• Sirius Black, who grew up on awful formal dinner parties with his family and always had to dress and act the best. 
  • Who had suffered through hours of etiquette and piano practice a day at a young age to “force a talent” because his family believed he had no natural abilities. 
  • He knew deep down he loved playing the piano, and he hated how something so pure was connected to a terrible childhood.
  • He would never tell a soul the many times he played soft hymns to his brother when Regulus had a particularly bad day.
  • Regulus would love it, he would lie his head down on the edge of couch and stare admiringly at his brother’s hands flying across the keys effortlessly. 
  • But Sirius hated his childhood and tried his best to forget everything that ever happened before he met James, Remus and Peter at Hogwarts.
  • And that meant never touching a piano key again after he entered Hogwarts 
  • The only person he told about him playing the piano was James in year 3; it had slipped when James said he could learn to play the piano to win Lily’s heart  
  • Sirius nearly forgot about the piano until sixth year, when Gryffindor won the house cup and the common room was filled with heaps of teenagers high on life and the fire whiskey the James somehow got from Hogsmede.
  • Sirius was sitting beside Remus on the floor, leaning his body heavily against Remus 
  • The air was filled with laughter and joy, and no one was quite as drunk as James, who insisted that EVERYONE played truth or dare because why not they just won the bloody house cup dammit
  • It was James, so naturally, everyone played whether they wanted to or not
  • James sat down right next to Sirius, and gave a pointed look at Remus and Sirius who were closer than usual.
  • Nearly everyone sat in a circle, and the game began with stupid little things the like dare of kissing someone, or the truth of saying who they liked
  • And then it came to James and he knew Sirius was going to pick dare
  • So he just slowly turned his head to Sirius, his curly hair a mess, with a glint in his eye and the smirk
  • And oh fUck it was the trademark James Potter smirk and that was never a good sign
  • And it was this moment when Sirius Black knew he was going to get WRECKED 
  • “I want you to tell me something about yourself that you have never told anyone but me”
  • “and dont you fucking DARe lie to me Sirius Orion Black because you know that I will know you lied”
  • he winked
  • Sirius just stared because what kind of sick joke is this???
  • But James would never give up so after a moments hesitation and a groan he said towards Remus and Peter, “Fine, FINE James here it is: I can play the piano. My parents made me and I have since I was little”
  • Remus and Peter didn’t really understand why James picked that dare but they gave subtle nods, not really wanting to talk about that topic with Sirius
  • James just smiled and thought: ah yes just what I wanted to hear 
  • and everyone else was taken aback
  • “Play us something then, mate” someone yelled from across the room, and everyone nodded and occasionally said “yeahhhh”
  • And Sirius was just like FUck you James for being you 
  • It was Sirius, so this dare was going to be done right and without showing any type of weakness
  • so he squared his shoulders and set his jaw and strutted his way to the mahogany piano in the corner
  • “What do I play? I don’t know anything other than classical” he asked to the gryffindors staring at him
  • There was a moment of silence because no one knew any classical music ???
  • Except for Remus who just shouted “Debussy”
  • Everyone was like what the fuck but Sirius remembered a song by him from the couple muggle pieces he had etched in his brain
  • So he gathered all his courage and began the first few notes with trembling hands
  • He was bloody Sirius Black and his hands were trembling?? 
  • So he let his muscle memory take over, and let it all flow out from him because damn he did miss this 
  • And it. was. beautiful.
  • The common room that was filled with vibrating words and energy was slowing down as everyone listened to the flawless playing of Clair De Lune from the least expected person to even know the damn song
  • Everyone was silent. James sat transfixed along with the others, his eyes filled with pride because he knew Sirius could do it. He looked at Remus, whose expression was golden.
  • He sat so transfixed at Sirius and his heart was beating way too fast and his eyes watery.
  • he looked at Sirius who was completely lost. His eyes were closed, and his eyebrows furrowed. His body was moving to the rhythm perfectly, making his hair fall from behind his ears. His long fingers that Remus knew so well were gliding over all the keys so perfectly. He could see Sirius so vulnerable then, and it was obvious that he was playing straight from his heart.
  • And Remus hated Sirius’s parents for everything they did to him so fiercely right then, and how he was not comfortable doing something he was very talented in fear he would be ridiculed.
  • Remus sat gazing at Sirius, so filled with love and pride and contentment from his immaculate playing
  • Sirius could feel the sudden shift in the air as he was ending the song. He wasn’t filled with dread like he was when he played when he was younger; like the constant worrying he was going to get hit if he misplayed. 
  • No- He felt something unlike he ever has before while playing. He felt peace and happiness.
  • He finished the song beautifully, and gazed up to see everyone in shock (he particularly noted Remus’s expression).
  • He stood up dramatically and bowed as the common room erupted in cheers and claps
  • James stood up and rushed up to him and threw his arms around him drunkenly while crying and said, “Marvelous, padfoot, absolutely marvelous. Well done my beautiful son.”
  • And sirius just plays it off and suddenly realizes why James picked that dare as he notices Remus standing up coming towards him with watery eyes
  • “Hey how’d you like it-” was all he could say as Remus pushed his lips against Sirius’s
  • And James was like “HELL YEAH ” beside him as he pumped his fists in the air and danced
  • The common room erupted again into cheers and claps
  • But Sirius was so into the moment he didn’t realize it. He felt on top of the world at that moment, inside the Gryffindor common room, snogging the hell out of this boy and feeling so happy at finally finding something good from a childhood so bad.
  • and that was the biggest “Fuck You” he could ever give to his parents

