Am I A Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy? - A Wolfstar Drabble

With an essay to deliver on the following Monday to one of the most exigent professors in the school, Remus Lupin could be found, naturally, in the library, sharing a table with Lily Evans. Both students liked to study together so they could help each other when needed and therefore finish their work faster than if they did it each one alone.

Remus and Lily always occupied a bigger table so they could spread out, in front of them, the books required for their essays. Lily had left a few minutes back to go find a book herself so when the chair beside his was pulled back and someone sat, Remus didn’t look up. However, the words that were then uttered earned his attention. One for their content, and two for that was no girl’s voice. “Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?”

Remus blinked a couple of times to make sure he was indeed seeing friend in front of him. “Excuse me?” He whispered back.

“You left this on your bed and I was bored.” Said Sirius as he threw Remus’ copy of Pride and Prejudice onto the table. “I figured it was a muggle book from the unmoving cover and lack of magical subject within but it was interesting enough to catch my attention.” Sirius continued, keeping his voice low as he didn’t want to be thrown out of the library.

Remus grabbed the book and ran through the pages quickly. “Did you read it all?” Remus asked and glanced up at Sirius only to catch him nodding.

“Anyway. Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?” He asked again.

Remus huffed out a small chuckle. “I don’t know.” That sounded like such a silly question.

“You don’t know?” Sirius frowned. “Am I not agreeable? And amiable?”

“When you want to be you’re quite the joyful and nice kind.” Remus replied.

“Then I am a Mr Bingley!” Sirius grinned.

Remus shook his head. “There’s more to one’s personality than being a Mr Darcy or a Mr Bingley.” Said Remus. “In the world, you have Mr Bingleys and Mr Darcys, but you also have Mr Collinses and Mr Hursts and Whickhams and…” He paused. “Hell, you even have a lot of Mrs Bennets.”

“Don’t you mean Mr Bennet?” Sirius asked.

“I meant what I said.”

Sirius went pensive then and completely ignored as Lily approached with a big book in her hands, forcing her to take the chair on the other side of Remus’. Remus helped her with the book and handed her quill and parchment back to her so she could resume her work. “Wait.” Sirius broke his thoughtful trance. “You don’t think I’m a Mr Collins, do you?”

Remus raised an eyebrow. “No! Mr Collins is an annoying kiss ass. You are not good at that.”

Sirius looked a bit relieved when Lily interjected. “Although you are good at kissing Professor McGonagall’s ass.” She said promptly.

“Minnie’s different.” Sirius waved it off. “She’s worth praising. Besides in the future I am going to be her second husband so I must get on her good side right away.” He said the last part with a serious face but everyone at the table knew he was being playful.

“What happened to the first?” asked Remus and only received a wink and a grin in return.

Sirius then grabbed Remus’ arm and shook him a bit. “Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?”

Remus huffed. “What about me, am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?” He asked instead, trying to mimic Sirius’ voice but in a more annoying way.

“You’re Mr Darcy, of course. He’s the most interesting man in the book, and although proud he is the most agreeable and very intelligent too.” Sirius said as if it was the most obvious thing he had ever clarified to anyone. And although

Remus didn’t fully agree with him, as he didn’t see himself sharing some of the character’s traits he conceded. “Then you’re Elizabeth! What’s the big question?!” Remus said, rolling his eyes and turned forward so he could resume his work. Remus was so focused on finishing his essay, at last, that he never realised what he had implied in his words, he did not realise what he was confessing to Sirius either. He just turned his attention back to his work.

In doing so he missed the purest and rarest sight of all for a gentle blush spread across Sirius’ cheeks. Sirius looked down at his own lap with a dopey grin and got up after a few moments. “I’m Elizabeth.” He said to himself and practically skipped out of the library.

Fun in the Snow

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Request: Can I request a story where the reader (ravenclaw) and the marauders are the only ones to stay at hogwarts for the holiday break, and they try to get to know her but she’s always in her tower or the library and the only one who she lets be around her is Remus, until Christmas where she finally goes with them and they have a snowball fight and mess around the whole day and it’s just cute? - anon

Word Count: 1,286

Originally posted by theunclaimedgeneration

“Ah, the first day of winter break!” Sirius said, dramatically throwing himself down in the middle of the corridor. “We have the castle to ourselves and we can do whatever we want!”

