Hmm. Mysterious Lillie looks a lot like Caitlin from the Unova Elite Four. This certainly doesn’t hurt the theory about Caitlin appearing in Sun/Moon (which began based on her name appearing in the Japanese trailer and was fueled by her in-game quotes). Is Lillie her sister perhaps?

“This is my villa. I have villas all over the world”

“I used to own Battle Castles. Then I became one of Unova’s Elite Four. Will I be a Champion somewhere next? You never know!”

Gillovny: An Outsider’s Opinion Part 2

Part 1 in case you missed it

I’m finally posting the rest of mine and Caitlin’s gillovny discussion. Under the cut are Caitlin’s thoughts on ET, the Cutting Room kisses, Gillian’s Huffpost interview and the one you all wanted me to ask her about: the Access Hollywood hallway clip.

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