I wasn’t feeling good! So i forced myself to draw some good fun ocs to make me feel better mhmhm, sorry they’re messy lol

Riko and Sho belong to @thrower0fmangos , Itsuki belongs to @sunshinesoda , Yogan is @tinyangryghost ‘s, and Mariko and Yoshi are miine,
all good kids, all boosted my mood, and i loVE drawing other ppls ocs its fun

I’ve never been angry to have been born a woman. There have been times I’ve been angry at how the world treats us, but I see being a woman as a challenge I must fight. Like being born under a stormy sky. Some people are lucky enough to be born on a bright summer’s day. Maybe we were born under clouds. No wind. No rain. Just a mountain of clouds we must climb each morning so that we may see the sun.
—  Renee Ahdieh, Flame in the Mist
Grail Achieved! Dollfie Dream Mariko Box Opening!

I have wanted a Dollfie dream Mariko FOREVER. Student Mariko was the first dollfie dream that I actually wanted. When I found out her price however, then I wasn’t too keen to get her. I then tried a smart doll, which I didn’t like as much, and a Dollfie Dream who I adore still, but I never stopped wanting one. So recently, when my husband told me he would help me buy one for our anniversary I was overjoyed! My dream doll finally came home and I AM IN LOVE!

I stalked the mail worse than usual when I saw she was finally out for delivery. Customs held her for an entire week!

I tore into her box immediately! Sd scale sword letter opener from Medieval times assist!

About this point I was like OMFG SHES GOING TO BE IN THIS BOX.

Her fullset items I seem to have conveniently forgotten to take a picture of, but she came with her entire student fullset! Every part of it is incredibly well made!
Although I bought her secondhand, she was brand new, most of her items were never opened!

BEAUTIFUL MARIKO! I literally felt a volt in my stomach when I saw her roll out of the packaging. I couldn’t believe the face I’ve stalked for the better part of 3 years was actually in my hands! Her face is just the cutest thing in the world! I didn’t like her default eyes, so I ripped them out immediately and replaced them with this wonderful pair from Fel Eyes on Taobao (These are actually the Kikipop size of these eyes, and always seem to remind me of Undertale!)
A note about her wig if you happen to get one. THIS WIG IS TIGHT. Zero stretch and a nightmare to get on. I’ve actually since gotten her another wig but I can’t stand the idea of having to pull this sucker back on her head, so its just waiting until I decide to finally do it.


I can say without a doubt that this beauty was my grail. I adore her so much, she’s an incredible doll. I may repaint her with a more custom faceup one day and plan to make her that much more mine, but for now, that’s far off and I am enjoying her!
Her name is Marzipan Biscotti, or Marzi for short!