He and James high-fived. “We could set the whole place on fire!” James said.

“The castle is made of stone, guys. It doesn’t burn,” Remus interjected. “Calm down.”

Peter cleared his throat. “We don’t have the whole castle to ourselves. There’s a girl over there.” He pointed at you, a Ravenclaw who was hurrying along, keeping your head down and clutching a stack of books to your chest. 

“Damn it,” Sirius muttered. “Almost to ourselves.” He grinned at you and waved. “How’s it going, sweetheart? Want to join us in the Great Hall?”

You didn’t answer, just scoffed and kept walking. But you tripped over the air in an effort to speed up and dropped your books all over the floor. Remus approached you and smiled kindly. “Sorry about them,” he said apologetically. “Let me get these for you.” He bent over to help you gather your books. “So I guess we’re the only ones here, right?”

You smiled hesitantly at him. “Yeah, guess so.”

He scratched the back of his neck. “…do you want to join us in the Great Hall? You don’t have to eat alone.”

Shaking your head, you took your books from him. “No, thank you. But, um, I’ll be in the library if you want to join me, later.”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “Yeah, I’ll find you there.”

You walked off in the other direction, throwing him one more smile over your shoulder. He’s cute, you thought, heading toward the Ravenclaw tower to pick up some work before you went to the library. Maybe you would spend some time with him over break.

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|| Imagine being a Professor with Remus and the students all ‘shipping’ you || {Requested}

“That kid was running faster than Snape confronted with shampoo.” Remus whispered out of the side of his mouth to Y/N.

Y/N snorted, spitting out her chewed toast into a napkin as to not choke on it. She turned to Remus in humoured surprise, lifting her eyebrows at the man.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” Y/N commented, a wistful smile on her face.

The corners of Remus’ lips tugged up despite his best efforts to supress them, “Most people would have said that James and Sirius were the jokers.” He supplied modestly.

Y/N let out a tinkling laugh, shaking her head, “James and Sirius are… were…funny,” Y/N agreed, amending her speech sadly, “But so were you- your humour was just a little more subtle… I thought you were brilliant- I still do.” Y/N assured him earnestly.

Remus turned to Y/N, lifting his eyebrows with a flattered smile, “Thank you, Y/N, you were always very kind to me.” He replied gratefully, bowing his head slightly.

Y/N smiled bashfully, her cheeks flushing, “And you to me,” She replied easily, standing up from her seat at the Head Table, “But I have a class to teach in fifteen minutes.” She excused, brushing down the front of her robes.

Remus stood, grabbing an apple from a silver dish plate, “Let me walk you.” He insisted with a warm smile.

Y/N hesitated but nodded, pushing in her chair and walking out of the hall side by side with Remus.

It was the first day of term in 1993 and Y/N had been reunited with an old friend for the first time in nearly thirteen years. She had gone to school with Remus, James and Sirius- she had been Lily’s best friend along with Snape until he went and cocked that up for himself. From there it was Lily and Y/N together- as thick as thieves…until she was murdered.

Y/N hadn’t seen any of her old friends since before that fateful Halloween night, everyone going their separate ways. Y/N did her best to check on Harry every now and then, she was his Godmother after all. Dumbledore had explained why she couldn’t take Harry in, but it didn’t make it any easier to swallow, knowing what the Dursley’s were like…

“I heard that you tried to get Sirius off the hook.” Remus randomly admitted as they strolled towards Y/N’s classroom.

Y/N licked her lips quickly, “He and Peter switched out last minute- no one would think to go after Peter as everyone knew that Sirius and James were like brothers,” She explained, “I was there that night, Sirius chased Peter down but he didn’t kill him… my memories were apparently biased though… so he’s still stuck there.”

Silence followed her words for a few beats of a moment, her feeling Remus think it all over.

