Stalked AU part 2

Despite the very abnormal circumstances Naruto and Hinata met in, the two were having fun getting to know each other. They texted each other throughout the day, the first always coming from Naruto which usually read “good morning beautiful”. Both were very excited for their upcoming date, and it was quickly approaching. Though this brought a bit of excitement to both of their lives they still had to deal with the reason they met in the first place.

Tuesday morning Hinata went to her usual coffee shop to get her usual order, but as soon as she walked in she felt chilled. Upon getting in line she felt some one behind her, and they were much to close for comfort. She could feel him taking in the scent of her hair then shortly after his breath tickled the back of her ears. She tried to step away from him, but he would instantly close the gap between them.

The manager was behind the counter and noticed the discomfort on Hinata’s face, and quickly took action. “Sir, if you’re going to stand here and harass my customers, get out.”

Toneri backed away, slightly. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Yeah ya have.” The man began. “You’ve been bothering this lady who’s just too nice to say anything. Above that, you’ve pissed me off, so get out now, or I call the cops.”

Toneri gave Hinata one more look over before exiting the shop in a huff. Hinata felt so relieved and thanked the man profusely. He took her aside for a moment to speak with her. “Look ma'am, I hate to say this, but maybe you should start getting coffee somewhere else from now on. I appreciate your business, but I don’t want you to get hurt. That guy seems like bad news, a cop was in here the other day asking about him.”

Hinata thanked the man and said she understood his reasoning. He gave her a coffee on the house before she left for work and told her to be safe.

As she walked she couldn’t stop wondering why this man was so obsessed with her. She had hoped maybe he would get tired and decide to leave her alone, but she wasn’t that lucky. When she was only a few blocks from the school she felt a presence near by. She picked up her pace, but it made no difference.

The school was now almost a block away and the person she felt was still close behind. She was about to break into a full sprint when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and jerked herself back in case she needed to run when she was met with a pair of blue eyes. These weren’t a dazzling blue like Naruto’s, no, these eyes were creepily bright and held desperation.

“Hello Hinata.” He said in a husky whisper. She just stared at him, feeling like she was unable to move or run. “I want you to have this.” He said holding out his business card. Hinata shook her head as he stepped closer. He was now only a step away and she shook from fear. As he stared at her she noticed he was also shaking, but from anger.

The business card fell to the ground as his fists clenched and he gritted his teeth. “Stay away from that police officer. He doesn’t understand our relationship or how I feel. Just tell him to leave and we can be together.”

Hinata was so confused. They weren’t in a relationship, and how would he know she was talking to the police? “Sir, I don’t even know you and we have no relationship whatsoever. Please leave me alone.”

She turned her heel and went to run when he grabbed her wrist and spun her around again. His grip was strong and painful, Hinata tried to pull away but he kept her firmly in place. “No Hinata we’re in love! You’re going to quit teaching and come be a stay at home wife and mother, remember?” Hinata continued to struggle while saying she had no idea what he was talking about.

Toneri grew angry, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “We are destined to be together!” He practically screamed at her.

“No!” Hinata used her free hand to slap him across the face as hard as she could. He immediately let go of her wrist to cover his now reddened face. Though she hit him with all her might he didn’t appear to be in pain, in fact he was smiling. Slowly Hinata began to back away, preparing herself for whatever would come next.

Toneri turned around and began walking away slowly. “Do not worry my dear, I will come back for you.”

Hinata quickly grabbed the dropped card and ran to the school as fast as she could. Upon reaching the front office she informed the secretary she needed somebody to fill in for her for just a little while she went to the police station. “Naruto? He’s back. He followed me from the coffee shop. Okay I’ll see you soon.”

Naruto arrived shortly after he received her call and took her back to the station. He sat her down and listened to her tale of the white haired mans return. He took vivid notes as he always did, but he felt a hurt in his heart. He was so worried and scared for Hinata, and all he wanted to do was help her. He finished his notes and stood up. “Hinata, come here for a minute.”

She stood as she was told and was immediately brought into a warm hug. She laid her head on Naruto’s chest and listened to his heart beat softly as he softly traced a pattern on her back. “I figured you probably needed one of these with all the stress you’re under.”

