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Hello there to all of my lovely followers! It would be super cool if you would go check out my etsy here:

All of the scarves are handmade by me and are pretty high quality. I’m trying to raise money for a trip I want to go on over the summer so please go check it out or spread the news that it exists. :)


All these lovely scarves and hats are available handmade crocheted by me on WildWitchings ( money goes toward my medical bills and Crohn’s treatment! :) I understand if you can’t afford to buy something but if you could spread the word about my shop to help it would be most helpful since I have a lot of medicines and doctors bills piling up. Thank you!

Etsy shop reopened!!

I’ve reopened my etsy shop and started to sell some new stuff! I’ve recently started some mug art because it’s so fun so some of it is that and there are crochet stuff too like amigurumi and scarves. I’m also always looking for new projects so I welcome any suggestions or custom orders! 

Here is a link to the shop:

And here are a few of the things I’m selling:


Hello again!
Sorry it’s been so long since my last post but this is what I’ve been working on. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for a good friend of mine but as you can tell by the date I’m posting this, it was QUITE late.
He didn’t mind, surprisingly. But he’s just being nice. Anyway- I also shipped off the Rei-Mi figurine, to the same friend actually, and he should be getting that soon.
Basically what I did here was embroider the hylian crest directly into the green side of the scarf. I used a back stitch for the entirety of the the embroidery work on this project. I tried using a satin stitch, as that is the most traditional when doing solid sections of color, but it did not work at all for me on the fleece. So I took the more labor intensive path. But I am much happier with how it came out (being my first try at embroidery). While embroidering directly onto the fleece worked okay with the crest, because it was all one color, I knew that would not be a possibility for the Majora’s mask. For that one I ended up stitching the design on some cotton scrap, reinforced with Pellon tear-away stabilizer (that I had traced the design onto) I then remove the embroidery hoop and ironed on an adhesive sheet that is often on the back of patches you buy at a store and basically made my own iron patch. I later attached it to the scarf via iron as well as a few tacking stitches just to be sure it stayed on. This is a link to the video I used to make the patch, being as it was my first time with most of the materials needed: Hope you guys enjoy, Leave some feedback!

P.S: I’m trying to get an etsy shop started very soon not sure when that will be, with the rest of my planned projects, but we’ll see! Until then you guys can just email me if you’re interested in purchasing a scarf like this or anything else you can think of. Thanks~!