“He was going to ask you to marry him on his birthday.” Remus confessed, seeming to harbour no malice for Sirius after Y/N’s words.

Y/N’s mouth went dry as her eyes became wet, “He was always so forward, we hadn’t even kissed yet and he wanted to marry me- James definitely rubbed off on him.” Y/N attempted to joke.

Remus smiled to himself, watching his shoes strike the floor of the hallway, “What would you say to him if you saw him again?” He inquired.

Y/N thought on it for a moment, “I’d apologize for not trying hard enough to stop him chasing Peter,” She revealed before shrugging, “But we’re not the same kids that we were back then, I know that I’ve changed immensely from who I was the night that… it happened… I don’t know if I could look him in the eye.” She added, her eyes going distant as she stared blankly ahead.

Y/N felt Remus’ eyes on the side of her face, “You’re not that different,” He observed, “I recognised you right away- you hugged me the same way you used to.” He added with a small smile.

Y/N managed a laugh, “Is that a good thing?” She chortled out.

Remus nodded, smiling, “I liked you the person you were back then, and I still like you, Y/N, if that’s anything to go by.” He replied.

Y/N smiled sheepishly, “Blimey, Remus, just declare your undying love, why don’t you?” She joked lightly.

Remus let out a sound and hearty laugh, “Sirius got to you first, I’m afraid.” He said softly.

Y/N raised her eyebrows, “If you had asked me out at any point, in school or after… I would have said yes,” She assured him, “I used to have a big crush on you in school, you know?”  She informed him lightly, smiling timidly.

Remus’s face collapsed into shock, “Really?” He asked in disbelief, his voice an octave higher than usual.

Y/N laughed nervously, nodding, “Really,” She confirmed, the two coming to a stop at the door to her classroom, “I’ll see you at lunch?” She asked to conclude their conversation for the moment.

Remus nodded, noting that some of Y/N’s students had arrived already, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind talking about the old times a bit more, when we were this lot’s age.” He said, nodding to the students and winking in farewell before turning and striding off.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice asked, snapping the woman out of staring after Remus, “Everyone thinks that you two should get together, you know?” He informed her awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his robes pockets.

“Everyone? He only arrived yesterday?” Y/N asked sarcastically, crossing her arms and feigning sternness, “And it’s Professor Y/L/N to you, Harry.” She joked, grinning and ruffling his hair, it hurting her heart as it always did.

She always used to do it to James too.

Harry’s eyes that he had inherited from Y/N’s best friend glinted mirthfully up at her from his face, “It’s obvious that you two have a history,” He commented, “He mentioned that you two went to school together?” He baited, fishing for information of his parents that Y/N always tried to give him- as much as she could remember.

Y/N smiled congenially down at Harry, “He was one of your father’s friends as well as one of mine, his name’s Remus,” She informed Harry before making a playfully shooing motion with her hands, “Now let me teach you, in you get, sport.” She hurried him, closing the door behind herself.

Harry took his seat by his friend Ron and Y/N made to begin teaching her lesson, Remus lingering in the back of her mind the entire time. The way his tired eyes still manage to glint with hints of the happiness from when they used to wear the Hogwarts uniform and how he stilled strolled like he had Sirius and James either side of him. It was enough to keep Y/N smiling until she met him again for lunch.


