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kingtrevelyan asked: Favorite Platonic Relationship from Mass Effect - Ashley and Kaidan

↳  “It’s just weird, going under someone else’s command. I’ve gotten so used to working with you. All of you.” “Don’t worry so much, we’ll see you on the other side.”

How I imagine Kaidan is if you dont take him on the Rannoch mission
  • Kaidan: Status report Tali?
  • Tali: Well the Reaper Base turned out to be an actual Reaper so now Shepard is taking it on :)
  • Kaidan: Shepard... Taking on... Reaper...
  • Tali: Yep! On foot! On her own, with nothing but air between her and the Reaper's deadly beam that can tear dreadnoughts apart!
  • Kaidan: *high pitched screaming*

Playing a vanguard in the first game basically amounts to being the loud, shotgun-wielding tank of the group. This means that husks, thorian creepers, and other such mobs pretty much exist solely to waste my time.

Inevitably, one or two of them will get past my beefy ass and latch onto Kaidan while I’m distracted, at which point the fight becomes a race against the clock to chew through the horde before that lone husk gets through my dear lieutenant’s shields.

God will I be glad to have Biotic Charge back.

2nd Games in Bioware franchises are like going through puberty.

The cuties in the first game somehow go through an awkward phase, only to get super hot in the third.

Exhibit A)

adorable dumpling bae

to extra cranky too much eyebrow ex-bae

to *muffled screaming*

Exhibit B)

precious puppy warden, what a cutie *judgin u*

oh no 

and now, just fuck me up. just do it.

Exhibit C)

Even Cullen goes from noodly templar wet blanket

to platinum blonde noodly templar wet blanket

now, *whimpers*

And then there’s Zevran…

Origins: precious cupcake

DA2: why

we just never got closure with this one. RIP face tattoos.