Introducing Stitchery Witchery’s Winter Scarf KAL/CAL!

We’ve selected the scarves shown above for the KAL/CAL. For the knitters, we have Jocelyn Tunney’s pattern for the Blue Bell Hill Scarf (top picture). For the crocheters we have Rebecca Jackson’s Claudia Scarf.

You have until March 21 to finish your scarves and submit your project photos. You don’t need to be following this blog to participate, but following us will be the best way to see what everyone else has created.

Check the “Scarf KAL/CAL” page on our blog for more information and some FAQs. You will ultimately be able to find people’s finished project photos there as well.

Good luck everyone!


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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

I just watched this entire video, fascinated as hell, taking mental notes.  What is my life and what is happening to me?  No seriously, I watched this whole thing making silent “oooo!” “I like that one” and “I'ma have to remember this one” comments as if this was the most interesting thing in the world.  A few of them were super basic and a complete waste of my time (how dare she!) but there are some real gems up in there.  I don’t even wear scarves all that often because the mechanics of wrapping yourself up and keeping your hair cute is too much for me sometimes, but I’m going to re-double my efforts.

Especially since the Polar Vortex will be returning soon (dun dun DUNNN!).

Announcing Stitchery Witchery's KAL and CAL!

Between Tuesday, January 14 (when we reveal the projects we’ll be working on) and March 21, Stitchery Witchery will be hosting a winter KAL and CAL!

We have selected one knit and one crochet scarf pattern so that as many folks as possible can participate. No need to be following this blog to play along, but following us will be the best way to see what others have made. :)

The rules, such as they are, are simple: between January 14 and March 21, work on your scarf. When it’s complete, submit a photo of your creation and we’ll post it here!

Feel free to spread the word, and stay tuned for more details. :)