“Thank you Naruto, I appreciate that.” After a minute of just being in each others arms the two pulled away and smiled. Both felt that special spark that had just been ignited, and were surprised, yet excited about it.

A few days had passed and it was now the day of their big date. Naruto had told Hinata he was taking her to this new restaurant in town that looked pretty nice. She felt bad, she didn’t want him to spend a lot of money on her, but he insisted on making their first date memorable.

When it came to fashion Hinata had a pretty good idea of what she was doing, but she never knew how to dress for dates. The dress pants and blouse made her look like she was going to work, jeans and a shirt was too casual, and she didn’t want to be buried in her jacket all evening.

She wasn’t even sure she had anything nice enough until she found a little black dress she’d never worn. She slipped it on and was so glad she did. The dress showcased her figure very well while still being modest. The skirt cut off at the knees and the top revealed very little cleavage, which Hinata couldn’t usually find. She threw on a pair of ballet flats, put on a touch of makeup and was ready to go.

It was only six when Hinata finished getting ready so she decided to kill her hour by watching tv.she had finished a couple episodes of a show she was behind on when the doorbell rang. She quickly straightened herself out and went to the door.

“Naruto hi.” She smiles warmly

“Hey Hinata, mind if I come in for a minute?” He asked with an excited smile while holding something behind his back. She backed up to allow him inside, when he came forward he revealed a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

Hinata gasped while Naruto grinned ear to ear. “Oh Naruto they’re amazing. Thank you so much.” She gave him a small hug then went to trim the roses and place them in a vase.

“I thought you might like them. I saw them at the store and it made me think of you.” He said as he followed her to the kitchen.

She had finished trimming and placing the flowers when she looked up and noticed Naruto was staring at her. “Naruto? Is something wrong?”

He looked up at her beautiful lavender eyes. “You look beautiful.”

She turned red within seconds. “Ah thank you Naruto.”

“I mean you always look beautiful, but wow.” He said now grinning.

Hinata looked him over as well. He wore black pants and a white button down shirt that showed a very toned body. An orange tie hung around his neck that he couldn’t help but fidget with. Hinata couldn’t help but giggle “you look very nice as well. Just as handsome as you always are.”

Now it was Naruto’s turn to blush. The thanked her and took her hand delicately in his. “Shall we?”

She nodded, grabbed her coat and locked the door once outside. Naruto opened the car door for her, “You know, usually when I open the car door for somebody I have to duck their head down for them.” He joked. They both laughed and talked thought their drive.

Dinner turned out to be a very nice Japanese style restaurant that had opened only a few weeks ago. Naruto had ordered miso ramen while Hinata tried the sushi. They enjoyed their dinner while talking about anything and everything that came to mind.

Hinata found that Naruto was the kind of person that just wanted to make people happy. He never did something because he knew he would be thanked, but because he did things from the heart and wanted to see others smile. She really admired him for this, and it made her like him even more.

Naruto found out that Hinata was graceful in everything she did. The way she talked, the way she moved, everything she did seemed so elegant and natural. She was also so unbelievably kind that it made his heart happy.

All night the two seemed to grow closer and closer with every word they spoke. After their dinner they still weren’t ready to leave each other, but they knew their time had come.

They pulled up to Hinata’s drive way when Naruto quickly got out to walk her to the door. “Sorry if it seems weird, but I just want to make sure you make it inside safely.”

“No I actually really appreciate it, I’ve been pretty jumpy lately and having you with me helps a lot.” She said as she unlocked the door.

“Well I’m glad to be of service.” Naruto grinned.

The two stood awkwardly for a moment, fidgeting and trying to find the right words. “I had a really nice time tonight.” Hinata finally said

Naruto smiled. “I did too. I was actually hoping you might like to do it again some time?”

Hinata turned her typical shade of scarlet, but agreed to another date. They both laughed happily before hugging each other tightly. That moment felt so serine and perfect, but Naruto pulled away suddenly. He cupped her face lightly and looked deep into her eyes. “Hinata I really want to kiss you right now.”

Those words hit her harder than the cold January wind. She was glad he wanted to kiss her, but her body felt stiff. She bit her lip nervously before she slowly rose onto her tip toes.

