Complete Avatar Masterpost

Avatar: The Last Airbender HD Masterpost (Mobile Downloadable)

Book 1: Water

ATLA 01 The Boy In the Iceburg

ATLA 02 The Avatar Returns

ATLA 03 The Southern Air Temple

ATLA 04 The Kyoshi Warriors

ATLA 05 The King of Omashu

ATLA 06 Imprisoned

ATLA 07 Winter Solstice Part 1 The Spirit World

ATLA 08 Winter Solstice Part 2 Avatar Roku

ATLA 09 The Waterbending Scroll

ATLA 10 Jet

ATLA 11 The Great Divide

ATLA 12 The Storm

ATLA 13 The Blue Spirit

ATLA 14 The Fortuneteller

ATLA 15 Bato of the Water Tribe

ATLA 16 The Deserter

ATLA 17 The Northern Air Temple

ATLA 18 The Waterbending Master

ATLA 19 The Siege of the North Part 1

ATLA 20 The Siege of the North Part 2

Book 2: Earth

ATLA 01 The Avatar State

ATLA 02 The Cave of Two Lovers

ATLA 03 Return to Omashu

ATLA 04 The Swamp

ATLA 05 Avatar Day

ATLA 06 The Blind Bandit

ATLA 07 Zuko Alone

ATLA 08 The Chase

ATLA 09 Bitter Work

ATLA 10 The Library

ATLA 11 The Desert

ATLA 12 Journey to Ba Sing Se Part 1 The Serpent’s Pass

ATLA 13 Journey to Ba Sing Se Part 2 The Drill

ATLA 14 City of Walls and Secrets

ATLA 15 Tales of Ba Sing Se

ATLA 16 Appa’s Lost Days

ATLA 17 Lake Laogai

ATLA 18 The Earth King

ATLA 19 The Guru

ATLA 20 The Crossroads of Destiny

Book 3: Fire

ATLA 01 The Awakening

ATLA 02 The Headband

ATLA 03 The Painted Lady

ATLA 04 Sokka’s Master

ATLA 05 The Beach

ATLA 06 The Avatar and the Firelord

ATLA 07 The Runaway

ATLA 08 The Puppetmaster

ATLA 09 Nightmares and Daydreams

ATLA 10 The Day of Black Sun Part 1 The Invasion

ATLA 11 The Day of Black Sun Part 2 The Eclipse

ATLA 12 The Western Air Temple

ATLA 13 The Firebending Masters

ATLA 14 The Boiling Rock Part 1

ATLA 15 The Boiling Rock Part 2

ATLA16 The Southern Raiders

ATLA 17 The Ember Island Players

ATLA 18 Sozin’s Comet Part 1 The Phoenix King

ATLA 19 Sozin’s Comet Part 2 The Old Masters

ATLA 20 Sozin’s Comet Part 3 Into the Inferno

ATLA 21 Sozin’s Comet Part 4 Avatar Aang

Avatar: The Last Airbender Comics

Avatar the Last Airbender The Promise

Avatar the Last Airbender The Search

The Legend of Korra HD Masterpost (Mobile Downloadable)

Book 1: Air

LOK 01 Welcome to Republic City / 02 Leaf In the Wind

LOK 03 The Revelation

LOK 04 The Voice In the Night

LOK 05 The Spirit of Competition

LOK 06 …And the Winner Is

LOK 07 The Aftermath

LOK 08 When Extremes Meet

LOK 09 Out of the Past

LOK 10 The Turning of the Tides

LOK 11 Skeletons In the Closet

LOK 12 Endgame

Book 2: Spirits

LOK 01 Rebel Spirit / 02 The Southern Lights

LOK 01 Rebel Spirit

LOK 02 The Southern Lights

LOK 03 Civil Wars Part 1

LOK 04 Civil Wars Part 2

LOK 05 Peacekeepers

LOK 06 The Sting

LOK 07 Beginnings Part 1

LOK 08 Beginnings Part 2

LOK 09 The Guide

LOK 10 A New Spiritual Age

LOK 11 Night of a Thousand Stars

LOK 12 Harmonic Convergence

LOK 13 Darkness Falls

LOK 14 Light In the Dark

The Legend of Korra Book 3 Change Trailer

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The badgermole was a blind mammal that lived mostly underground; it was the first to use earthbending. Oma&Shu were the earliest humans to be taught by badgermoles; the lovers created a maze of tunnels through mountains that divided their villages, allowing them to meet in secret. The ceilings were embedded with crystals that would glow in complete darkness to lead to an exit. benders were seen as hard-workers who hope for the best while being prepared for the worst. However, they’re indifferent, doubtful, and stubborn.

The dragon was the original practitioner of firebending. In the era of Raava, the species demonstrated the true way of manipulating fire to the Sun Warriors’ civilization, a precursor to the Fire Nation. Few managed to tame dragons as a means of transportation but those who succeeded were regarded as powerful. benders were shown to be independent, ambitious, and competitive individuals. At their worst, they could be impatient, selfish, and arrogant.

The sky bison taught airbending. Each student received a bison to become their lifelong companion; these creatures were believed to be the only way people could reach an Air Temple. After the airbender genocide, Appa was believed to be the last of his kind. However, during his adventures after the Hundred Year War, Aang discovered a new herd, so the population started to grow again. benders were known to be charismatic, imaginative, and risk-taking. Even so, they were usually careless, unpredictable, and gullible.

Waterbending was somewhat unique ‘cause it came from not something that roamed the planet but the moon itself. benders devoted to the welfare of others but they’re sometimes critical, unrealistic, judgmental, and perfectionists. Which bender best describes you?


ya know what got me STRAIGHT in the feels? 

When you take a moment and realize that Wan leaks into  ALL HIS LIFETIMES.

  • In Kuruk we see the fun loving and adventurous personality trait of Wan
  • In Kyoshi we see Wan’s tenacity and dedication to that which he believes in and fights for
  • In Roku, we see Wan’s restraint and self control when one aquires power
  • In aang we see Wan’s peaceful and gentle nature along with his deep respect for all life 
  • In Korra we see his ‘act before thinking’ attitude, his feistiness, his pride and willingness/ desire to help others…along with his ego when he was that age…

I just wanna close my eyes and cry because it is so beautiful!!

and more then likely was the intent from the get go XD