•Marlene didn’t fall in love
•Dorcas fell in love with everything and everyone
•Marlene had learned from a young age that people weren’t to be trusted
•Dorcas had known from even younger that people didn’t trust others
•Marlene had dedicated her whole life to never being with the same person twice
•Dorcas took the time to make sure that others weren’t hurt
•Marlene didn’t remember who she had lost her virginity to
•Dorcas was still a virgin
•Marlene dated boys, throwing them around to hide the fact that she was a lesbian
•Dorcas dated girls and boys
•Marlene only wanted to date girls
•Dorcas helped Pomfry in the hospital wing
•Marlene was the Gryffindor beater and often sent people there
•Dorcas wanted to be a healer
•Marlene wanted to play Quiddich professionally
•Dorcas loved animals
•Marlene started working at Honeydukes because Dorcas did
•Dorcas hated the way she looked
•Marlene liked her appearance
•Dorcas had a stomach that was too pudgy, baby fat that still clung to her cheeks after seventeen years, small breasts and short but thick thighs that clung together
•Marlene had long skinny tanned legs and blond hair, she was a fucking Barbie but Dorcas loved the way she looked so she did too
•Dorcas wore oversized sweaters and changed her shoulder-length hair’s colour every month
•Marlene wore tight leggings and revealing clothes
•Dorcas liked Care Of Magical Creatures
•Marlene liked D.A.D.A
•Dorcas was like a little sister to the marauders
•Marlene was friends with them
•Dorcas liked reading more than air
•Marlene had dyslexia
•Dorcas tutored students in the Library
•Marlene was too scared to get help
•Dorcas was shy
•Marlene flooded Dorcas with compliments because she didn’t see a flaw with the girl
•Dorcas hugged Marlene because the girl didn’t get nearly enough
•Marlene liked taking (muggle) photos
•And so did Dorcas
•Marlene liked Muggle Studies
•Dorcas was afraid to take the class
•Marlene wasn’t afraid of anything
•Dorcas liked to sing
•Marlene thought Dorcas was the best singer in the world
•They were in love

another ship for the armada

so I had an idea but I don’t want to write it right now

  • after the war
  • pansy sinks into a “fuck you, fuck your mother, fuck everyone and everything” attitude
  • her closest friends think (hope) it’s just a phase and kinda leave it at that
  • “just let Pansy do her thing”
  • it’s not like she was going to ever let them give her shit for it anyways
  • besides
  • most of them had their own demons to deal with
  • she starts spending some of her time in sketchy wizarding bars, muggle ones too though just regular muggle dive bars because just being in muggle london is still edgy enough
  • Sirius begins to notice her
  • he’s been brought back from the veil or something I don’t really care but that’s a convenient way to possibly lessen the age gap if you want
  • and he watches her
  • and she’s cute like a kitten testing out her claws
  • he starts watching out for her a little
  • which leads to him sitting next to her for a drink one night because whether she realizes it or not he’s cockblocking the bloke who was trying to slip a potion in her drink
  • which gives him a chance to “baby, you don’t have a clue what you’re doing”
  • because to Badass Black, little miss is trying too hard and he can tell
  • she balks at him
  • “What? Nobody puts you in a corner?” he laughs into his drink at his own joke
  • which flies over her head and she thinks he’s mad
  • which eventually leads to him deciding to show her the ropes to flipping the bird to her Pureblood upbringing and family and how to be Cool
  • motorcycle rides
  • probably getting drunk
  • recklessly falling for each other
  • you get the picture

inspired by this

Minerva Mcgongall pulled out her notebook and turned to the page that listed the names and details of that years Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her heart swelling with pride she jotted down the name “Harry Potter” next to the position “Seeker” before closing the book and opening a second drawer. She took out a small, wooden box and rummaged in it for a few seconds before withdrawing a worn out envelope, inside of which was a short letter and a photograph.

“Dearest Minnie,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m the same of course, driving Lily up the wall as usual, she sends you her love by the way!

Now I know I told you that you’ll never find a chaser as good as me ever again, but it just goes to show that even the brilliant are sometimes mistaken. I’ve found you (made you!) a replacement who will one day outshine his old man by leagues! Enclosed is a photograph of your new Quidditch prodigy so that you may assess his skills for yourself. We have him chasing the cat for practice. He’ll be unbeatable by the time he starts at Hogwarts! The youngest Quidditch player in a century!

I guarantee it, Minnie. And you know I’m never wrong, though you’ll never admit it!

Missing you and Hogwarts terribly,

Lots of love,


P.S. Sirius says his marriage proposal still stands.”

Wiping away a single tear that ran down her cheek and chuckling to herself, she smiled down at the photograph of a small, gleeful, black haired boy zooming along on a toy broom, a pair of legs chasing after him and a young woman laughing hysterically in a corner.

“Right again, Mr. Potter.”