Just wanted to do a little NaruHina thing! It’s the best couple ever in my opinion x3 I’m just so happy that they both are happy!

I will maybe do a SasuSaku cutie drawing too because I love that couple aswell! So happy to see them all happy after all they have been through, I couldn’t ask for more! They have a beautiful family and every thing it’s for the better in the all the better world ~~

Christmas confessions

(Hi, I’m new! I hope that you’ll like what I wrote because I’m pretty nervous about this tbh. English isn’t my first language, please keep that in mind, haha!) 

  It’s not hard to tell that Sasuke Uchiha doesn’t like most of the people around him. He tolerates just a few – that idiot Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura (on his good days). So it was a surprise to see him attending the Christmas party held at Ino’s house. Sure, she invited him, but nobody thought he would actually show up. Especially since he didn’t look very pleased by her invitation - he pretty much told her to go away and never come back with such stupid ideas. Even though no one was expecting him, they were happy he decided to spend Christmas with them instead of his cold place, where he would be all alone. They thought it was his first step to opening up to them.

  Truth be told, Sasuke didn’t give a fuck about their stupid party. He was there because he made a promise to himself – tell Hinata what he feels. And since she decided to go to the party, he had to go as well. So there he was, standing awkwardly in the corner of Ino’s living room, trying to figure out how he’s going to do it.

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