanji: 松本潤)

Birth date: August 30, 1983 (age 33)

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Singer (lead singer of the Jpop and Arashi), actor, model, radio host

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Weight: 58kg

Star sign: Virgo

Blood type: A-

Hobbies and interests: Music, DVDs, photography, and reading

Specialty: Baseball

Most famous for: tv shows Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2 (2005, 2007), Bambino! (2007); and movies Tokyo Tower (2005), Boku wa imôto ni koi wo suru (2007), Kakushi toride no san akunin (2008), Lucky Sveen (2012), The Girl in the Sun (2013)


松本城 Matsumoto Castle by banzainetsurfer

loveaominedaiki  asked:

The KiriDai boys introducing their s/o to the team? Pls let there be jealousy xD Congrats on the new blog!

a teensy bit of swearing/sexual connotations but nothing that i think needs to be under the cut. also, i changed this up a bit in each scenario- i hope that’s chill! 

Matsumoto Itsuki

At first, he hadn’t been planning on introducing you to his team- after all, no one ever truly took notice of him so why would he introduce you to them? Matsumoto really didn’t want you involved with them. But then, unfortunately, Hara had used his ‘Hara sense’ and immediately flocked around you with flirting actions and pick up lines. Poor Matsumoto was left trying desperately to get you out of the purple-haired boy’s grip but without somehow getting himself tangled with Hara and therefore tangled with Hanamiya. He should have never brought you.

Hara Kazuya

The first thing you heard, as Hara led you into the gym, was Seto’s low voice stating, “Looks like Hara found a new thing to fuck.” You winced at his words, looking down uncomfortably, as said boy proceeded to chuckle at Hanamiya’s rather ungentlemanly additions to the conversation. Eventually, you shyly tugged his sleeves and he turned his attention to you- introducing you properly with one arm around your waist.

Furuhashi Kojiro

“This is [Y/N],” the brunette muttered upon having been asked excessively to introduce the stranger that had been watching practice, “don’t bother them.” His words, however, were ignored as Yamazaki began questioning you about how you put up with Furuashi and Hanamiya slyly began to try mess with your mind. But, when you noticed your boyfriend’s subtle discomfortable (and jealous even if he would deny it), you slipped away from everyone’s attention to squeeze his hand and give a smile promising him that you would never change affections.

Hanamiya Makoto

As soon as you entered the gym, the team swarmed around you as Hanamiya kissed your lips possessively before making a typical Hanamiya-style comment about his significant other. There was no jealousy in the scene, no seeming interest from the rest of the basketball team (due to Hanamiya’s status amongst the others) and very quickly you became accepted as the manager that wasn’t quite the manager.

Yamazaki Hiroshi

Just convincing Yamazaki to take you to meet his teammates had been a challenge, not only was he worried that they would hurt you in some way (physically or through the manipulation and teasing he knew them to be masters at)- he also panicked that you would abandon him for them. However, his qualms proved unwarranted when you politely, but firmly, rejected Hara’s advances and proved to be capable of communicating with Hanamiya in the language of witty comebacks. Maybe introducing you wasn’t as bad of an idea as he had thought. 

Seto Kentaro

“You can go introduce yourself, right?” Your first meeting with the rest of the Kirisaki Daichi team had been casual. As a third year, you were their senpai and therefore got along with them easily- treating them almost mockingly as you answered their words as if a parent. And then, once done with introductions, you returned to your boyfriend- kissing his body and sitting yourself next to him so he could fall asleep.

anonymous asked:

Can I get a scenario where Kiridai boys meeting for the first time their s/o superprotective dad ? Thank you, i love ur blog ❤

lowkey cynical at the end- i apologise for that and the lack of furu-bae

Matsumoto Itsuki
It had been a mutual dislike; Matsumoto had frowned as soon as he felt your father’s hard handshake and said parent had returned the gesture when your boyfriend’s grip proved just as strong. This wasn’t going great already.

Seto Kentaro
For someone who had been cursing ever since he had heard of your boyfriend’s planned visit to the [L/N] household, your father had softened surprisingly quickly under Seto’s intelligent choices of conversation. Physics, politics, poetry: you still hadn’t become part of the discussed topics but you feared for when you were.

Hara Kazuya
“No, you can’t go to [Y/N]’s room.” “No, don’t touch her so suggestively.” Hara had had enough of the ‘overprotective parent thing’ your father had going on. As soon as your parent turned to fetch something from the kitchen (you had forced him to; he was getting way too aggressive with Hara and his unpleasant wit), Hara was dragging you out the door with a better date plan in mind.

Hanamiya Makoto
His mother was great, he thought to himself as he proceeded to try charm your father into not being so hateful towards him. There was such a different between his mother, who always supported in whilst allowing his independence, and your father who still wasn’t permitting for you and Hanamiya to be alone in a room for at least a minute; and said captain definitely knew who he preferred.

Yamazaki Hiroshi
You simply couldn’t understand your father’s actions by this point, or why he was still sneering at your visibly shaking boyfriend. A bright red blush on his cheeks from just your hand brushing his and stammers preventing his words from being negligible in any way (he truly was terrified of his parent of hours), Yamazaki’s bad boy persona was about as visible as humanity’s kindness.