“this costume [hansel] was actually very comfortable.  i slept in that leather get-up! they did a really good job at making it look so cool but it was still functional.  i think the beard in bourne was really [the most] uncomfortable.  it was like having an old hairbrush glued to your face or some dead road-kill.  it’s really quite awful.  i think that was the most unpleasant.  the rest was quite bearable.”

- jeremy renner on costumes

Elsa walks into her study to find the lights doused and the doors to the balcony wide open. Closing the door to her study, she takes a deep breath, and walks toward the balcony doors. There is hardly any wind outside so the glass doors couldn’t have opened themselves. She silently shuts them. 
 "Ugh this tea is vile! How can you drink this?“ 
 A streak of terror explodes inside her. She immediately turns around to find a man standing over at the tea set Gerda had mentioned earlier. However this wasn’t just any man. 
Hans places the tea cup and saucer on the table, 
"You must have a really weird taste in tea.” He turns over to her. Terror obviously shown in her face. 
“Nice to see you again queen Elsa,” he says smoothly.
Her eyes widen, 

“Prince.. Hans?” 


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