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okay so it's all obvious sherlock is gay and in love with john and all the signs point to johnlock becoming canon in s4. great, everyone is happy. but then i started thinking: why are there a lot more signs of sherlock being in love with john and not the other way around? like okay i still believe johnlock will get canon in s4 and everything will be great but please in this moment of doubt i just need a little convincing that john loves sherlock too. can you help?

Because s3 and tab is mostly from sherlock’s pov and that’s when johnlock really starts to become clear. All you have to do is think about the whole show from john’s pov. 

listen..I literally feel overwhelmed trying to answer this because it’s so much there’s too much to point out.. but here’s just some stuff ok:

look at

the way





  • watch ASIB (think of john blurting out the middle name he hates “in case you’re looking for baby names", WATCH THE BATTERSEA SCENE, think of him pining with his drink as sherlock stands by the window w his violin after battersea

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  • watch this video by @quietlyprim​ of pining john and sonnet 57 (their tjlce videos in general are a+++)
  • watch MHR (john’s heartbreaking facial expressions watching sherlock’s video) 
  • this pining/grieving clip with the call back to his first night with sherlock mixed in with irene’s theme wow:

  • ^ think of how miserable john is at the start of hlv dreaming of sherlock and shoving his wife’s hand away expecting to see sherlock at the door and disappointed it’s not
  • think of john, at his own wedding, jealous of sherlock/janine

but really just think about the whole show from his pov he is very much in love

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john is the opposite of a sidekick

  1. he had a whole episode literally DEDICATED to him
  2. actually no he had a whole series dedicated to him (because it was from sherlock’s pov which you know wunda why it was so focused on john??? oi wonder) 
  3. he’s the one feature of interest
  4. just as important as sherlock (i will solve your murder john watson will save your life anyone?) 
  6. he’s telling the story basically
  7. the sherlock and john show 
  8. listen he has great hair okay 
  9. john watson