Lily was the second person to click that Remus and Sirius were dating, and not through catching them at anything (unlike Peter).
She was surprisingly close to Remus, to the point that James would always get the poor werewolf boy to ask her questions about him and to tell him her responses.
Because she was one of the people he’d known at Hogwarts the longest (not including the other marauders), she’d become acutely aware of Remus’ behaviours.
And when he started dating Sirius, he started displaying new ones.
For example, whenever Sirius threw himself down on Remus’ lap, the latter would become uncomfortable and try to shift him off before giving up.
However, at some point, Lily noticed that Sirius lay on Remus, but he just continued reading, and even started stroking the other boys hair.
She considered telling James, but she decided it’d be more fun to see if he figured out himself.
Mischief Managed, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
After fifteen years without seeing the Marauder's Map, Remus was suprised to find it in Harry Potter's possession. Alone with only the Map for company, he is reminded of the good old times, and everything that could have been.

He looked the old and thick parchment, passed his battered hands over it and decided he was going to do it, but just one time. He will allow himself to relive his adolescence only once and then he will hide the map forever. 


I want to invite you to read my first english onshot (and of course it would be about Remus Lupin). I’ve been thinking a lot about starting to write in english and I took the risk and just did it, I’m really excited. 

I want to thanks @chiseplushie for being a amazing beta who work really well with all my translation problems and also to @shayalonnie for her list of betas, without it I woudn’t found Chiseplushie :) 

Hope you enjoy the story and can give me any feedback. 

do you ever think about what it must have been like for sirius to break into hogwarts in poa?

aside from the obvious (that peter pettigrew business), this was the place he spent 7 years of his life. he met his best friends at hogwarts. he was able to escape grimmauld place. he pulled pranks, learned magic, and spent his best years there.

and then breaking into gryffindor tower? can you imagine all the memories that would come flooding back haunt him? all the late nights planning, playing games, staying up to just talk?

hogwarts was where he met james, remus and peter. it was a simpler time. sure the war had started and no one was really safe, but they had each other. they were the marauders.

and now sirius, fresh out of azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit, is hunting down peter pettigrew, avoiding remus lupin, and trying to protect the son of his dead best friend james potter. 

back in the late 70’s filch claimed that there was a rabid black dog that lived in the castle who would chase him every night.
no one believed him (due to the massive amounts of protective charms around the castle there was no way a stray animal could enter the school) and ever since he’s had this huge fear of dogs.


Dating Remus Lupin

Though he is my favorite character, the blog was looking very Sirius Black orientated… so this is for all you Remus lovers:)

At first he’d be shy around you, never quite sure how to act- but the pink blush on his cheek that didn’t really leave when he was around you would be a constant reminder of how much he liked you.

And, despite his shyness, he’d always be his kind self- helping you, advising you, and making stupid jokes to cheer you up. Plus- though he didn’t realise it himself- he was probably the most romantic out of the marauders. He didn’t write extravagant songs or profess his love to the whole school like James or Sirius, but he would leave little notes on your bed, and bring you wild flowers that he’d picked from the forest. Remus would never go over the top, but he’d never fail to show he cared, and it would be the way he was never quite sure of himself that would make you love him the most.

I also imagine you’d have a place that you’d disappear to, whether it be in the outskirts of the forbidden forest, or a hidden corner in the three broomsticks. And if you were ever down or feeling lonely, he’d find you there and just hold you hand or kiss your forehead.

Plus, he’d love to listen to your voice- even if you were ranting about the unfairness of school work, or just reading one of your favourite books to him aloud, and you’d be able to pick out the golden flecks in his amber eyes as he listened so intently, and you’d feel so comfortable and at home with your short legs tangled up with his long ones on the windowsill of the warm common room.

Remus, of course, would constantly worry about things- his lycanthropy, his future… but now he’d worry about you too. 

“You look pale, (Y/N), are you sure you’re feeling alright?”

“I’m fine, Remus.” 

He’d be such a damn worry pot that you wouldn’t know whether to be frustrated by him or to just smile at how adorable he was. But in the end you’d just settle for kissing those soft pink lips to shut him up and you’d both forget about everything and he’d sort of melt against you and smile and after that you’d walk up to the castle hand in hand.

And you’d both be so content with your quiet kind of love.