I think it’s obvious the only reason why Naruto is “sleeping on the couch” is because the couch is in his office. He probably overworks himself with hokagae duties even when he’s at home.

Plus, I could see SP trying to avoid showing Naruto and Hinata sleeping together in bed since this show is very G-rated.

I really hate the "she became a simple housewife" argument when it comes to the Naruto girls.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they decided to become stay-at-home-moms, it still doesn’t detract from their characters nor their accomplishments and strength. Plus, you can’t forget that Kishi is still a traditional man and Japan is still mostly a traditional place when it comes to household jobs. It was bound to happen whether you like it or not. 

But seriously, with the girls becoming housewives, it hasn’t hurt them any way. Based off the Boruto movie, all of the girls are shown to still kick ass when it comes down to it. 

Sakura: She saved a bunch of people by breaking the metal beam or whatever, and healed Hinata when she went after Naruto. She also most likely took charge of the hospital for all of the injured people during the invasion. SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Temari: She aided Sakura by blowing the broken beam or whatever away and continued to help evacuate people to safety. The fact that she even had her fan in the first place is saying something! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Ino: She helped evacuate people to safety and probably looked after Himawari when Hinata went to try to save Naruto. Ino is still a badass people! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Hinata: Protected her daughter through the chaos, probably asked Ino to look after her so she could try to save her husband, off screen confirmed to try to fight Momoshiki and Kinshiki, obviously didn’t win because that spot was meant for her adorkable son, Boruto. Whether people like to admit it or not, Hinata is a badass who always goes after the bigger dudes! SHE STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

Tenten and Karui: Even though Tenten isn’t really a confirmed housewife, and both women weren’t seen much (for Karui, not at all) during the movie, you can bet your bottom dollar that those two did their part in making sure that civilians made it out okay. #NotSeenEvacuationSquad! ALSO, Tenten is part of the Chunin exams so obviously she’s still doing her part! THEY STILL KICKED ASS!!! 

See! So no matter what or how these women are portrayed so far throughout the series, when it comes down to it, they will show you why you should never doubt and dismiss all of their progress that they had made throughout their lives all because they had kids, married the men of their dreams, and became stay-at-home-moms. If anything, they could be used as like a sneak attack weapon against those that don’t know who they are by name or face since everyone seems to think that being a housewife takes away all of your power, strength, progress, skills, etc. 

These women are certified badasses, okay people? 💃

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@aaaaninja the new tumblr format wont let me respond to your reply the normal way so imma have to do it through a text post. Anyway the point isn’t really that I want Hinata to sit Boruto and Himawari down and be like “this is all the shit your grandpa put me through” but I would like some canon acknowledgement that those things did occur and had to be resolved…..The show pretending like Hiashi is some dopey grandpa is pretty fucking vile considering all the hell he put his daughter, brother, and nephew through and never having to adequately own up to that was one of the naruto endings biggest downfalls. He gets to be happy and loved and live the same life of ease he always has while Hizashi and Neji lay dead in the ground and it’s kind of repulsive to me. Like…if the manga had actually addressed this properly then I would have less of a problem with it but instead they gave him a huge pass and im just kinda over it. But you make a good point in the sense that Boruto and Himawari don’t necessarily need to be directly involved. 

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How much you want to bet Hanabi and Hiashi won't tell Boruto about Hinata's abusive childhood or sugar coat it with something along the lines of, "She was weak but her love for Naruto made her strong and we came to acknowledge her."

I doubt it’ll even come up tbh, judging by that introduction the Hyuga clans history of straight up slavery and child abuse is ~water under the bridge~ now that Hiashi is too busy getting his catheter changed to boss everyone around. If they had actually resolved any of this in the OG manga it would be a non-issue but they didn’t and apparently hoped the Boruto audience would just forget that ever happened. 

Side note - I’m jealous Boruto gets to fight him next ep because it’s been a dream of mine for awhile to flick his hip and have it disintegrate into dust. 

  • Boruto: Hey Mom, is Dad a good kisser?
  • Hinata: What?
  • Boruto: Sarada and I were talking and we started wondering which of our dads is a better kisser so I thought I'd ask you.
  • Hinata: U-Uhm...
  • Sasuke: *walks past looking at documents* No.
  • Both: *turn to him*
  • Boruto: No, what?
  • Sasuke: Your father is a terrible kisser.