So, since we came to the end of the season 2A it’s time we commemorate the ones that we lost:

-Those poor silent brothers
-Clalec (Thank god)
-Poor Sister Magdalena
-All the extras that were kill
-Magnus’s Privicy
-Dot.. No she is alive… nope she is dead again… nah she is alive.
-That rat Simon ate
-That dear Luke ate
-Rizzy (Thank god *2)
-Malec Fandom (with that I love you, what a fatality)
-Alec’s virginity

Feel free to add more to list


Well, this took slightly longer than I thought it would.
Anyway, here’s a redux of a really f*#king old picture I did back when I still worked primarily with good ol’ pencil and paper.
This was a neat experiment, seeing how much my style has changed over the years; not much has greatly changed about Gretel other than her horn style, but my style in general definitely looks a lot….rounder and shorter than it used to.
And I’m down with that.

The story hasn’t changed all that much if you’ve already read it, but you can go check it out with that link if you’re interested :D


[Original animation]JACKP★T

This is my Second Original animation.(except simple animations)
If you like this and want to make as a meme, ……I will become fell in love with you.

I really hope you like my new animation and also my new character Gretel!!
This was very fun to do and…………….hard…(I’m gonna die.)

I hope your last day of this year is a great day for you!!(in Kor almost 6 hours left this year)
Thank you for watching.
And I want to say Happy new Year!!

[Song]Jackpot by thefatrat