Naruto took that as a sign. He leaned down slightly and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was sweet, warm, and welcoming. Her lips were soft against his own and he felt like he never wanted to pull away.

After a moment of the sweet embrace they both pulled away and let out a breath. “Wow.” Hinata whispered and she touched her fingers to her lips. They both smiled brightly before saying their goodbyes for the evening.

Hinata laid in bed, with the warmth of Naruto’s lips still on her own, she smiled happily to herself. Despite the past weeks circumstances, she was glad she had something good happening in her life.

The next morning Hinata awoke around 9 and made a pot of coffee. She walked back to her room to get dressed when she noticed something on her porch. She unlocked and opened the door only to find it covered with flower and stuffed animals. Each one had a tag that read “to my lavender eyed princess, Toneri.”

Hinata felt a harsh chill go over her body before slamming and re locking her front door. She knew Naruto was probably still asleep, but she called him anyway since he was the one working her case. Sure enough the call went to voice mail and she left him a message about the gift shop on her porch.

She slumped over to her couch and did her best to read her book but failed. She felt so vulnerable, so exposed, and most of all she felt scared. She almost began to cry when she received a text. “Don’t touch anything, I’ll be right there.” All he had done was text her and she felt more at ease, maybe he was special after all.

10 minutes later he was there out of uniform with another officer taking pictures and writing notes. After about 10 minutes the other officer left and Naruto knocked on the door. Hinata smiled upon seeing him and he returned it. “Hey Hinata, good news, there’s nothing dangerous here, so you can do whatever you’d like with this stuff. I’m gonna swing by the station later and check out the tapes, hopefully we’ll see him and we can go from there.”

“Okay, thank you again Naruto.” She leaned in and gave him a small hug before walking outside. “I’m going to throw all of this away.” She said grabbing the trash can from beside her house.

“Here let me help you.” Naruto said picking up an armful of the items and tossing them into the trash. Hinata joined him, and the two threw away every last item that cluttered her porch.

Once clean up was over Naruto gave Hinata a quick kiss and went to the station for his shift. He hoped he was getting closer to putting this Toneri guy in jail.

Upon arriving at the station he immediately got to work. He examined all the pictures closely compared all his notes on the case, but unfortunately everything he had wouldn’t add up to a restraining order. He downed the rest of his coffee and slammed the cup on the table frustrated.

“Long day?” Kakashi asked leaning against the desk

“Yeah and unfortunately it just started.” Naruto laughed

Kakashi chuckled a bit, but there was clearly something in his mind. “Naruto,” he began, “about this case, I understand you’re involved with this woman.”

“We went on a date yeah, and I like her.” Naruto admitted

“Well here’s the thing, you know I don’t want to do this but, if you continue to see this woman in gonna have to take you off the case.”

“Chief what?!” Naruto said standing up. “You can’t take me off this case! Nobody will work it as hard as I will, nobody will care as much as I do!”

“Exactly! I know it’s not because of romantic reasons, but others might not see it that way, it appears biased.” Kakashi argued

Naruto looked him dead in the eyes. “You know I am one of the hardest working people on this force, once I start something I finish it, period. So please, keep me on this case, I’m going to get this all taken care of, and if internal affairs has a problem they can come talk to me.”

Kakashi sighed. “You do realize I’m risking a lot by keeping you on this case right?”

Naruto smiled a bit. “Yeah I know, thank you chief.”

Kakashi simply walked back to his office and shut the door while Naruto got to work. Little did he know this case was about to get much more interesting.



So according to the spoilers, we already know of Mirai’s relationship with the Nara’s, including Temari and Shikadai. Now I want to know her relationship and interaction with Team 8, including Hinata and the Uzumaki Siblings, the rest of Team 10 and especially with Inojin and Chouchou, her interaction with her older cousin Konohamaru and also her loyalty and respect for the 7th Hokage, Naruto!

  • Hinata:Do you like volleyball?
  • Kenma:Hrmm... not really... I play anyway... I don't dislike it, but... I don't like getting worn out or any of that. Still my fr... friends play and they'd probably have a hard time without me...
  • Hinata:Hmm... I think you'd have more fun if you came to like it, though.
  • Kenma:It's fine... I'm just going to play during high school, anyway...