10 ways to win oppa's heart

1. hit his crotch (IMPORTANT)

2. tell him what will appear in the exam

3. suddenly appear at a time he’s in a crisis (part 1)

bonus: you’ll get to have oppa’s arm wrap around you

4. suddenly appear at a time he’s in a crisis (part 2)

bonus: you will get to hold oppa’s hand

5. admit to him that you stalked him before


6. pique his interest

7. get him to visit your house

8. (he’ll randomly ask u out for no reason so say nothing)

bonus: you get to have a kiss on the forehead from oppa

9. say some inspiring shit that will touch his heart


note: the relationship will only last for one ep sorry ;((

So Doc materializes into a bar…

My ongoing theory for #WherethehellareDocSisterandJunior2k15. 

Kaikaina opened a chain of successful night clubs and spends some of her time bartending and chilling out with Tucker’s dog and the medic guy.

Doc wonders if Donut’s noticed he’s gone yet and knows he probably hasn’t. He’s having trouble getting a ride to Chorus.

Junior’s getting sick of Doc telling him about his birth and is not getting tired of trying to flirt with Sister. Also tell him where his dad is or he’ll dump his fruity drink on your head.

Might paint it in the future, i dunno